Jay Cutler – WHATEVER IT TAKES TO WIN – Bodybuilding Motivation

A lot of people won’t go the extra mile to improve.. But I will. This is the extra things I do to be a winner. You have to dedicate your life to this. You have to eat, sleep, train CONSISTENTLY for YEARS. As far as DIET and TRAINING.. I did whatever it took to WIN. You have to eat even when you’re not hungry. That’s the most important thing. Favorite meal of the day.. BREAKFAST. Dry turkey, Dry rice.. You gotta eat on the clock. You gotta eat consistently day to day. Remember if you skip a meal the day prior it’s gonna effect the next day. It’s gonna effect the workout, it’s gonna effect the transition in the weight I really just stayed true to what I believed in and I had the passion to do what I did. And I had great success at it. Whatever it is I’ll DO IT!! I GOTTA WIN Ready to go baby! Are you working out every day? Nah I’m not even training.. You never wanna show the weight that you’re scared But this is.. SOME HEAVY ASS WEIGHT. Have a VISION DO NOT STOP. Stay RELENTLESS. No pain.. No F^%N Pain. Getting better by the day now! In your face baby!

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