Jared Leto transformation into The Joker | Featurette

That’s right welcome- welcome to my home now. I can’t wait, this is gonna be, a lotta fun. When Jared came the makeup and hair was the first starting point and that ended up leading the process with him. Beautiful. One interesting thing that happened as we explored the purple suit a lot. Said this is too much with all of the tattoos and the hair and everything. So we- we paired it right down and really just gave Jared room to let him play the character and be not overwhelmed with stuff. Imagine designing the props right away For instance, we were trying to come up with a concept for the Joker. Wow. He’s a tactile person. He likes to have the most cutting-edge weaponry. This looks neat. The utensils that the Joker has, whether it’s his handgun or his razor blade, has jewels or gold inlaid in it because he’s that kind of guy. The accoutrements certainly made an impact. Those little things I think helped build the reality. When you dive into these worlds your imagination is just lit on fire. [Joker laughs] [Gun Fires] Everybody gets to sit in the chair. Starting with you. Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, you dirty pervert. Ah, my gosh. What are you looking at? Shut up! He was- hitting me. Some people just don’t know when to die. My friend, I have a feeling! Hi, Mom.

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  1. There are multiple different jokers in the dc universe, people are too uptight when it comes to matching some of the ‘greatest’ performances of other jokers. I thought his way of portraying the joker was different but he’s just as theatrically talented as the others just isn’t as greatly recognised. I don’t believe there should be a ‘best’ joker. It totally depends on the way the actor wants to portray it 😂

  2. He's more like a pimp or created character from saints row, way to destroy the most iconic in the DC universe , and that laugh, what the fuck Leto 👏

  3. Jared leto should have been more than just a montage, give that man another chance he's an Oscar winning actor for God's sake

  4. I don’t blame Jared for this, it’s the designers and directors fault. I mean why the hell does this Joker have short hair?! Leto HAD already long hair they could have cut it just a bit to make it look like Heaths. I know Joker has mostly short hair but it’s something that makes the character look like a psychopath and not a hipster… besides who the hell had the idea to shave his eyebrows? Why was that necessary? Did they expect we would take him more serious with no eyebrows? Jared’s acting wasn’t that bad, they just cut too much, he didn’t really had the chance to show us he‘s the Joker. The scenes they left made him look like a normal man trying to act like a psychopath.

  5. "the utensils the joker has have jewels and gold in it, because hes that kind of guy" lmao thats the exact opposite of joker, joker isnt a rich guy, hes a crazy guy

  6. They definitely misunderstood the idea of the Joker in my eyes. Maybe I'm biased to Ledger's performance but a Joker who does everything to fight society and its temptations is more authentic than one who looks like a mumble rap artist. I imagine DC are a bunch of out-of-touch boardroom dwellers who tried and failed to connect to the younger generation.

  7. 0:29 is where they should’ve stopped. That’s where you add the bleached skin, green hair, and removed everything else unnecessary. He would’ve been a bit more pleasing to look at and maybe would’ve given the character choices some more credibility as he’d still have the tinge of personality to him. I don’t mind Jared Leto as Joker, I, like the rest of the DC fandom, dislike the direction they took his character and how it was handled, and a lot of that I feel may have come from odd and downright terrible design choices just to fit a very unwarranted aesthetic.

  8. Joaquin thank you for finally portraying the perfect joker since ledgers death. Oh and Thank you for making Leto look like a joke

  9. THe directors made a BIG mistake on his costume. This is not the Joker, this is a criminal who's a little bit weirder than someone else…actually, this movie was a mistake

  10. I really feel bad for Jared. Why the hell they cut a lot of his scene out of the movie, only god knows why.
    And the whole Mob Boss Gangster Joker, that idea could’ve worked. Good idea, god awful execution.

  11. Can't believe people still hate his Joker for only 10 minutes of screen-time! Not my favourite Joker but seriously, he's treated like the worst thing ever put in any film besides beeing average at worst! Kill me for this, but with a competent director he deserves a 2nd chance, but only if they make him somekind of main character, otherwise pass!

  12. To be the joker you must be a mad man who has suffered.

    Jared was a well dressed criminal with face paint. No hurt. No pain. No joker.

  13. Try hard bullshit. Deeply insulting for how patronizing it is to the audience and the intelligence of the audience. Also removes any core humanity to the joker or vulnerability which ruins his story and replaces it with just a criminal who is sadistic. I’m quite glad to see try hard bullshit fail

  14. Exacto no solo fue la Actuacion Floja de Leto
    Sino los Maquilladores Que no es el Aspecto solo el que Provoca Miedo hacia el Joker eso Es solo un Elemento que tiene el Joker a Su favor
    Es la Actitud del Joker lo vez y sabes que Algo Anda mal Es inestable
    Y eso es lo que Jamas Logro llegar Leto Como actor

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