Is Dominos MeatZZa Pizza Worth Getting?

Hello everyone, this is running on empty food review Well, hello, ladies and gentlemen and everyone watching This is running on empty food review and I am your host of the report of the week Going with the sweater vest this time around him I’m keeping warm cuz you know, it’s it is getting cold this time of year. Of course December as it as it should be You know seasonably cold anyway, but going up the sweater vest, you know, trying to trying to break it out but we’re still spicing it up with the jacket and We’re really we’re going all out with the meats. Aw Pizza from dominos. I Figured why not? I want to do a Domino’s review because they have a new well Number one the pizza is not new But what they do have going as a special promotion Until I wrote it down here until the 8th So a couple of days from now, you know, it’s ongoing so you can utilize this right now That’s right. The power is in your hands. You have the ability here You can control fate you can control your destiny and I’m really really Exaggerating it this time around but they have a special deal going where if you place an online order for Domino’s Now it could be for carryout or delivery. So it’s up You know, it’s however you’re feeling as long as you don’t do any of those pesky phone calls If you do it online, you’ll get 50% off any menu priced pizza. So Domino’s is one of those places I don’t really I don’t review them all that often because they don’t have that many new items, you know And when it comes down to a review, I always like to just get what’s new Because that’s what people are talking about that so people are interested in right? That’s what people want to see But Domino’s and they kind of go with the approach. They’re like We have what we have and we’re just gonna stick with it. You know, we think that what’s on the menu right now works Tried-and-true staples and we’re just gonna keep it that way but either way I think a lot of people kind of maybe they’re contemplating getting the Domino’s this time around because it’s a good deal 50% off is Again a good deal. So a lot of people are kind of motivated and looking at the menu They’re like, well, what do I want to get? What do I want to try out? You know do I just want to go with the regular pepperoni pizza, or do I want to try something else out? So that’s what I did. I kind of said. Hey, it’s 50% off I’m just gonna get a random item and we’re just gonna go from there. And if it’s bad, it’s bad But we’re just gonna see what this coupon really really gets us. So I Went with a specialty pizza this evening. I went with the meatzza pizza You know, and that’s the name meat zz a it’s a it’s a meatzza pizza, I think is that kind of exaggeration to try to say It’s not just a meat lovers Pizza It’s not just a pizza with The meats But it’s actually a meatzza pizza It comes with pepperoni ham sausage beef and mozzarella cheese Interesting thing about it though. I would have thought for meat lovers Pizza for sure would have had bacon on it but it didn’t and I say well that’s odd, but I guess maybe they feel that’s what makes a meatzza pizza a meatzza pizza Yeah, pepperoni ham sausage and beef a price for the so came out to be around $7 which again is it’s a pretty good deal for a large specialty pizza. So that’s what we have. I Got it. I got it delivered. I wasn’t And I just didn’t want to didn’t want to deal with the cold but made sure always always treat the driver well Here’s what we got. What are they? What are they promoting this time around piece of the pie? Rewards now you can get points toward free pizza. Anyway you orders I see there it is three Free pizza, and if you see right there, that’s an interesting phenomenon. See what you see right there right there on the box That’s what they call the good luck grease stain that’s uh It’s the funniest thing when you look around that that pizza and pizza places like these places have their own their own Communities and like, you know their fan bases you have the people that love Domino’s you have the people that love pizza hut and Is one thing that they have going on there is like I was reading up on this if you have like a grease stain on The box like that that’s supposed to mean like it’s good luck or something. There’s just an interesting little thing so it’s got the good luck grease stain right there and Maybe I made that up on the spot Opening it up the big reveal There it is There I am with it. Let’s just get it out of the way Right there Now interesting interesting how weird how it is I mean Well, I can see What do we see they put all the toppings under the cheese? All right, I See the the beef And I see the sausage And I see the hem, right? There’s some ham and I see the beef and sausage. I don’t see any pepperoni I’m not gonna say that there’s no pepperoni on it, but I don’t see any So there’s no pepperoni on this just take that into consideration I imagine they’re getting swamped of orders so I can’t get everything right but I always want to make sure I get what I get Correctly on this again. You can see there it is Loaded with toppings, but again, I’m not seeing any pepperoni on it I’m not really gonna be too upset because hey it’s you know, it’s half off so Not like it’s the end of the world. But again, I always like to just I want to get what I get I want to make sure that if there’s pepperoni will verify will make sure anyway Close up Up the slice. Let’s hit the focus. There’s that super HD Wow Look at that. I almost knocked the camera over because just the High-res just blew me away But anyway, you know what’s on it? I know what’s on it. We all know what’s on it I’m gonna quit joking around and let’s try it out. It’s the meatzza pizza from dominos going in We found it Look look look under here There it is. That’s hiding there hiding the pepperonis, but they’re on all right. We got him pepperonis have been found So we can verify that this does have everything on it. That’s good. That’s good. I was worried that they wouldn’t have it But they got the pepperonis I’m going to take two more bites here One thing to always remember just real quick have a new podcast out you can find it We really check it out. You could find a direct link to it in the pinned comment as well Alright one thing that really had me worried about the the pizza at first was Now I personally and this is just a matter of personal preference We all like our pizza a certain way I get that I understand It is interesting how this pizza has undergone a little bit of a transformation over the years Where at first they always had it where the toppings were over the cheese But in recent years it’s kind of changed and now it’s the cheese goes on top now I always like it when the toppings are on top because I do like I’m like it when they have that little baked to it, you know, and that’s his personal personal preference. I guarantee that there are some people watching who probably like them as You know soggy is possible. I understand you like what you like and if you like it under the cheese, yeah Well, I could undo the cheese I just like number one to have that a little baked on it and number two being able to verify that everything’s there So that was an issue just I wasn’t able to see that there was any pepperoni, but we’re able to find it That’s fine are the one thing that I really like about this pizza. Honestly, I wasn’t sure how the toppings were gonna blend together But honestly, it’s a very flavorful pizza. I gotta give him credit if you like. I would say a meatlovers pizza You’re a fan of that combination are the thing that I do like I got to give Domino’s credit for this you get toppings in every single bite and That’s that’s good to see because more and more places. They just they like to they like to rip you off They like to skimp on the toppings. They could barely get any anymore It’s like come on. I want to get some toppings here. This is what I’m paying for And thankfully Domino’s at least provides that and every bite you’re either able to get, you know, some beef some ham Some sausage or some pepperoni and it’s all flavorful. It leads to a very salty very very salty. I imagine very high in sodium but if you’re going on that salt only diet than they that’s good for you, but Otherwise very very high sodium pizza very salty. That’s why I’m hitting the water there and You’re gonna be able to get those those toppings and every bite in a flavorful. I would honestly say the most flavorful surprisingly enough were the two that you don’t really see that much of the ham and the beef this want those two were really They called out to me Of course the sausage is there and the pepperoni is actually the least flavorful there But I just like how these under-represented toppings are able to Get that if that flavor of it, you might not you might not get otherwise It’s not a top-tier pizza, but I’d say for what it is Especially with the discount going if you want to try their meat lovers Pizza and it’s a meat saw Pizza again for seven bucks. You can’t beat it. I think that’s a pretty good deal quite frankly and I enjoy it I have another slice of this honestly and uh, yeah, I like that. There’s just a lot of toppings on it. That’s a good touch Got the garlic crust going to so honestly Yeah out of 10 because again the thing is that this is not like some sort of gourmet pizza, right? It’s not like there’s some special, you know Italian Artisan pizza master there, but that Domino’s who’s making this, right? It’s your fast-food pizza that’s really greasy and so on but you’re getting what you paid for and I do it Like I said it like there’s a lot of toppings on it. So out of ten seven out of ten Pretty good, definitely above average and like yeah with the coupon going if you’re interested in it Yeah, check it out. And I think you’ll be satisfied. Anyway, why do I want a good stuff on it? So the meat so, huh? pizza from from Domino’s they’re Trying it out, and I just wanted to take advantage of this 50% discount that they got going on. So Otherwise I get another sip of water cuz it’s salty but Otherwise in a brilliant play of words to close out the review which was very sarcastic by the way What’s going on now? Is that I’m gonna wrap up the video after a sip of water. That’s all that I have for you Thank you for watching. I’m your host the report of the week today. We tried out the meatzza pizza from dominos That’s all that I have. Thank you and take care and I check out the podcast if you’re interested

