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Hello there again. Today we have seminar in Litomerice. In town where we live and where is our gym. We decided to do seminar for wider public. This time it wont be for competitors and people who are really into it. Its gonna be about how to look great, how to be healthy for people who dont know how to do that. We will have that seminar in Culture House in Litomerice in cooperation with town. We cant find backdoor to Culture House so I hope we wont be late on our seminar. Jiří dont know where is entrance so were going here like fools. We’re lost. Microphone test. So people are coming here. We’re gonna wait for latecomers. But participation is pretty nice. Everything is ready here. So seminar just ended. We have empty heads, we hope that people who came there now dont have got empty heads. We’re going to eat because im in catabolism so i need to supply my body. Do you want to say something? Youre not alone. I cant speak as im hungry. We’re barely going. My legs are twisting as im hungry. Im only man here. Thats bad. Be careful ok? I will be bored when I wont have anyone to talk with. Don’t talk trash. What would someone give to sit here with us. So you have 3 womens … You dont appreciate it. I want 4. You’ll have shit. Next day Next day after seminar. I just came from my first training today. Its about 14:00 or 15:00. Now im gonna eat, I already have every after training suplements. Now im gonna eat after training food. After 2 hours I will eat again. Today I have one more training. Its an hour after training. Im now gonna eat next food. I will have rice with turkey breast. Turkey breast. I’ll have about 200g cooked. 120g Its about 214g Thats ok. I’ll have rice with it. Its about 200g Which is about 60g of carbohydrates. 50-55g proteins in that food. Which is ideal after training. 185g Its exactly equal to meat, 215g. As you can know from my others videos i eat lot of fat. But after training I eat least fat i can. Because I want have these carbohydrates and protein digested quickly so I can eat next meal. So an hour after training. Food. After 2 hours next food. And then I’ll have another training. I really enjoy my training these days. Today I have chest and shoulders. Today I trained chest, it was really hard. To give it maximum today I decided to go train in night, its sunday. Chill When I have day like this where I have 2 hard trainings. Then I have more carbohydrates even in diet. Because these hard training really need more energy. And if I would still would have my carbohydrates on 0g, on Keto, then I would not be able to train that hard. Some days i have carbohydrates. Its not everyday on 0g. Im trying to have minimum carbohydrates because im on Keto diet. But if i have carbohydrates then I have them sometimes about training. I found out that these carbohydrates are really needed If i want to really build even muscle. You cant build muscles on Keto with 0g of carbohyrated forever. These carbohyrates are needed for training in some situations. I dont say that Keto is bad for bodybuilder, I really think it is great. But if you want to have carbohydrates there you must choose cleverly, when you will have them. Im sweating as hell again. Im still hot from training so Im always sweating an hour after training. Im gonna take a shower,rest or do some work. After 3 hours. Im ready to next training. So we’re here in gym. Second training. Its my second training so im little bit tired so I take our new Preworkour Kick-Ass. You know that. Everybody like it, you post that on Faceook etc. I didnt even write somewhere if it works for me. I always have one scoop. Its enough. Of course some freaks take 2 scoops but that 1 scoop is really enough. Atleast for me. Its dissolves really nice. No lumps etc. etc. It taste really great. About Kick-Ass i want to say that its of course best PreWorkout in Czech Republic. There are some reasons why I think that, mainly because i developed that product with Karolína. We tried to have there best structure for maximal performance, delay acidity to have that best kick. Not like these American illegal preworkours when youre totally shaking ,sweating and you cannot even train. This KickAss will kick you in right way. 3g beta alanin which have side effect scratching but i think that 3g is just right to not be scratchy. Lots of people think that preworkout is working when you start feel scratchy and you cant even walk because your foots are scratchy. But thats side effect which we dont want to. So dont think that preworkout works only if you feel scratchy, that side effect. And i tried to dont have that side effect in our preworkout. So theres lot of citrulline malate which is substance that delay acidity and can help to increase production of NO which lots of people dont know. Which helps to pump up,better veins. As we can know from arginine. Theres no arginine in this product. Arginine was used as preworkout, because its known that it helps to blood supply. But I know that arginine does not have that effect as citrulline in bigger amount. There is a big amount of citrulline in Kick-Ass, theres no arginine because Kick-Ass is preworkout of new generation. So today are shoulders, I’ll try to give it a best Although its my 2 training, but like i said today was more free than usually so Im rested. Its lifelong ritual, from first day i started to train, BCAA and Glutamine. Always during training. 