KFC 15000 Calorie Challenge – Italiano Cheat Day – MAN VS FOOD (ENG SUB)

finally another hard day at the gym and work if it’s gone and finally it’s time to rest a bit chips ice creams fried chicken I know that these dreams are becoming real nightmares! good morning table ninja and welcome to a new video and of course welcome to a new challenge Monday, November 12, 6:26 am finally again Monday but above all finally arrived time to face another fast food challenge
after having delighted my palate with one mcdonald challenge and with a burgher king
challenge where I enjoyed a lot of hamburger fries and milkshake today I will go
to satisfy my appetite with another fast food which in my opinion is the best fast food
that you can find in the circle both for quality of the products for both the price I have already understood
that even today I will go to spend more than a hundred euros in food but now I’m used to it
working simply to appease mine insane appetite the fast food in question
is the kfc for those not familiar with the kfc is a fast food specializing in fried chicken
and after my 25,000 calorie challenge where I practically split in sugars
a protein-based cheat day is right what I needed but we are going to present
this challenge today kfc challenge rule number one this will be a 15000 calorie
challenge which means that I will go to hire 15,000 calories coming only from kfc rules
number two maximum 15 hours to try to bring complete this challenge 15000 calories in
15 hours we make the challenge just a little more difficult rule number three no liquid
calories I will not go to count any calories from liquids because as I always say
ninja in a cheat day go to count them calories from liquids is from peas and rules
number four maximum three meals to try to complete this challenge well challenge
presented presented rules we do not have left starting with the usual check practice of the
physical away my shirt table ninja I’m ready and check the weight 68.2 physical check made of the weight done and it’s finally time for mine coffee of course as every morning can not miss my dose of caffeine very good now you are never aware of
my addiction to caffeine now I feel ready to face this challenge so I end up enjoying this nice coffee I go to do my cardio and we see each other with mine branched amino acids taste mojito and is immediately cocktail time so refreshing anyway
cardio gone 20 km 1 hour and 29 minutes to complete them step 4’26 ”
boom i broke my record again 20 km of five seconds but it is always
however, a new record now ends to taste my amino acids I’m going to make myself
a nice shower because I stink like a goat then I will have to drive for 20 km because
the kfc closest from my house is in fact 20 km I think that I will have to buy almost the whole menu to get 15,000 calories and this will cost me a lot of money
but the game is worth the candle because I love it the kfc and I’m really excited about this cheat day and can not wait to eat a little fried chicken I go to rob the kfc e
we see each other on our battlefield to start this fantastic challenge and here I am back from my shopping table ninja really went to me
luck luck more or less because while I was doing the order the incredulous clerks have gone
to call the manager because they saw that there was a lot of food to be responsible
he said he loves food challenges then I left him the name of my channel
I gained a writing and I gained more than a member because it’s all
the kfc of padova has registered with my channel then two birds with one stone and more
I saved because the dear and good Philip the manager of the kfc padova has given me everything
as much as 30% more or less saving me well 40 euros, however, the total cost of this cheat
day is 100 euros round rounds could go worse so I can not complain
money well spent ninja but let’s go to present the first meal of this kfc challenge because
I’m really really hungry and I’m really excited to go eat a little
fried chicken and then as a first meal of this fast food challenge we have a box
master a zinger a krunchy cheese a smart krunchy a krunchy brazer pepper a fries snack box obviously the big version five hash browns three cobs and this
it was the salty side and obviously a good one breakfast can not miss the sweet side
then donut glazed with lemon donut to the cream blueberry muffin wholemeal croissant honey kream ball taste apple pie and finally a nice drowned in coffee good table ninja everything is beautiful assembled and ready to be eaten as I like it I really am
excited I can not wait to go try this fried chicken even if I can not wait
to go and try some candy with these fantastic donuts and these fantastic ones
ice creams can not wait to get me out of this breakfast as always, I have mine coca cola zero can never be missing in one of my cheat days I have my super glass of course of the kfc I know refresching before starting to be exhaustive
as always, never say chicken if you do not have it in the bag and today this proverb has changed
ninja because today we’re going to eat a lot chicken and I’m really happy with this challenge
because I love fried chicken, of course I have shared this my first meal of mine
challenge in instagram so if you want to be spoilerati on my every challenge and if you want
stay with me live in my cheat days started precisely to follow me in instagram find me
with the name vgthomas1987 as you can read above and let him ninja do it this time
I have my special kfc tablecloth so I will dirty much less than the other times I am
13:21 hours off my shirt much better and table ninja we start and
I would start with this krunchy brazzer with pepper here it is here ninja taste test amazing guys this immediately was a discovery as much as I love fried chicken I missed the kfc now let’s go
