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(slow saxaphone music) – The Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution is an excessively long name for a car. This all-wheel drive
turbo-charged four cylinder was produced from 1992 to 2016, when Mitsubishi gave it the ax and thought it’d be cooler
to make SUVs for a living. Known for its rally heritage, it’s been slapped in
its face by its owners, slamming them to the ground for years. The Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution X was the last generation Evo to be built, probably because Mitsubishi realized they were (bleeped out) it up. Mitsubishi caught major
flack leaving the 4G63 and going to the 4B11. It had an MSRP from $33,000 all the way to $38,000. You could buy 10,888 Cheesy
Gordita Crunches for that. Do the math. The Evo X-Men made 276
ponies from the factory and was offered in a GSR
manual and an MR out of… auto… Oh man! This is the car that makes both Evo owners and STI owners mad. Today we sit down with
somebody from Branded Title and have a good old chat, driver to driver! (upbeat jazz music) AlL right, so don’t forget
wheels, tires, suspension, I am Dakota, and I am here with? – Lawson. – How you doin’? – Good, how are you? – Are you excited for this? – I’m a little nervous. – You’re a little nervous? – Yeah, I watched the previous episodes– – Oh, don’t be nervous. – I don’t know what to expect. – We’re here for a good
time, not a long time. (Lawson laughs) Let’s not beat around the bush. (buzzing) How much did you pay for
that oversized extinct Evo? (upbeat jazz music) – Do you want the story or you want the– – I just want the price. Just tell me how much
you paid for that sucker. – 18 five. – 18 five? So $18,500. How many miles are on that bad boy? – 70,000 when I picked it up. – 70,000? She’s about spent. All right.
(static) So what made you pick an Evo over, like, an STI or
something along them lines? – You see, STIs all over town. I feel like everyone has
an STI around here or a WRX or some form of Subaru
around these parts of town. – Okay.
– You don’t see any Evos, and I actually ended up
driving a friend’s Evo and fell in love right away. – Oh, so you did see an Evo and then you drove it. – Yeah. – So there is some Evos around here. – There’s like one or two. – All right, there’s a few of them. (buzzing) Have you had any issues
with your Evo X-Men? – No. – None? – (Laughs) No, I have a lot. – Yeah, I think so.
(Lawson laughs) Let’s hear about some of them
problems you’ve been havin’. – Well, I bought my Evo, the reason why I got such
a good deal on my Evo is because it came with a
all-wheel drive pump issue. – Ooh, the AYC pump? They’re pretty well-known for that. That’s the active yaw control pump. You don’t need that. That sounds like something that should be on a airplane or something. (Lawson laughs) – So I took it right into the dealership. They took care of that right away, but that wasn’t a big deal. It was the master cylinder
that goes out on these cars. – Mm. – Very often, they’re a plastic mechanism and everything that was goin’ on. And that put me down for,
you know, two months. – Damn. – And then I fell into some peer pressure and launched my car and ripped the brake lines right off of the caliper. – Well, launching it? – Yeah, launched it and– – What’d you slam on
the brakes right away? – No. – Did it scare you?
– I don’t know what happened. – Oh my god!
– Came right off. The metal line snapped right off, and then after that I upgraded to the steel braided brake lines. and haven’t had any issues since. – Nice, nice. Is that it or does the book continue? – No, I think that was it, but that only allowed me to drive it for maybe a total of a month this last
year, which kinda sucks. – So how long have you owned it? – Six months? – [Dakota] (laughs) And
you drove it for a month? – [Lawrence] Yeah. – [Dakota] Oh brother! – Oh, and then my under trays. I was driving around town, and there’s a construction
area that wasn’t lit up or no signs or anything, and I bottom out right
after I got my build, got my wheels, tires, suspension. – (laughing) Nice plug. – And then I bottomed out
in a construction area and blew my under tray into pieces. So that sucked too. (staticky buzz) Couple of issues. – And you drove it for a month. All right, sounds good. So we have some questions from the viewers and they are dyin’ to know. Shooty McShoot Face asks, “What’s it like always
looking at STI taillights?” – No.
– No? All right. Have you ever raced it? – No, ’cause it was down all summer. – Didn’t ever wanna race? – Nope, no races. – You ever see any STI taillights? They’re all around town I’ve heard. – Yeah, they’re all around town, but no. Never seen any taillights. – Swizzy says, “Three cons and
three pros about your Evo.” – Oh god. (beeping) I guess for my personal use I enjoy all the benefits on the interior. I always drove like old JDM cars, so like having all the
buttons on the steering wheel and just having the Recaro stock and just an updated interior
from what I’m used to would definitely be one. Obviously, having a turboed car. It’s my first turbo car. That’s definitely one as well. And I’d say for probably
the last pro would be, it’s just a easy platform
to, you know, to modify as long as you do it smart. You know, I’ve been warned
many times about the motor. – Yeah. – And to be careful in modding the motor, which we haven’t touched yet. We wanna dip into it a
little bit here coming up. But those would probably
be the three pros. – [Dakota] Okay, three cons? – Cons, 100% master cylinder. If you have a Evo, get your
master cylinder done right away. – Fact. – Like, ASAP. – What about fuel mileage? What are you getting for
fuel mileage in that puppy? – Sixteenish? – That’s not so good. – No, fuel mileage is not the greatest. And especially when you are
addicted to boost noises. – Blowin’ it up? – No, not blowin’ it up.
– Oh, all right. – Boost noises, and
definitely it’s even worse. – Gotcha, one more con. Or do you love it that much that there’s only three pros and two cons? – I think I love it that much. I’m gonna stick with that. – Joseph John Sangalang asked, “Why Honda beat you up real good?” Movin’ on we have Aaron
Jackson-Miller asks, “What kind of job do you have to have “to own one of these cars?” – I don’t think you have
to have any special job. – They’re kinda pricy. I mean you paid $18,000 for
one that was already clapped. – It wasn’t clapped! – What’s your favorite
generation of the Evo? – I’d say the IX is my favorite. The reason why I went with the X is because, like I said, the upgraded interior, the newer feel. At this time I’d never bought
anything newer than a ’06. – I’m gonna go ahead
and say that the Evo Xs pretty much have the
same interior as Evo IX. You don’t gotta lie to me. – I don’t think so. – They both got Recaros. They both got plastic buttons. – Yeah. – And that’s about it. If we were to do a footrace, and I gave you the option
to race just like you are or with a backpack that
has 400 pounds in it, what would you choose? – How I am right now. – Yeah, so why wouldn’t you
just go with like Evo VIII instead of Evo X, you know? They’re already lighter. They’re already quicker. What are you doin’ gettin’ the heavy pig? – It’s just what I liked.
– All right. – Test drove one, loved it. (buzzing) – What mods do you have done to your car? – [Lawson] 18 by 10.5 Cosmis square setup. – [Dakota] MR2? – [Lawson] MR2s. – I’ll looked at the pictureS. – And then Fortune Auto coilovers. I have a big wing, Vortex carbon fiber big wing. – All right. – I could probably, cat back exhaust. And just like your cold-air
intake, blow-off valve. – So you have any more plans for her to make a little more power? How much power are you thinkin’
she’s makin’ right now? – I think it’s still at the 291 factor. – So you spent that much money on mods and you’re still just
makin’ the same horsepower? – Yeah. (buzzing) (beep) – So, what are you gonna
do to make it faster? How much more money you
gonna sink into this thing? – I’ve been, I dunno. I’ve been doin’ some research and gettin’ a list together. And it gets pretty pricy. I think just to jump up
to, you know, 400 horse, you’re still talkin’
like four, five grand. But I wanna make sure that I do all of the supporting mods beforehand. Like you said, the last thing
I wanna do is blow my car up. I’ve watched friends blow their Evos up, and that’s just like the last,
last thing I ever wanna do. So I just wanna work my way up from supporting mods
to like a bigger turbo and stuff like that. But I think from here on out, and I’ll have the car looking
how I want it to look. Then I just kinda wanna dive into the motor and learn some
stuff about these motors. – Cool, cool. What do you get the most flack
for owning an Evo X-Men for? – I think the biggest thing is
just the Subaru-Evo rivalry. – Sure. – I think that’s the
biggest thing that you hear. Because like I said, there
are a lot around town, and I think with being around
here, there are, you know, there’s couple of guys
at Fitment Industries that drive Subarus and
that’s just the biggest thing is you always hear that
Subaru-Evo rivalry. – So do you pick the Evo over the STI? – 100%.
– Why? – I don’t know. I’m just not a Subaru guy. I just, I really like the Evo. The moment I sat in it, I just knew. – Did you ever sit in an STI?
– Yes. – And you didn’t know then.
– No. I actually test-drove an STI and was gonna buy an STI and then sat in the Evo and drove the Evo and bought the Evo. – There you have it. – So I compared. It’s not just like I’m like listening. I did compare them. – Right, and then you chose the heavy pig instead of the lean mean fighting machine of the Evo VII or IX. (buzzing) (beep) (interference distortion) I think that about wraps it up. What car owners would you
like us to review next? And don’t forget, any of the
wheels, tires or suspension mentioned in this episode, we have over at Thank you, Lawson, for coming on the show. We had a good time. And we’ll see you next time. (upbeat jazz music)