15g BCAA, 15g Glutamine. Every training .. when bulking .. before competition .. in hard-training … in light-training … Every time. My favourite, KIWI. We’ve got 2 new flavours. Kiwi and red grape. My favourite now is Kiwi. 3 scoops everytime. 1 scoop is enough for woman. For average man, i would recommend 2 scoops. And when you’re weighting more than 100kg and you have quality muscles then 3 scoops is suitable. Mix it. As you can see these BCAAs are mixing perfectly. If you buy BCAA and they are not dissolving, then you can throw them out. Theyre not good then. Thats all I take. Im changing these supplements surely. For a while I take T-Anabol or Creatine etc. Now I have period when I dont take any supplements if I dont count BCAAs,Glutamine and protein. These are supplements I take automatically but if im tired before training like today then I take Kick-Ass. But i would not recommend preworkout before every training because when you accustom it then you wont want to train without it. I never miss warm-up. Maybe thanks to that I never have injures like torn muscles. Warm-up usually takes me 10-15minutes, with stretching. So dont be lazy and do warm-up yourself, because then these muscles are ready for training. So first exercise pulls with rope on rear delt. I can be use for trapeze, but i use it for rear delt. At the same time i warm-up shoulders and back. I use it as first exercise. Even meanwhile series im trying to do stretching so that muscle can pump up more. So stretching is my thing. So rear delt really works there but I have learned that technique so great that shoulders works but back is not working that much Sometimes when im doing my first exercise of training then im not that warmed-up from warm-up, that im still not feeling that good. So sometimes I do 2-4 series and then i feel that it really works. Sometimes I dont count that first exercise, and I start to count exercise right after that. I try to have more reps on rear delt, at least 10-12. Or 15. Because if i would have there more weight then back would works instead of shoulders. So thats why Im doing more reps on rear delt. 16kg and im done. 12-13 reps. Its not much but when I isolate shoulders I cant do more. Its important to stimulate right muscle fibers. For lots of competitors rear delts is their weakness. Its really visible in side and back poses because these rear delts do wider shoulders to backside of that shoulder. Its not good If competitors have bad rear delts. Now i feel warmed-up. After 15 minutes of training. So I finished first 2 exercises on rear delts. I usually start with rear delts because Its good to have that weakest shoulder part first. When I still have energy, moreover shoulders will warm-up to these harder exercises. So its good to prevent injures. Next exercises is shoulder fly, old good classic on middle delts. My favourite exercise on shoulders which build muscles from side. Shoulders training is cool, same likely arm day. There dont work these big muscles like back or legs. Its worst, you feel badly etc. Shoulders or arms are calm, easy. I enjoy training shoulders, because i want to have them biggest. With regard to my bad back, i need to catch that width with shoulders. Again, I dont use any big weights here, im focusing on technique. Front delts would work If i have there bigger weights, thats what I dont want to. Second exercise on middle delts, flyes with one hand. On pulley, again here its extra imporant to have great technique. So here im using weight like woman, but i really feel that it works. About 3-4 series. Today I have shoulder press at the end. Finally I get where my form was, in 3/4 of year. I feel better, i have better form than before, im not scant of breath. I hope I’ll something more with myself in 2017. Its like it weights 100kg. Terrible These shoulders are tired from these previous exercises. So now I’ll finish them. Im doing it on purpose, because these front delts same likely rear delts need to prioritize and give it a most energy. These front delts are working when im doing chest for example… So sometimes I have these front delts on the