with this krunchy smart here it is krunchy smart even better because there is a kind of bbq sauce so I love the bbq sauce let’s go with the last krunchy this time the cheese version this must be even better because there is the first sauce and also the cheese I confirm ninja can you see inside? my mom, my boys the kfc in my opinion is much better than the MCdonald and the burger king delicious all three but the last one was the best one with cheese now let’s try this panicle I love the cobs especially these of the kfc because
they are made with butter here is our beautiful taste test panicle really really good ninja feel just the taste of butter melt in your mouth is really tasty the only problem is that you have to order at least three to eat a whole one simple ninja calories really really tasty ok I would go with a little ‘fries this is the big version obviously big you do it to say and I would try this sauce oh no the garlic sauce I only ate it once in England and I did not like it at all, but today let’s see if I change my mind here it would be practically a garlic sauce not really good anyway better than what I ate in England are you a little envious ninja? would you like some kfc? i’m just enjoying this cheat day guys i was missing a lot the kfc and now I would go and try this fantastic zinger I always ate this when I was
in England I think it’s the best sandwich you can find on kfc here it is ninja the fantastic zinger finally after a year I’ll take it back amazing my mom that good is also
spicy I love it and watch the chicken cooking is perfect and perfect is melt in your mouth what goodness ninja now let’s try these hash browns let’s see if they are better than those of McDonald’s very good also these sincerely but perhaps here I prefer those of McDonald’s they are super oily and are super good plus my mother as much as I like hash browns I do not know the last one because I ordered only five, I wanted to order ten of them but then I said maybe five are too many and instead I know that ten were perfect but oh well what goodness we go with this snack box here inside there are fries and spicy chicken wings here is the spicy chicken wing, let’s see if it’s spicy as the owner told me it is spicy but not who knows what let’s use this sauce this is a creamy curry no idea what kind of sauce it is it seems almost mustard but I have no idea I’ll show you the label maybe you’ve already tried it taste test ok ok is a really good good curry cream really refreshing ah and not to hurt anyone the best chips I’ve tried so far in fast foods are those of the burger king so here the burger king wins and we end the savory part with this box master this is a piadina and let’s see how it is here we are with the size not like those of McDonald’s or the burger king here we have a piadina as we must taste test amazing ninja inside there is also a brown hash as you can see fried chicken all the vegetables sauces so I did well to take only five hash browns because with this I was six what goodness ninja my mother and the salty part is gone it’s time for my favorite part the sweet part and I would start with this frosted donut let’s see how it is really good and really refreshing the lemon has always been a magical touch over the donuts fantastic the taste is really delicious now I would try this honey croissant because today I woke up with a great desire for honey and when I saw her at the kfc I said why not take it? here it is wholemeal croissant with honey inside wise choice I love honey let’s go with this blueberry muffin this is also really good I love muffins maybe even more than donuts indeed no better donuts but also muffins do not joke taste tests amazing ninja my mom that goodness how I love cheat days and I held last the best in my opinion and the most giant here it is filled with cream taste test really good ninja how I love donuts and now it’s time to go and try these two ice creams then this is a drowned coffee, of course I did not put the coffee first because the breast melted I’ll put it now even if it’s coming out so better to eat some before but my spoon is always missing good the taste is al fior di latte let’s go with my coffee shot here it is here ninja is much better drowned in coffee fantastic it was a long time since I had combined coffee with ice cream, my mother sometimes I forget these flavors and we end this meal with this Kream ball to taste apple pie let’s taste it and
I was really curious to see if it’s better kfc ice cream that of burgerking or
that of McDonald’s this is really good guys look at the consistency too I lost calories and underneath there are also the pieces of hazelnut my mother this is really fantastic here wins the kfc Mom that goodness I love hazelnuts do you want a spoonful? no all mine! and the first meal It’s gone at 2.04pm I’m still super hungry but we save
calories for later I’m doing it now bag I go to the gym I go to burn a
some calories I’ll do a bit of pectorals and one some triceps then maybe I’ll do a couple of
crossfit circuits just to burn one some extra calories and we ninja see each other
later with the second meal of this kfc challenge and here we are back from the gym
back on our ninja battleground then as I told you today I trained the bibs
the triceps but then I did not make mine two crossfit circuits because I had one
little groin pain but do not worry because I remedied with 20 minutes of spinning a lot
to burn a bit of extra calories and now I’m super hungry then It is time for the second meal of this challenge and in the second meal of this cheat day I propose a double
krunch a brazzer a double down another double down but this time the zinger version
and just to stay a little healthy a beautiful salad fillet bites still french fries
obviously the biggest version a couple of simple piadine that I will use with
my salad still three panicles like always can not miss the sweet part one