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  2. Damn I wish he interviewed me, I have way more reasons why I traded in my STi to get an EVO, owned both for over a year and I have some reasons. This dude only drove his for a month. Plus I didn't want the 8 or 9, just way too old and molested, I would not even daily drive those based on the rarity anymore. The x you can still daily drive, plus the 4g63, while you can make big power due to their block, they are not faster in stock form and require at least cams to get to the 400whp range. I dont drive my X to make 1000 so I prefer it 10x more than the 8/9.

  3. Lol what is the bronze wheel blocked by codys head in some angles and slight to the right of the screen when the camera is on him?

  4. Lowkey I wanna see you have a big microphone in your hand and have a dedicated little room for your show and have a taco oven between you and the other person since we going for that vibe ?

  5. Pretty happy i bought my evo x new so i havent had any issues yet. Sadly a turbo car is almost always a headache if you buy it used. Every owner beats on them.

  6. Should do a " Driver to Driver " on a Mini Cooper hahahahaha.
    The cars are utter trash and WHEN they work are STILL an experience in " oh shit " it is running what is about to break and cost me thousands NOW !!

  7. I feel that if you interview a car owner they should have owned the car for awhile. A month of driving isn't enough imo

  8. My dream car is the Evo x, kinda wish the interview was more serious or rather more scripted. I wanted to learn more about the owner situation and such. I felt the other guys horrible humor and scrasticam was messing up the interview. I enjoyed it but please tone down the needless interruptions and just get to the point.

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