77 thoughts on “Insane Home Leg Workout – The NCAA “Sweat 16” Leg Workout

  1. dude,you got some HUUUUGE forearms but i think you got small wrists which makes them look small in the beginning of your arm

  2. 06:15 video skips. did you edit out a bail/fall? if you did you should make the Jeff Cavalier bloopers video! Thanks for the vid. another great idea..

  3. ive never seen jeff so tired in all of his videos haha, this must be good.
    and keep up the good work jeff ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. Jeff I really like this one and all other ideas in your workout videos. I am a big fan. I am always busy and do not hit the gym because of time at work or with the kids. Your videos have helped me to find the motivation again. I do many circuit workouts whenever I can.

    I have one question, I have not seen a kettle bell routine in your videos yet. Is kettle bell workouts something that you recommend for shoulders and other muscles? How often should we do them ? Best regards.

  5. Love this workout. I just bought the athlean-x programme last night and I can't wait to get started with it tomorrow

  6. If you tore it, the only way to heal it completely is surgery. But you can try and strengthen all the muscles around it. Check out rotator cuff exercises, Jeff has at least a couple on his channel.

  7. When I Deadlift, I also add a Shoulder Shrug at the top position. I figure you kill two birds with one stone. Anyone see any problem with doing this?

  8. how can I get an athleanx t shirt? Do you have tanks?? I am always impressed by your workouts Jeff and By your vids i figured you to be just under 200#

  9. I wish Jeff would do a video on electric shock therapy for muscles. I know bruce lee used electric shock to help get the body he had. so please do a video about electric shock.

    PS I'm A big fan

  10. hey Jeff.what do you think about street workout?guys like Hannibal for King and others.Would be grateful for your response))
    Thumbs up so Jeff can see it!))

  11. this looks awesome man i am going to do this once my knee is 100% and for sure making a video and showing you my time

  12. hey jeff, i got the program for like 4 weeks now and everything is going great but i have one question… what do i do when i finish the program?… should i do it again?? or should i just moderate between the workouts?? please respond this is realy important to me. thanks again for the great system the keep the video comming ๐Ÿ™‚

  13. Hey Jeff, any advice on how to strengthen a knee after a dislocation? I'm stuggling to do these leg workouts. Keep the videos coming, I'm a big fan of them and your unique workouts.

  14. Hi Jeff sorry..mi couldn't help but notice, your split squat jumps, shouldn't you be leaning forward a loot less? That's a lotta pressure on your front knee. Just curious…

  15. thanks for the knowledge and motivation JD, im gonna try this even though i probably wont be able to walk for a week

  16. i dont get it … is that the whole workout or is this just one circuit it seems kinda short for me …

  17. The good ol days before Jeff tragically lost his luggage at the airport. He bowed never to wear a shirt again

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