Yo guys, in this video I will show you some bodyweight exercises to activate your body and burn some of the extra calories. The following exercises are not “magic exercises”, so you have to train with patience, dedication, and to eat correctly! We all know that we don’t become fat from Christmas to New Year, but from the New year to Christmas! You can do these exercises wherever you want. (At home, at the park, in the gym etc) All you need is some free space, and power within! I do this bodyweight circuit to activate my body after a period off from my workouts. (Since I usually workout almost every day) You can do the bodyweight circuit every day if you have time. The important thing is to not get injured! For Beginners, you can repeat the circuit 2-3 times. For those who are more Advanced, you can use this circuit right after the warm up of your workout. The circuit is easy, you just have to do 4 exercises without rest! I’m going to do 1 minute of every exercise. If you think is too easy, you can increase up to 1.30 or 2 minutes per exercise. If you think is too difficult, you can decrease to 30 seconds per exercise. Here it is the circuit! So, I just showed you 2 times the bodyweight circuit. 1st exercise: Jumping/Skipping rope 2nd exercise: Wall sit (or 90° Free Squat iso) 3rd exercise: From Elbow Plank, just do half push up and come back in Plank position. Just be careful pushing the same number of times between left and right arm to avoid little imbalances. 4th exercise: Just Elbow Plank. 90° between biceps and forearms Also forearms must be parallel between each other Don’t forget to activate your core (Focus on ABS and Gluteus) Just hold the position. Don’t forget to breath! In any exercise! As I said before… Beginners, you can repeat the circuit 2-3 times For those who are more Advanced, you can repeat the circuit up to 5-6 times If you enjoyed the video, please press the “Like” Button and share the video with your friends! Also don’t forget to leave a comment below, so I can have a feedback and improve the quality and exercises for the next videos. Also, if you are interested in my Calisthenics programs with all the basic bodyweight exercises, you can go to my website where you will find different programs The link is in the description as always See you soon!

100 thoughts on “IN SHAPE AFTER CHRISTMAS with these exercises (NO EQUIPMENT)

  1. Thanks so much, détermination and mind is definitely the key for all in life, constant support for you, the best ☺️ 🇨🇵 ✨✨✨
    Ps : The best was the end of the video 😂☺️☺️

  2. Vogliamo andrea la rosa in una one punch challenge – 100 piegamenti 100 sit up 100 squat e 10km di corsa ogni giorno

  3. Awesome bro i really needed this since ive been out for like 3 weeks for the holidays, appreciate it a lot thankyou man you the best💪🙏

  4. I'm so glad you said this is not a "magic" exersise because I'm so tired of people in ads and stuff who made a huge discovery that will revolousonise weight loss and muscle gain and you can get ripped by working out for 10 minutes every day for a month if you take advantage of the discovery they made. It's so cringe and sad when people do that.

  5. Qualche hater dirà sicuramente:perché Andrea si muove così velocemente quando salta la corda? Sarà sicuramente dopato ahhahaahh

  6. son ejercicios muy buenos para la resistencia muscular. Tengo un problema para la back lever es q mis deltoides con el gym se me engrosaron y no tengo flexibiidad a la hora de bajar hasta la horizontal, que me recomiendas. responde si puedes. mi instagram es @omar_ppuig y me explicas. si puedes claro

  7. Quindi principalmente per bruciare dopo lo stop è preferibile allenare gambe e core? Rispondi Andre per favore

  8. Ciao so che non è una domanda inerente al video ma volevo sapere se quest'anno parteciparai a qualche gara internazionale

  9. Noi ridiamo e scherziamo ma intanto La Rosa è diventato super sayan.. 🙌🏻 | next stop capello rosso | ✈️

  10. No hate guys but dont be stupid you cant be in shape aftes eating shit into a month if you dont work out consistantly

  11. You are my greatest inspiration.I'm a short guy.your physique is my dream physique.especially ur biceps.damn of the specs u wear. And the100 continuous dips.many things to say.wishing to meet u one day.

  12. Estos ejercicios me van a servir molto para comenzar con todo en la calestenia,saludos desde Argentina andrea 🇦🇷

  13. Holy shit these absolutely massive arms arms the end XD daaaamn.. ^^ …apart of that, breathing during exercises is always my problem XD … and now i need to learn italian because i dont want to read english always 😀

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