couple of cookies unfortunately one was destroyed fondant drowned in coffee and finally one
kreaball with caramel very well the table is ready all the food in order just as I like it I’m really hungry not I look forward to going to try these double
down because I’ve never tried them and everyone they told me that they are really amazing
but before starting as always mandatory on the table ninja hands because it’s time
of the second meal of this kfc challenge and look a bit we also have a nice salad
just to stay a bit healthy I do not see time to go and try these fantastic
double down as always I have also shared this my second meal in instagram then
table ninja started following me too in this social network vgthomas1987 as you can
read above and do ninja do it! I’m super thirsty then coca cola zero
I have my usual big cup of kfc so refreshing is 7:03 pm
off my shirt much better and table ninja we continue this challenge and I would start with this double down because I’m really curious to try it here it is, ninja, practically
they are 2 fried chickens and are used in place of bread and inside there is cheese and sauce
taste test really amazing this is really very good guys I finally tried and I’m already in love inside there is also bacon I had not noticed nice idea to use the two chickens instead of bread but back on the classic and let’s try this brazzer this must also be really good also because this kind of bread I like a lot really tasty this guys melt in your mouth now let’s try this double down and this is it zinger version however I know that after this
challenge cagheró chicks tomorrow morning with all this chicken here is the zinger version in a nutshell there should be only the spicy sauce in more taste test very good very good this ninja also because I love the spicy then do you want a piece of ninja chicken? no all mine! ok let’s try these fries to try are already the second I eat today but first we use ours special kfc tablecloth once
we have the tablecloth use it ninja strength sometimes you have to be educated too let’s try this dip souce 2 hot 4 U sauce I do not know what it is here I show you the label
maybe you know her taste test caspita is super spicy good though go with the usual cobs how good are the cobs boys my mom I could do a challenge
of cobs would be cool and above all healthy I lost my flux, luckily I put it in the freezer so it’s frozen and I saved it Luckily can you imagine if I had to do another 20 km for a stupid flux chocolate would not have been really devastating cobs go and now it’s time for a double krunchy here it is double krunchy good this too but what I tell you to do I love all the sandwiches of kfc then damn I went wrong better time for my healthy salad and of course we’re going to season + it with olive oil so the taste will be even better as always mine is mine fork a nice mix and we can go to use our piadine too here it is a kind of healthy piadina a simple salad nothing that you want some ninja salad this I’ll gladly leave because I’m not a big fan of the salad is alone
that I put it in my 15,000 calorie challenge and you know I need these calories
to complete it then all mine now I wonder why I ordered the salad right ah because I ordered the whole menu so I said why not order the salad too so we do a full menu kfc challenge finally this damn salad never went salad again and finally it’s time for the sweet part and let’s go with these cookies I do not know why but the chocolate one has been destroyed but ok, however, the taste will be the same really chocolates I love cookies the first was chocolate, while this should be vanilla I think I do not remember it sincerely no chocolate looks like this also because there are chocolate chips then also the coke is gone and we finally go with this fondant al coffee I’m really curious to try it because this
unlike that this morning has the chocolate below so it will definitely be
much better I need mine spoon here it is ninja I do not know if you can see
inside, however, there is chocolate underneath and it’s also a bit frozen because I have it
left in the freezer in fact it is very hard look here I forgot to put my coffee
but I have already taken too much caffeine today we save that coffee for later case ever Caspita is super hard caspita gone and now let’s go to close this second meal
with this fantastic caramel kream ball and this is really good because that of
This morning was fantastic and this will surely be even better because there is caramel and me I love the caramel Wow what a mess really good ninja i’m in heaven i know refreshing
I love ice cream and after the salty there is great and also the second meal gone are 19:48 now I’m going to rest because this night I do not have
I slept a lot if you remember I kept going dream of kfc so my sleep is not
was one of the best then I’ll go and get myself my usual walk just to burn
a bit of extra calories and we’ll see each other later with the last meal of this fantastic challenge and we have come to the conclusion also of this ninja challenge then me
I’ve had a couple of hours of sleep then I went to walk not much I did
only five kilometers to wake me up a little because I had an absurd sleep and now
I feel pretty hungry to go to end this challenge so for the last meal of this kfc challenge we have a chicky cheese still fries of course always
the big nine cheese shot version beans in gravy sauce sauce mashed potatoes and a whole fried chicken bucket course for four people as always we also have
the sweet part is an amarena kream ball and to finish a chocolate kream ball and it’s time to go and finish this cheat day and I know that after this ninja meal
I will not go to eat for a long time fried chicken as always before starting
my dear ninja, we arrived at the last minute meal of this kfc challenge I will succeed in
I also have to repeat this challenge for the third time you start following me
