Keto Day 5 | Natural Vs BPI Keto Friendly Pre Workout

what’s up guys welcome to day 5 of Kido
Kido life can you think you don’t like after five days Rafaela no because I do
not even a week so I guess I’m not part of that tribe yet in today’s video I’m
gonna give you my day 5 update and then talk to you about this these two
products back here and I’m gonna tell you which one of these kind of keto
friendly pre workouts I would recommend to you and why but for day 5
look thee let’s wrap it up I have to bulletproof coffee yesterday so it was a
little bit like Christmas in my house because I would like bulletproof coffee
I would say it’s bordering on an obsession I’ve creamy and so then you
can see I had two of those I had one at like 8:00 in the morning and then
another one around noon so what I changed yesterday was I had my
bulletproof coffee and then I did my gym you know my workout and then I had like
a high-protein meal right after and then I didn’t eat again until like well I
didn’t eat anything until my second bulletproof coffee which was like at
12:30 ish and then I didn’t eat God I want to
say it was like four and then again at seven and I’m not obsessive about the
calories I eat to hit my macros and if my calories are a little bit higher or a
little bit lower so be it don’t care I’m not training to be on the stage I’m just
trying to Train I will tell you that after my seven o’clock meal I want to
say was like around P 30 I was starving like um I was really hungry like to the
point where I couldn’t no longer control myself and I know that a lot of times
again I’ve been meal prepping you know eating lean and eating clean for a very
long time so for me I know my triggers for like hey you’re gonna fall off or
whatever so again remember what I just said I eat to hit my macros so I was
starving and I was like okay you’re a little low on fat for the day a little
low on protein not terribly but basically you know you have like two net
carbs left or two cards left so I grab two tablespoons of almond butter and the
things that I did to that almond butter the way the spouse I was making well
assuming it my children were literally like mommy what are you doing they were
confused like it was I mean it was an experience y’all that’s all I’m gonna
say I enjoyed it every finger so lime yeah
it was probably not pg-13 let’s leave it at that
guys it’s not Cheetos not supposed to be a prison nor any other diet or any other
way of eating it’s supposed to be something that helps you to manage your
life so you know I mean unless you’re training for the stage and obviously
that’s different because you have to have more discipline cuz you’re gonna
have to cut weight I’m not and probably most of the people on this channel or
not listen to your body listen to your body
eat to hit your macros listen to your body that’s it simple as that so now I’m
gonna go ahead and cut into this review and I hope you guys enjoy this see in a
minute sorry about the lighting it’s very early in the morning but I just
wanted to show you guys what I’m gonna be using for my pre-workout which is
this cream of tarter the sea salt and then hope that’s upside down but the
great value early orange rise sugar-free drink mix and then before I realized I
could do this I purchased this which is the it’s a keto friendly pre-workout
alright guys this is the first morning that I am going to Train in a very long
time in a fasted state and also I did not take any like pre-workout energy
pills and I’m not gonna have a commercially packaged pre-workout drink
I’m just gonna have that electrolyte drink and see if that is enough for me
to train with but I hope you lying to you if I told you I was not nervous
because I am I am super nervous that my performance is gonna take a major dip in
the weight training department but I guess it’s all part of the experiment so
I’m gonna go train now and thank you y’all know what time it is let’s do it first run of the experiment
is done I just finished my workout and Monday is just like a really intense day
always and I’m always completely just winded and exhausted when I am done at
the gym and you can see right here there’s my my protein meal and I’m gonna
do a video about whether or not eating straight protein right after the gym or
drinking a protein like meal replacement shake it’s better and if that affects
like your recovery and all of that and I’ll be posting it you know later this
week or early next week so definitely click subscribe if you want to see that
but what I can say about my workout today was there are a lot of kind of
like weird things that I notice first my heart was beating really really fast and
I think I may have put too much salt so I think this time I put a half a
