hello it’s another day of the vlogging
everyday in August and today I’m gonna be talking about is it ok to finish last what up people and welcome to my
channel Jon Sheppard fitness today I’m nicking a video title off grey wolf
fitness if you haven’t checked him out go and check him out
he will be competing and not against me but he will be competing in bodypower
the same time as I am next year and he obviously did this video a few weeks
back but I thought I was going to answer it
in my last video what I forgot to put it in so I’ve made another video just about
this it’s not going to be that long so don’t worry so it’s not gonna be like
15-20 minutes long unless I carry on ranting well is it okay to finish last
obviously we’re both competing I’m gonna like talk talking and answering grey
wolf on this and my version of that question next year we will be both
competing in bodypower it will be my first time competing and obviously
finishing the last the could happen and could I handle it I’ve done a bit of
research and people who I know who have actually competed and who I follow as
well and I do not think you have a last category you know it’s not a position
where you’ve finished the last I think you just don’t get picked to go to the
next stage where you get picked up you know like a 5 or 6 getting picked and
then they compete against each of it the other ones just don’t get quatre
categorized I think it’s called or something like that so gray wolf that is
the answer to your question we will not finish last we’ll finish the last with a
lot of people not just what not just of me last not as you last will finish the
last with however many people will competing against which in all fairness
is so much better you know the lat thing you want to do is after all that
hard work you put it is knowing you’ve actually been picked at last it’s unfair
nowadays you know all the controversy of he kinda say something to somebody
because you get arrested for it all you just get slated for it I understand him
it’s a bit it’s a bit hard picking somebody last then somebody further down
and then sit down like from ten to one anyway then to answer the question
anyway if there was a last because we could finish last
as a group you know there might not be that many people in your category we’re
going in body power so there’s got to be quite beautiful to answer the question I
wouldn’t really care because I’m not doing it to get a place obviously would
both love to win I mean maybe the best thing corn in the top three getting
picked to be competing in the top three positions would be that would be that’s
my goal you know if I get picked out of five and
then I’ve got to compete against the people to get into the top three and I
came fifth cuz I know I’d be fifth that would be absolutely brilliant
you know I not be happy because my first type of time body building in a
competition you know I’m completely natural which I know I’m gonna be facing
and gets people who are not natural and I’ll be happy but I’m not doing it to
win because if I really really really wanted to win I would have done body
building from years ago and compact it loves and loves those types what M my
biggest fear is actually freezing on stage that is the biggest warrior I’m
gonna be facing going on stage in front of a hell of a lot of people and it
seems to get bigger and bigger that the stage basically due to a pair of shorts on I
know it didn’t seem that bad I mean I walk around like this I am now yeah when
it’s hot out so I bought you don’t you know they’re not looking at you when
you’re going on stage and you’re actually doing your poses improve
everything and they’re all looking at you it’s going to be art and you know
there’s gonna be people there going huh look at me I mean not even cut you know
so it’s that’s my biggest worry and you know and messing up on a pose you know
where it’s okay if you do it by yourself because you say it’s a party routine but
when you’re in a group and you also do these pose and then you’re you’re like I
lost and then you’re looking around thinking ah that’s it you have to copy
somebody to do that oppose something and that’s my biggest worry over than that
nothing else I’m really bothered about it’s that whole stage fright isn’t it
what I’m worried about I suppose at least I don’t have to sing or anything
like that but what I was thinking about with all the finished laughs at the
moment I’m I’m not thinking about it it’s a long way off
and frankly I don’t really care about it because I know it’s next year you know
when it comes after Christmas that’s when I start thinking about it and you
know when I start courting because when you start courting that’s I mean proper
cooking and that’s when you know you’ve gotta up your game you know you’ve got
to make sure that everything is spot-on your workouts for on your diet spot-on
you know and you gotta make you just gotta make sure their numbers are always
dropping and the workouts are always trying to keep them and maintain them
and even try and get them a big height issue oh sorry if you can so that’s
going to be interesting but like I said email or a video I think the courts
going to be easy for me if anything because I’m not I’m not big eater yeah
so I I think he’s gonna be alright well about the actual finishing lass
I’ve got them no problem about finishing last appalled Jordan master always
because I’ve always I’m pre I’m pretty like a laid-back person I’m not
laid-back like not let everything go past me like I’m all I mean I’m pretty
laid-back but when I’m focused on something safe home it could be anything
like I could be focused on a certain thing to get something and I’ll make
sure I get it you know or even stuff like I thought we’re at the work like
the manager say like can you clean the warehouse and I’ll make sure I clean it
as best as I possibly can yeah because not because I want his respect it’s
because I want I’ve got my own self-respect and I think yeah luckily
and I used to do that at my old job for obviously lost my license but you know
cutting lawns and doing Gardens God making something from looking rubbish to
something looking really nice or better than it was and then you get that
appreciation but when you’re doing it for yourself it’s gonna mean a hell of a
lot more and obviously taking pictures every week and seeing every little thing
oh it just died on me the phone did so I had to work with the charge up but also
I’m doing this while my son is asleep what is he asleep now no he’s not you wanna flex your muscles
look at that mr. muscle massive head of yours about I need to see where I know
it is yeah he knows he’s saying it’s getting
longer you’re lying quite Pinocchio anyway go pop right now I’m compared to
you anyway yeah yeah anyway so yeah obviously I need his confidence in
putting a stage because he’s he’s obviously
yeah he’s obviously show-ready or do you think daddy’s gonna win a bodybuilding
competition doing this bra do you think I can win no I’m gonna win okay then
well if he’s competing against me I’ve got no chance of I going in flex the
muscles look at look at look at okay anyway yeah oh yeah I am yeah oh yeah
anyway no anyway like I said yeah play play taste it now
hey hey man I say but like no this is why I cannot do any videos with him now
because he knows what this is all about yeah yeah hey well done like William and
telling you yeah because every time I do something with him he’s a challenge in
years old yeah yeah I tell him anyway what I I’m thinking about is basically
think about yeah is I want to go when I start cutting is a want to be and
thinking about being angry yes that you see don’t be quiet
can you be quiet yeah I I will buy yeah all right
chill out we’re looking trying to sell my channel yeah
is I’m gonna go basically please go don’t kick the chair don’t don’t kick
that is going to go their choice Mouse is I’m gonna go they’re thinking I’m
gonna win and I’m know I’m gonna win and that’s wrong time on meant Alex is gonna
be just to go there and we’ll start cutting is going to basically ace every
week on what a week I’m gonna win I’m gonna win body power on our body you
know you don’t think you cannot get into it I think a bit young way Tiger whoop I
can be super strong yeah well as you call my yeah yeah he’s
hair as well yeah anyway as you can see I cannot do any more on this video
because he won’t shut up will you I’m yeah well sure your breath stinks yeah
you and also it yeah obviously so my protein shake yeah is it nice yeah
anyway I’m gonna leave you with now with this war blog and if you like please
give me a thumbs up and subscribe yeah say bye


  1. You've got no chance against your son haha it's like watching a mini me lol don't worry Jon were gonna rock Bodypower brother MINT

  2. Hello, I'm your new subscriber and I would love to say that you're awesome and your videos rock! Thanks for sharing, it would mean the world to me if you subbed back and saw my latest video πŸ˜€ Have a lovely day!!

  3. Those who are super competitive think 2nd is just the 1st last…LOL Showing up and going through a years prep to get there is far beyond what most would do and that is a win in itself…no ribbon but to be that dedicated and get there takes a special commitment that should be recognized

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