Jay Cutler – INTENSITY WITH PASSION – Bodybuilding Motivation

I want you to live the life that you came here to live. To be YOU.. Not be anybody else. All of us spend too much time looking to other people for ideals and opinions on our ways about life.. When every answer that you need is already in you. And say fk it I’m going for it anyway!! LIFE is not worth LIVING.. Without PASSION.. Without INTENSITY.. WHATS YOUR PASSION?! It’s not about me, It’s about YOU. It’s about you being great in your life. It’s about making you realize how great you can be. And you doing the things you need to do to make that happen! Day’s over.. Get some exercise, do my body some good, kill some weights. Feel my heart beat. Listen to my breathing for a while.. But tomorrow the FIGHT starts AGAIN. It starts a new EVERY DAY. If you wanna succeed in life.. If you really BELIEVE.. Then everyday you GET UP. STEP by STEP BRICK by BRICK you BUILD IT PUNCH by PUNCH You take your LIFE BACK. It’s time for you to STEP UP. And DO THE WORK. And DO THE JOB. It’s your HEART.. It’s your LIFE.. It’s your CHOICE. USE IT.. Or WASTE IT. Get up of your A$$. DO THE WORK! MAKE SOMETHING HAPPEN WITH YOUR LIFE! You have within you.. RIGHT NOW. Everything you need to live a great life. And then go out there and conquer a chunk of the fkn world. That’s got your name written all over it. They ended up being chosen.. The price they paid? The simple price they paid.. Action.. They took fkn action.

90 thoughts on “Jay Cutler – INTENSITY WITH PASSION – Bodybuilding Motivation

  1. ''I want you to live the life that you came here to live.. Te be you, not be anybody else. People spend too much time looking to other people for ideals and opinions in our ways about life.. When every answer you need is already in in you. LIFE is not worth LIVING without PASSION without INTENSITY.. What's your PASSION?!'' #LetsWORK

  2. Jay cutler is just a living legend. Love him !! Such a great inspiration !!! Bodybuilders are not born…. THEY ARE MADE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. I Love it. Thank you so much.
    You‘re the number one when it comes to editing Motivation Videos .

  4. So epic as always nick :), an important note though ?: plz dont forget to include songs in each video, thanks again for this awesome work

  5. I'm resting today but man if this video didn't make me wanna pump up and get busy! ??? thanks for the video Nick.

  6. Absolutely amazing video to get motivation for the success, Love You Jay Cutler Bigg Fan of Yours Bro..

  7. Best video. Truly meaningful. If this doesn't wake anyone up and. Make them realize what's out there then you're not alive. You deserve the Nobel peace prize or recognition. This woke me up

  8. I always like videos about bodybuilder… In special, about Jay Cutler… There is always a good thing in your video…. Jay, I'm your Brazilian fan…

  9. I try to train half ashard as this and everybody at the pussy ass gym i go to just stares like im on steroids roid raging or something but its called drive bucken soft ass pussys

  10. Keep up the motivational videos man. I listen to them during my workouts and nothing pushes me more. Would love to see a video on the black prince robbie robinson. Keep up the hard work!

  11. I remember his video on back traning and he did 40 sets for his back a thought wtf 40 sets wow, hard worker

  12. it has all ways been passion. intensity and drive most of all will power to succeed with us over here at REAL AMERICAN MUSCLE we know what pain is.

  13. Love the videos. But the constant guy's voice in the background in every video is getting a bit boring. Rather hear the pros talking like Jay himself ??

  14. Klasse Vide, aber es wäre noch besser, ohne dieses überflüssige Geschwätz ! Da hört sich einer gerne reden ! Nur gut, daß ich den Ton ausschalten kann !

  15. Holy fuck. THANK YOU! I used to watch these all the time and fell off the horse. Recently got back in the gym and came across this video on the treadmill and it's over! No more fucking excuses and half assing anything in life anymore. Kept this on repeat and got my fatass to run 2 miles. This was the wake up call I needed to change my life around and take back full control of it! I couldn't be more grateful for this video man. Thank you so much.

  16. After watching this whilst listening to someone yell at me for 4 and a half minutes, it made me feel exhausted. I had to go and have a sit down for a bit 😀

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