Insane labz – Psychotic Gold
Pre-workout Review what’s up guys? I’m myles kuikahi and I want to thank you
again for stopping by and checking out my pre-workout review channel. Today’s pre-workout review is going to be
a pretty cool one. It’s by Insane labz. It’s called psychotic gold. Pretty cool one. So yesterday I went to my boys shop new body
nutrition modesto and I was actually going to buy the regular psychotic, but he said
he myles you should try this new one this the gold one. Higher stim, a little bit higher agmatine
which means a little bit better pump just try it out and see how you like it so that’s
why I got it. Definitely looking for the best stuff on the
market so psychotic by Insane labz his gold and this one right here what I expect to get
is insane energy insane Focus some insane pump and insane cycle energy with no crash. So I am excited to see what this one has in
store. Let’s get right into it. Again every single one of my pre-workout reviews
will be from a brand new container so that you know that this thing is legit. So again, brand new container look I’m opening
it right up in front of you. Just like my boy John Franklin at Maserati
body I want to thank Eddie at muscle players for encouraging me to do these videos. It seems pretty cool look at the Gold top. Alright, see it…still sealed, still intact. Alright here we go psychotic gold. Boom. That’s it. Now this one right here it says to only take
one serving in a 24 hour. So I’m going to follow the directions and
not taking him in more than just once. This one I’m going to dry shot. Okay so I’m going to rake the experience. Again insane labz psychotic gold. Here we go. Boom. I got to say the mix ability is pretty darn
good. I have to give that like a 9. Mixed right up no residue no type of flakes
or crystals left. It went right down. The taste wasn’t that bad for a dry shot. I’m sure if I mix it up in the Shaker it tastes
a lot better. But yeah not bad. Easy dress shop it went down pretty quickly
as soon as the water hit it dissolves right away. Insane labz this one right here is a fruit
punch. Insane labz psychotic gold. So I’m head over to the gym right now and
give you my review right before I hit the gym and we’re going to get it. I’m going to get some shoulders and a little
bit of cardio tonight. All right guys thanks for watching moskaluke
High pre-workout review Channel. What’s up guys so I’m at the gym right now
and it’s been about 30 minutes since I’ve taken the psychotic Gold by insane labs. I’m about to head my shoulders. In my review for right now 30 minutes and
I got to get this thing like a nine right now. I can feel the rush to caffeine is there at
the focus starting to come in my mouth is starting to water a little bit so that means
that is starting to come up on me. Starting hit me pretty hard right now. It’s definitely the kick in the ass that I
need to get a proper workout in so right now I give this thing a solid 9. Here we go guys. Alright guys so here’s my final review my
final review for insane labz psychotic gold. Again I got the fruit punch flavor. Final review is going to be a solid 9. The reason why I gave it A9 was because of
the intense Rush was there the focus was there but for some reason I didn’t feel the pump
as hard as I was expecting or as hard as the caffeine and the focus hit me. I thought I was going to have a way harder
pump more vascularity. The one thing that I did notice was the amount
of sweat that was coming off of me. I was sweating a lot. So this definitely has a thermogenic effect
to it. Which can help burn fat, but anyway again
a solid 9. insane labz. Stay tuned for more pre-workout reviews from
insane labz. They have a few more products that I’m going
to try. So I appreciate you guys watching much gratitude
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  1. Absolutely love the video bro.
    The edit 9/10
    The content 10/10
    The music 9/10
    Duration 11/10
    F'kin love that you honest, clear and doesn't fool 2 much around.
    I'm absolutely subscribing.

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