I’ve been failing lately at a *lot* of things

I failed miserably at a lot of things in January. Language learning went down the drain, my
organization system was not working for me, i was forgetting appointments, forgetting
e-mails I had to send and couldn’t find the motivation to go to the gym. This could be a combination of having had
a cold for like three weeks, starting to adapt to life with a puppy or simply that type of
moody feeling you get when it’s constantly raining, but either way, January was the month
where I didn’t do anything I was supposed to do, I failed in all of my habits and routines
and it was one of the messiest months I’ve had in a long time. Buuuut, I’m a huge believer that you can start
all over in any month so this year, february is going to be my january. This video serves to, number one, tell you
that “hey it’s ok to be incredibly unproductive once in a while” and two, to show you how
I’m trying to overcome this lack of energy and organization by using some simple techniques
that I’ve used in the past. If things are failing for you and you’re being
too ambitious about your own goals, one of the best ways to get back on track is restarting
the good old habits using baby steps. First of all if you’re still unsure on how
to establish goals you should watch last week’s video on how to use the smart method to set
objectives that are clear and well-defined. If you’ve established good goals but you’re
losing track like me, just try to think on how you started in the first place. Instead of going all out and forcing yourself
to be a perfect person, just tone down your objectives and make them realistic. In my case: – I’ve restarted meditating by redoing the
foundational course I had started last year. It was what got me into meditating because
the incremental sessions worked well to build that habit for me. – Instead of forcing myself to go to the gym
three times a week, I’m starting by working out moderately twice a week. Instead of highly intensive classes I’m doing
some yoga, pilates and walking and then some light cardio and strength workouts. – Instead of trying to learn three languages
every day, I’m focusing on learning a language every day. Be it latin, japanese or german, the goal
is to make progress in one language, every single day, for ten minutes or more. – Then, I’m just now realising how it is impossible
to keep up with my old reading rythm. So this time I’m compromising to read two
books per month. The book featured in my yearly reading list
and a second book of my choice. I’ve also retraced a few steps in my organization
game and went back to a notebook to scribble down to-do lists (my main calendar and Notion
still work as main organization apps – I’m just ditching Actions for now) and jot down
more structured lists of tasks and chores I need to accomplish. I do agree with people that say that writing
things down is *different* then typing. It somehow feels like you’ve put more thought
into whatever you’re jotting down. The problem is that writing things down in
a notebook is not as practical as typing or using a digital device. It’s also something you become dependent on
because if you don’t have your notebook with you, you’ll lose track of your tasks. Still, it can be a good system in the beginning
and I’ve decided to go back to it for the time being. Also, i still haven’t found a good enough
app that mimics a dual system between daily and weekly to-do lists. Actions is great to log in tasks that I need
to do for specific days, but then again there are tasks that have a wider timeframe and
can be accomplished in a certain day or week and I find it pretty hard to find a good app
that mimics that experience. So for now at least I’ll be able to mimic
that experience with pen and paper. Because of this, **and because** I’ve been
awful with habits, I went back, once again, to a habit tracker. And although habit trackers do not work for
me in the long-term, they usually provide for a great way to implement or in this case
re implement habits that I’ve lost. So I’m starting all over again with meditating
at night, working out two to three times a week and reading every day. Since I’m worried both about habit tracking
and writing down my daily and weekly to-do lists I picked up a Habit journal by james
Clear which is basically a dotted notebook that also has built in habit tracker in the
back of the book so I don’t have to bother with creating habit trackers myself. So this is how I’m going back to basics for
february. And between working, managing a business and
trying to conciliate family life with some well-deserved self-care, sometimes there isn’t
enough time in the day dedicated to education. That’s why it’s much easier to rely on platforms
that allow us to watch interesting content during other busier tasks and for that you
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see you next week. Bye guys!

100 thoughts on “I’ve been failing lately at a *lot* of things

  1. I think of January as "Trial and Error Month." Sure, any month can be that, but January especially. Right after I have set my goals and intentions for the new year is good time to see how truly committed I am or can be to all those things. I too "failed" at a lot of my goals and habits in January, but this allowed me to revisit my plans and priorities, and it's also how I realized I was setting unrealistic expectations upon myself that would only overwhelm me in the long term.

  2. Thank you for this video all other videos make other people’s lives look perfect and for me it’s quite demotivating

  3. I honestly don't think that learning 3 languages at the same time will be very productive. I would rather advice to focus on one language first. Because then you can use alternative language learning methods. I prefer reading, listening to podcasts, listening to music, read news articles or watching news coverage or watching YouTube videos, or watching a TV series / movie in my target language

  4. I think u made it more realist this time, i also think about that: balance the stuff i have to do with work and study…✏️ o cachorrinho salsicha é tão fofo 🐶😍

  5. Oh yes, Jan was not the top class 😅 Can you elaborate on foundation meditation course? I also started learning German, what resources would you recommend for beginners?

