Inbody body composition done in downtown Chicago Chiropractic office

(upbeat music) – Hey guys, Dr. Eric Smith
from downtown Chicago at Optimal Health Chiropractic
and Rehabilitation. And today, with it being in January and a lot of people have big goals in terms of weight loss or muscle gain or some things they wanna
accomplish this year, I’m gonna show you one of the things that we have at our practice called the InBody 570. It’s a machine that’ll tell you exactly how much muscle, water and fat you have on your body. It’s as accurate, it’s nearly, nearly as accurate as a DEXA machine and it’s just a great
way to really understand where you are. Your body is typically
45 to 65 percent water, so using a scale isn’t as
accurate as we like to see with most things. So as a physician, I want to
know exactly where we’re at, and then we can also
track not only fat loss, we can track muscle gain, which a lot of people wanna do. They wanna put muscle on nowadays. The fit look is where they wanna be and they don’t have an
accurate way to understand if that mass they’re putting
on is fat, muscle or water. But this machine, we do. So I’m gonna have Dr. Priebe step on. He’s gonna get on the machine here, and I’m gonna show you
how this machine works. So it’s very simple. At first he’s just gonna put
his arms at the side, though. Yep, just put your arms at the side. And what it’s doing is taking
an initial weight, okay? So we wanna see exactly
how much you weigh first and then what we’re gonna do is have him put in his
age, his height and age. And then just touch this, there we go. And then hit, yep, now. And then enter. And so from there, now
that the machine has your general height, weight, male female. And now his heels are
where we need it to be, so I’m just gonna have
him grab each handle and then he’s gonna take
his arms out to the side, kinda almost like a little bit of a bodybuilder pose here. This machine is very
accurate in terms of tracking how much muscle and fat
you have on each arm as well as each leg, and then the torso. So this is a noninvasive technique. Pretty much anybody can do it, as long as you don’t have a pacemaker. But some of the bigger
things it’s gonna tell us as he’s doing the scan here, is it’s gonna tell us, like I said, how much water you have,
which is very important. Water is one of the
biggest ways to make sure that not only your body is communicating and working very well, but also a great way to
get fat out of your body as well as to hydrate the
muscles and joints and such for growth. The other thing it’s gonna tell us is where that fat is. One thing that I use on this machine is it tells us how much fat
you have around your organs. This is a very good indicator of where you may be leading to if there’s chronic things going on, if there’s other issues
that you may be leading to, such as diabetes and other
things that you wanna curb right now. So the scan’s already done, so he can actually step off. What it’s gonna do now is
it’s gonna print out a report. Now I already have a video going over the InBody 570 results. If you’d like to see that, feel free to take a
look at our YouTube list and find the ones for InBody 570. But if you would like to get yours done, I would like to extend an offer
to you this month of January that you can come into our office and get a free InBody scan done for free. And then also, I will go
over those results with you. So that way you and I can
set some personal goals and make sure you hit your 2020 goals in the way that you should. Thanks for watching.

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