instagram find me with the name vgthomas1987 as you can read above and do ninja
because you can be spoiled on every challenge of mine as always, I have mine Coke
zero, I have my super-glass of the kfc so refreshing 02:03 at night
off my shirt much better and table ninja we go to destroy this challenge and I would start with this the boss here it is the boss taste test this also deserves ninja this is also really good as a sandwich simple ninja calories is the moment
to go with this chicky cheese it’s simply fried chicken and cheese that’s why it’s called cheeky cheese a little dry to be honest wow I’m drinking a lot and the
My stomach is filling up so refreshing let’s go with these cheese shots are nine I forgot my tablecloth but oh well forgive me they know kind of cheese are not special
to tell the truth no I’m sorry I do not like these do you want a ninja? here is all of you I do not like to take it take it oh well then I eat it! fries I have three sauces available which I can try? this a fresh pepper I do not know what it is to try it like a mayonese non specialissima are more for the bbq team and you of which team you are commented below wow every time I buy chips in a fast food and then wait too long then they become super dry damn dry chips finally they went down
ninja we put away these sauces because not I’ll use them more and let’s go eat these
fantastic beans I love these beans because they are in sauce so they are super good lacking
always my spoon caspita here they are fantastic ninja beans in sauce amazing
really good guys let’s go with this mashed potato I love mashed so it will definitely be good too good too good the mashed boys I love mashed potatoes I’m drinking like a dragon now, however, we need the tablecloth and then tablecloth here we have some chicken ninja that you say
It will be a bit ‘hard to finish it but we will succeed thanks to my gravy sauce epic fail gravy sauce and here is ninja a lot of fried chicken this is the bucket that I dreamed for some time for four people will you be able to satisfy my big appetite? we’ll find out immediately good with gravy sauce Here we will have more than 200 grams, maybe even 300, or even 400 grams of fried chicken a little hard to eat it starts to be a bit pesantino now sincerely I can not wait to finish this ninja chicken sorry for the beans they did my mom this is a whole chicken ninja these will also be two chickens this will be a family of chickens I’m doing a bony cemetery below oh yes I know that tomorrow I will chick chicks I feel really full enough just fried chicken I can not stand it anymore I do not see time to go and eat this ice cream to cool me down a bit really ninja there is a cemetery of bones here pitiful misery so much later I have to clean myself I’m almost there from the three pieces damn fried chicken this morning I loved it now
I hate it for a long time I will not eat fried chicken anymore this is certain give the last ninja madonna that bricks full of bones moreover finally he went my mother is full nigeria misery ok let me clean my hands because I’m a mess here is clean hands and I’ll show you the belly ninja because I feel really full damn misery I’m really satiated, let’s see if we succeed to go and destroy these ice creams but I have
really little ninjas space then let’s go with this chocolate kream ball as always spoon here it is ninja kream ball with chocolate really great really refreshing Sorry, damn beans and let’s end this kfc challenge with this kream ball I do not even remember anymore honestly I’m pouring it all on the ground the taste is really good I can no longer understand what taste is I do not remember it sincerely but it’s really refreshing very good black cherry table ninja this really is
good the best until now sincerely this is really refreshing it took But I’m full miserable pig come on and with the last spoon of this amarena kream ball I declare this 15000 kfc challenge it’s 02:52
I feel really satisfied now I’m going to sit down in the chair for sure I will not go to bed because
I will never be able to sleep with this baby belly we hope to be able to digest the
food as soon as possible and we’ll see you tomorrow morning with the check of the weight and with the check
of the physical ninja night good morning table ninja Tuesday, November 13 11:14 am the day after the my kfc challenge and i have to tell you guys i have
really slept like a baby this cheat day was not so much heavy apart
the volume of food for sure I will be hated by three quarters of the population of chickens and if
I must be honest this morning I would eat still a little fried chicken no joke we do not exaggerate anyway check the physique via my tank top the usual water retention and weight check 73.7 73.7 5.5 kg not badly quiet are all liquids and many many
chicks because today as I told you yesterday I will shit chicks oh yes to be honest I feel
a little guilty yesterday I ate so much so much meat and now I want your judgment
ninja after trying the MCdonald the burger king and the kfc let me know your fast
favorite food below in the comments I hope you enjoyed this kfc challenge like
always before closing the video I remind you that if you want to stay with me during the week
if you want to see my workouts if you want to see my power if you want to see them
bullshit what public if you want to be spoilerati on all my challenges, start following me
in instagram you can find me with the name vgthomas1987 as you can read above and do ninja
do it and as always I remember the most important thing if you have not yet subscribed to my channel do so immediately click right here ninja from at the table arrived the
time to close the video we’ll see each other next week with a new one
video and in the meantime STAY FIT & STAY HUNGRY

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