middle or the end of training. I think its best for shoulders to be balanced, at least in my case. Im usually silence in training. I dont throw weights, i dont scream, i dont talk. Im trying to focus even between series on muscles. I dont get how can someone check their phones between series. It disturbs me, i need to be focused on muscles even between series. Phones dont belong to training, just turn off sounds or put it into cabinet. In this exercise im trying to focus on middle delts. Its actually pretty hard, its not easy. Again, i cant put there more weight because triceps etc. would work there. Im really trying to have working middle delts here. This is exercise where i have heavier weight. Surely at the end of training i dont have heaviest weight there because im tired. Just to do 7-9 reps. Although its exercise where more joint works. Rear,front and middle delts work there. Theres not way how to cheat, if you put there too much you wont lift it. Im doing this just to give it everything what I still can from front and middle delts. So 2 easy series are enough. Last exercise, shrugs on trapeze. I started to train trapeze in these days. Because I would have my shoulders bigger than trapeze which is not good Its nonsense to train trapeze if my shoulders dont look like lump. If I would have big trapeze and tiny shoulder it would look horrible. So I dont recommend to beginners to train trapeze. NEVER Once you build nice muscles on shoulder and you’ll see that your trapeze are small then you can train trapeze. After 1-3 years I would care about trapeze. First of all build shoulders. Theres need to have heavier weight if you train trapeze to have right impulse. More than 50kg etc. It really want heavy weight. About 3 series is enough. Because these trapeze are working everytime you hold something. So this is just impulse to them. So training took me about 40 minutes. I have my favourite hydro after training. I put maltodextrin in hydro to fill sugar after training. I have maltodextrin in this packet. Its protein packet but if you take a look its white powder, if its visible. Its maltodextrin which is fast absorbable sugar which is best after training. I put there 100g. Its clean carbohydrate so its 100g of carbohydrate. Again, 100g is enough for me. But for average gym boy who weight 80kg i would recommend about 70g. As always with Hydro DH32 from Bodyflex Fitness. Everybody now these days that its best. I must commended that, im not doing advertisement. I can do advertisement, its mine. 1/2 1-3/4 scoop. Thats 50g hydro. So thats my coctail after every training. Like i said I use BCAAs and Glutamine meanwhile training every time samelikely i use Hydro after every training with maltodextrin. I dont use maltodextrin when im on diet without carbohydrates. Or when im on diet. But if im building muscle i always have it. 100g maltodextrin. 50g hydro. And after an hour i will be eating some steak or salmon for dinner. Without carbohydrates because its 8 o’clock. So i’ll be eating in 9 and in 11. And i’ll go to sleep. So goodbye. I say goodbye and i dont know what to say else. Its enough for today. I just wanted to say about yesterday seminar that we’re happy that you’ve come. Most likely local people from Litomerice come there. We feel great about that seminar. Because after that people came to us and tell us that they know how to do exercises etc. now. So we’re really happy that these seminars are successful, so we’ll be doing them. We still dont know where next seminar will be because we didnt plan it yet. So if you have some tips, or if youre gym owner than you can message us. We want every tip and ideas. So seminar great, training great. I hope this video give something to you. See you in next video, bye.

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  2. bude seminař i nekdy v Brně, nebo poblíž? diky za odpoved. BTW jste supeer! Vzdycky se tesim jak neco od Vas vyjde. 🙂

  3. i loved the video!! i`d like to ask, if Jiri will be competing in the near future? or is Jiri just personal training? it would be a shame for Jiri to never compete anymore!!! thank you so much for sharing, with love from Wes!!! hugs!!!

  4. Další super video! Celkový koncept je parádní….člověk se z toho dozví hromadu užitečných informací a přitom je to ještě vtipný a celkově skvěle koukatelný.

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  6. Ahoj Jirko chcem ta poprosit o jednu radu,chcem zhodit este cca 15 kg aby som mal aku,taku formu :D,Mam este pockat dokym schudnem a az potom sa hodit na suplementaci alebo by som mal zacat uz teraz.Suplementy budem urcite brat od bodyflexfitness,byvam v Nemecku dufam ze objednat sa to da:D…A co by si mi odporucit ako suplementy? Díky.

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