  6. thankyou to keep it real… Jan for me was also all over the place like I can't get back on track from the holidays…. But every day is a new day a new opportunity and we must not look back to just makes us feel worst.

  7. Mariana, I have been in the same situation with you about my organisation system lately and came across an app called any.do. It has a feature called "plan my day", which keeps you track of everything very effortlessly. I'm only suggesting it because I thought maybe it would work for you. Take care, and congratulations on not giving up despite failure.

  8. Same, Jan was a big write-off (sick, kids still on school holidays in Australia), and Feb trying to get back on task, in getting ahead before university starts back up in March. My bullet Journal is still my most essential thing. Every morning it’s my brain-dump. I then ensure my notes/appointments are entered/up to date in my productivity apps for the day, because I always have my phone on hand. I have so much to be responsible for, being a mother, a partner, a mature aged student, a home-manager… I need that initial brain dump time with pen and journal, to process my appointments/tasks for the day ahead; and then my productivity apps keep me on task. And as for reading, I read for fun. My preference is fiction, for entertainment value, to help switch off my brain for the evening.

  9. Thank you for this video, you show us that we are not perfect and that is ok. January was not my month and I need start again, now that I’ve whatched your video I feel positive to do it.

  10. Thank youuu I was really down since I've also been failing in many things and thought it was just me,now I have much more ease knowing it happened to others too

  11. I needed this video!! I feel so behind on everything and I usually get stuck when I get to this pints and I find white hard to he back on track!!

  12. Is that Dachshund puppy? Our cousin used to have it 🤍💛🖤
    Good luck 🤎
    BTW, I'm using a combination of Microsoft Excel, Microsoft To Do, and Google Calendar as my organization tools after a great deal of research 😁

  13. in january i failed the things i wanted to start/change. but i allowed that month to relax and give myself the break my body, mind and soul needed. towards the end i became excited to start february and became motivated to proceed my new goals. i think allowing myself to rest became one of the best decisions, instead of jumping into a new year/month more worked up about the things i felt the need to change. it is okay to rest and not achieve the things you want to complete right away.

  14. Did you try todoist? I feel the recurring reminders are really helpful. A combination of Notion plus Todoist works pretty well for me. Todoist for the habit track, and Notion for the details management.

  15. Whenever I lost my motivation or feel my life is hectic or lack of organization, I come and watch Mariana's video with VPN. I really love your learning and living style despite that I'm only a ninth-grade student.

  16. I saw the title of this video and I instantly said “welcome to my life” hahaha I’m already failing February

  17. What a coincidence we have, Marian! January was such a bummer for me as well! I cough a cold, I failed a task at work, I gave up yoga. Well, and now I am starting off to analyze what caused all these consequences and I need to pull myself together!

  18. Jan was like that for me also . I was being busy instead of effective. And i thought it was just only me who had a bad Jan.
    Anyway Love ur video Mariana ♥️

  19. I highly suggest the to do list app « TickTick »! I’ve been using it since almost two years, and it’s making my life much easier. You can have lists, simple tasks, even take notes, and see it all in a calendar view. You can also make different categories, use tags, use the pomo method and since lately, track habits!!

  20. I just want to share two tips that might help those who were failing in January, because they helped me get back on track
    Tip #1 – TAKE VITAMIN D or spend more time in the sun if you can! I've struggled with low energy in winter for years, and I've heard in one of Thomas Frank's videos that it might be that I'm not getting enough vitamin D (the one that we usually get from the sun and daylight), but I was kinda dubious about it and did not do anything. Until a couple of weeks ago I was finally fed up with feeling exhausted right after breakfast (even thought I was definitely getting enough sleep). So I just went and bought some Vitamin D, started taking it every day, and it literally changed everything. I don't feel exhausted for no reason anymore. I wish I had done that sooner.
    Tip #2 – Take advantage of your commute time. It takes me 90 minutes to get to uni and then 90 minutes to get home and it's really exhausting. But then I realised that I can complete all of my language learning goals during that time – so I listen to an audio course while changing between stations or walking and drill words in Memrise when I'm in the train.You might be surprised how much I learned, I got to German A1 in a month because I spent all of my commute time learning it.

  21. Sometimes we need to press our reset button and go about things slowly. I also think that we expect too much of ourselves, the rest of nature is resting but somehow we think we don't need to take it easy in these cold months. We are in a way going against nature by piling on unrealistic goals and activities at this time of year. Best wishes.

  22. try out omnifocus :)) it gives you the ability to a) create to-dos for daily tasks and b) also gives you the ability to create weekly, monthly, etc. tasks

  23. Hey, thanks for being so honest about how things have been working for you. Funnily enough, I also allowed a cold to throw all my good habits in the garbage and I've also had to focus just on rebuilding during the back half of january. I only lost old habits because I clung to my new years resolution list of habits, and the habit for january was going to sleep before 11pm which I've been fairly successful at. For February , I wanna get out of bed immediately after waking up without checking social media or falling asleep again.