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  2. “It’s not like there’s some Italian artisan pizza master at the Dominos there”

    Italian artisan pizza master at Dominos : Am I a joke to you?

  3. Work at a dominos and cheese doesnt go on top. Only time that happens is if you get extra cheese but even still theres a first layer of cheese. They just didnt make it right

  4. Yes! The little bit of bake on the ingredients on top makes a big difference. The flavor always seems to be much better that way.

  5. I used the 50% coupon 3 days ago. 40min wait.
    After this video? Estimated 3 hour wait.
    He wields a truly terrifying power.

  6. You are one of the most Interesting and compelling personalities on YouTube and to be completely honest I don't know why ??? keep it up reviewbrah

  7. I love how 90% of the comments on Reviewbrah videos isn't about what he reviews but about how lovable Reviewbrah himself is.

  8. What ever happened to the round plastic tool that used to be in the middle of the pizza to stop the box top from hitting the pizza?

  9. If reviewbrah tending to keep his godly frame whilst eating fast food frequently for our enjoyment doesn't show you that he is indeed our lord, you are incapable of succeeding in any way, shape, or form in this life

  10. Check out VORW podcast show, people!!! ( Better than Rogan?!!??…. )
    Brah, I've listened to 3 FULL podcasts now on PodBean. You have such a great night-timey, alternative/independent radio voice and style. I'm lovin' the radio/podcast show.

  11. It's not that great. I had it just about a week ago. They definitely skimmed me on the toppings. Didn't have sausage on at least 4 slices. You want good meat lovers pizza with loads of meat in every bite and that actually tastes great. Go Pizza Hut. They are the best. Don't forget to add the chicken for that extra great flavor.

  12. It would be great if you reviewed take out food from places like a local diner or sub shop. It would make a good comparison to the chain food.

  13. That might have been a pepperoni directly under your nose as you were saying you didn't see any. But perhaps that was CGI. What, with all the special effects in your videos…….?
    But a pizza with no bacon might as well have pineapple on it and be thrown in the garbage.

  14. This pizza comes standard with extra cheese, which is why there is cheese on top of the other toppings. You can order it with a regular amount of cheese if you want the "baked" quality of having the meat toppings on top.

    I just ordered one yesterday, it was quite good!

  15. Watching this guy grow with time has been the best. He was very quiet and gentle and he still retains that but he has gained such an amazing type of humor and charisma. If I was an Eskimo this man could sell me ice. The times that he laughs and cracks jokes. Those slight smiles get me. This guy doesn’t get the respect and views he deserves. Thank you for all the food reviews Brah!

  16. Hello Brah, I would like to see you review a local place. I'm sure the rest of your fanbase would like to see what your opinion is on less known places.

  17. I only needed one more Dominos order for my free medium pizza, meanwhile they're selling pizzas for 50% off. Easiest decision of my entire life. EDIT: I got the pepperoni feast instead of the Meatzza. You can change the ingredients on their website, but I feel like putting ham on it instead of bacon is a misplay.

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