teaspoon of salt I think yeah and then I think next time I’ll put a quarter
teaspoon of salt but other than that I would say that I would not have noticed
and to be fair my heart beats really hard even when I take a pre-workout so I
mean and especially and you know what else I’m just thinking that now it might
also be because I was working sorry in a fasted state working out in a fasted
state which I don’t normally do so it’s hard to say it could be a combination of
those things but in the energy department between the bulletproof
coffee and that electrolyte drink before my workout I had absolutely plenty of
energy to get through the workout now I didn’t feel like oh I’m gonna go lift a
huge truck you know but that’s all naturally replacing me taking an energy
pill like two hours before working out drinking coffee in the morning and then
drinking a pre-workout which is what I’ve always done basically so that’s a
lot to try to stand up again so actually I’m very very impressed today only thing
that I noticed and I definitely did notice this was that my endurance found
a little lower so on some of my sets you know I’ll do 20 15 10 8 and then the
next that will be you know 8 ten reps and in the higher range like
the 22/15 I definitely felt the burn a lot more than I normally do and I was
lifting pretty much the same kind of weight but in the strength department I
didn’t really noticed a dip so I mean I know that people say that and maybe that
will come later down the road this is only I guess this will be day five but
yeah I mean I’m I’m certainly going to switch to this as my regular alright
guys I’m here at the gym as you can see this is the beep it what am I looking at
I’m here at the gym this is the BPI pre workout I haven’t shaken it yet so it
looks like chain key but I’ll let you know when you are wearing Nikes and you
just can’t do it and you’re probably like wait doesn’t
she have blue eyes and now she has brown eyes but no I have brown eyes and those
are blue contacts and somebody commented the other day like oh your eyes are
stunning and even though that was such a sweet comment it made me realize that I
like don’t ever film anymore with my own natural brown eyes and I love both so I
want to be able to film with both because I actually don’t really have my
blue ones in that often unless I’m filming or maybe taking pictures or
something like that so if you see me kind of flip-flopping that’s what’s
going on I don’t have color changing eyes or I’m not that cool I just have
blue contacts there so Lottie cause by the way amazing love them back to the
review BPI so let me show you kind of like what happened when I opened the
package today I’m gonna try this BPI pre-workout that’s supposed to be a keto
friendly he’s only one handed so let’s see what it looks like that’s
weird it almost looks like protein powder when you’re digging around for
the scoop the struggle is real BPI why would you do me like this did you not
put a scoop in here sure dead to me pirate’s treasure or as I like to call
it booty found the scoop it was literally at the very very bottom of the
container but it’s here don’t you disappoint me BPI right after playing
pirates the Carribean and Doug that sing it out and found some tree you know some
pirates booty so I could like actually get escaped that stuff I put it in here
came to the gym as you can see the blender bottle didn’t really you know
the blender bottle didn’t really and by the way Oh women yours I’m not the only
one that shakes their bottle and make sure this thing is closed Marshall them
I’m sorry cuz that was so loud I’m probably really ear didn’t but I’m
always really paranoid about shaking my bottle like this
and not God that was annoying but it kind of looks like I’m giving my blender
bottle uh I’m not careful about the way I shake it what the only girl that
thinks about this god I hope not actually I kind of hope so cuz it’s
crazy but anyway I first like when I first took a sip of it I was warming up
on a treadmill and if y’all could have seen my face I did not love it okay and I should
start by saying I don’t really like sweet stuffs like I’m that girl that
doesn’t order a dessert ever I don’t crave cookies or sugar anything like
that I that’s just not my jam it’s just like a very um like artificially sweet
taste and was like a punch in the mouth actually but if you’re used to drinking
drinks that have artificial sweeteners it’s not a bad taste that was what I
realized I was just like oh that artificial sweetener thing that was not
much on YUM I am definitely probably gonna lean the other way for the other
one that I did in my blog yesterday just on taste with the respect to performance