    Wishing you best of luck with your goals! 🙂

  24. As for tasks, I do both! I use a planner and write things down on my phone as well, easier not to forget anything and I'm not giving up my planner 😊😅

  25. maybe trying to win back all your habits at the same time is the problem here maybe doing things incrementally would be better i mean by that starting with a habit and when you feel comfortable sticking to it going to the next one ?

  26. Mariana…great, brave, and honest video! It’s important to show that perfection isn’t attainable and that you can always slow it down a notch and keep moving forward! Self-compassion for the win! Please check out the app called Streaks. It’s helping my friend track repetitive tasks and goals with varying time frames and frequencies. I’m just getting into it and it might be helpful for what you’re referring to here!

  27. Nunca vi um vídeo tão acertado 😅. O título sou completamente eu até agora este ano, estou desmotivada sem saber por quê

  28. I didn’t expect the puppy!! Omg so cute!!
    Btw i love that you are so realistic in your video and I love the motivation you give me! Great job

  29. Thank you for being so transparent about your "failings" I think we need more of these types of videos on YouTube. I always wonder how people "get back up again" after a burnout or lazy period and this answers that for me and so many others.

  30. thank you for this video. i’m a student in high school right now and i’ve been super unmotivated so this was a huge help!

  31. This is honestly very humanizing, and I personally needed to know that it's okay to start over after failing a month. I was in a rut in January as well. Here I go for February!

  32. Mariana, you should make a video about this experience of learning 3 language at the same time. Pros and cons, how exactly you try to manage it, etc.

  33. I found January a bit unmotivated too. I have really been struggling with motivation this week. My anxiety is worse and I’m feeling a bit under the weather. I think simplistic solutions are the best. Every complex system I’ve used breaks down.

  34. You should try teuxdeux, to see your daily and weekly to-do's 🙂 i think they don't have an app but its really simple and minimalist

  35. This cold going around atm hangs on for weeks and is a motivation-killer and energy-killer. ☹
    I've had it for over 6 weeks. So has my neighbour, a friend in another city, and about 20 other people I know.
    I hope you feel better soon! 🤧

  36. Try Elisi. It’s a planner app. And it has weekly and daily spreads, a place for projects (or long term goals), habit tracker, and notes for your random thoughts. I really love it and I feel that it can be useful to others. Plus it’s free

  37. Thank you for this. I was feeling so motivated and inspired at the beginning of January but it all fell in on itself in a few weeks. I had a bad mental health slump, and I find that once I miss just one day of doing something it all unravels and I stop doing it altogether. I’ve always found discipline difficult.

  38. I’m the kind of girl who has multiple to do lists
    To Do
    To Buy
    To Contact
    I have it virtually in my phone, but I also love writing everything down… and if I write it down, I just snap a picture of it so I can have it as a reference when I’m out and about ☺️

  39. Hello, thank you for posting such an honest video. My (respectful) reaction was that it sounded like you had a month full of overwhelm. In our house, sickness, increase in disorganisation, lack of motivation and not meeting goals always mean that we're feeling overwhelmed. It's the list of symptoms of overwhelm! And even though it looks like failure and feels like failure, sometimes it just isn't failure at all. Sometimes it's just too much happening at a time when what we really need is to slow down, to have rest and recouperation and downtime rather than proactive progress.
    We don't live in a world anymore where rest and recouperation is valued or respected. We're supposed to be getting bigger and better all the time. But no human being can keep excelling or expanding or progressing constantly. It's just not how being a human being works. It's not just okay to have an off month or a quiet month or a month of downtime it's a normal part of human life. I really hope February is a nicer month for you but from the tiny bit of information I know about you -I don't think you really failed last month at all. I think you can let yourself off the hook! Thank you again for your video.

  40. Thank you for this! My January felt the same way. 😪 WhatI learned most from your channel is any kind of progress is good. So let's keep at it! 🙏🏻 Hope your cold is better!! Also, THAT PUPPY 😍😍😍

    Edit: would love to know what that notebook in 2:48!

  41. lol same I just can't seem to be productive again after my xmas break. Thank you for letting us know we are not the only one's who struggles!

  42. January has been the worst month for many people around me. I think nobody should feel guilty for not achieving goals yet. There are still 11 months to go

  43. I feel this title in the core of my being. I’m also getting back into changing my habits and how I’ve been going about my year so far. The biggest is changing the time I wakeup to 4am.

  44. January was a weird month…a disturbance in the force. It was definitely a tough month for me, February has been spent with me trying to find my way back. We have to give ourselves grace.

    Thanks for sharing!

  45. Thanks for including the script about your video!
    This have been an importante characteristics wich I subscribed in your channel, beyond the subjects covered.

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