I have a lot of energy but I have a lot of energy yesterday – and the sweeteners
in here and I’m in no way slamming this product because if you need a
pre-workout there I don’t know of any others that are keto and pre workout so
if you do leave them the comments below for other people so that if they try
this BPI stuff and they don’t you know they don’t fancy it that they can try
whatever I felt like it made my my stomach feel a little unsettled that’s
just me if a new pre-workout to me so you know guys take all of that with a
grain of salt but I’m personally I’m not a huge fan I’ll probably keep it around
for like those mornings when I just need a little extra hitch in my giddyup but
I’m not a huge fan again if you don’t mind
artificial sweeteners yes it totally gave me like that pre-workout boost that
people are looking for and I wasn’t jittery it’s just I think all the
sweeteners just didn’t sit well with me it almost made my tummy feel like a
little bit bloated that’s it that’s kind of I feel about it but I definitely had
you know a good amount of like endurance and strength and all of that so I mean
you know it’s with respect to a pre-workout did it do it it’s supposed
to do yeah totally 100% alright guys so what’s the wrap-up if I had to choose
one of the other what would I choose if it’s just about taste its
definitely gonna be the DIY mixture it’s gonna be you know cream of tartar sea
salt and then any kind of like sugar-free powdered drink mix I use that
Lauren dries one from Walmart the great value one it tasted good it didn’t upset
my stomach I had tons of energy I didn’t feel shaky I didn’t feel bloated it
didn’t have like a weird like artificial taste for me that’s the winner all the
way around like five cents to make yes please you can get the ingredients
anywhere you can premix you know just take out your blender
bottles and just go through it and mix it up so for me that’s what I’m gonna be
using going forward the BPI I will say there was a little bit more in the way
of endurance now that also could have had to do with the fact that today’s
workout was just wasn’t as intense as yesterday’s workout but I don’t really
think it’s what it was I think there’s something in the BPI that deals with
endurance so if you’re somebody who do who does like really high volume sets 10
20 15 20 reps and there’s a substantial amount of weight you might want to try
the BPI I’m gonna I’m gonna try my formula that I made the sea salt and
cream of tartar and the sugar-free mixture but I’m gonna add a little bit
of caffeine to it and the easiest way to do that guy sister just like well you
could pour coffee into it but that is not gonna taste good I just buy like
caffeine pills and then I just throw them in the like Blendtec and boom
instant caffeine and then I use like an eighth of a teaspoon you want to be
careful with that thing you don’t blow your heart up um but I’m gonna try that
anyway for me that’s definitely the way that I would go in no way am i slamming
BPI I think it could be a great product for certain people wasn’t for me I you
know once this bottle is gone it’s not gonna be a repurchase for me so I hope
that helps you guys I know that when you’re switching to keto and obviously
you want to keep working out pre-workout is extremely important it definitely is
for me so I’m sure it is for pretty much anybody watching this and so those are
two very viable options again if you don’t mind that artificial sweetener
taste the BPI thing is probably right up your alley if you’re more of a
all-natural girl like myself you’re gonna want to go ahead and make
stuff that’s it if you guys enjoy these kinds of videos you know let getting to
know like kind of going through learning about Quito and adapting this lifestyle
like in my video at the end of this week I’m gonna show you I’m gonna do one day
where I use just like standard Quito friendly protein powder and then another
day where I work out and I just eat real food like high protein you know low carb
whatever or moderate carbs right after and kind of let you know how I feel if
you’re doing what you’re supposed to be doing for your body I feel like you
should be able to get it to a place where you can use natural stuff and stay
on some kind of a cycle at least that is what I am hoping but I will be your
guinea pig so if you want to see me go through this torture so you don’t have
to do it oh you’re welcome no I’m just kidding
but go ahead and click that like button and consider subscribing and maybe turn
on the little bell notifications so you receive a little text alert or whatever
it is when I post new videos and I hope your Aikido journey and research is
going well and I will see you guys tomorrow

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