Improve Your Mobility | 3 Effective Mobility Routines

mobility training doesn’t have to be frustrating or boring the key to improve your mobility is not doing it once a week for a couple of hours try to do it almost every day for a couple of minutes and set and implement different exercises into a drill this is not just more fun it will also save time to give you some ideas for that kind of mobility training we developed three different drills that you can try every true incorporates different joints and muscles the first rule is based around the deep squat position it will improve your hip spine and shoulder mobility you start in the deep squat position where you aim for an upright torso and keeping your heels on the ground from this position you rotate one of your legs inwards and bring it to the ground followed by an external rotation of the other leg until you’re sitting down from there you just have to move back into the squat position easier set and done right if you aren’t able to do one or both movements you can use your arms to support only use that much support that you are able to do the movement slow and controlled and decrease the support when you get stronger and more mobile the second part of the drill is to reach it’s possible to do different ways and progressions for that but no matter what kind of choose the goal is to extend your thoracic spine extend your upper arm alternate an external and internal rotation of your shoulder and reach down with the elbow of your arm [Music] the next group includes exercises for your hamstrings shoulders hips and your spine the first movement is the standing pike stretch you can do them with a neutral spine or like a Jefferson curl with the flexion always aim for 99% straight legs to keep them under tension if you can’t bring your hands to the ground just use your current range of motion for it from there you move forward into a downward dog position extend your arms flex your shoulders by trying to bring your armpits to work the ground keep your legs straight and elevate your shoulder blades by pushing your body away from your arms to get an open shoulder position the more flexible you are in your hamstrings the closer you can place your legs to your body to finish the thrill you do the spider-man lunch with reach keep your real leg straight and place it even on your arch or the ball of your foot move your hips to walk the ground rotate your body and do the reach your eyes follow your hands and you rotate both arms outward it’s also possible to do different versions of that movement [Music] the last group starts by sitting on the ground from where you try to bring your upper body as close as possible to your legs by simultaneously extending your shoulders as much as possible on straight arms the next part of this drill is a short hold in the reverse plank bridge to continue with the one-armed reverse plank bridge outward rotate your arms to point your fingers backwards push yourself up from the shoulder blade slightly rotate yourself to the supporting arm and try to lift your sternum as much as you can the last part of the movement is a mix between shoulder and hip mobility place your arms shoulder wide keep the shoulder extended and move your body forward as much as possible at the same time you do some kind of butterfly stretch for your lower body bring your feet together and as close as possible to your box the more mobile you are the closer your knees will come to the ground those drills give you a wide range of mobility exercises in a short amount of time the progressions are to increase the range of motion and keep the tension in your whole body you can integrate those drills in your everyday life or in your workouts as a warm-up and even as a cool-down depending on what your workout looks like like for everything be patient take your time and never rush it would only lead to injuries remember to start low and increase slow for further information leave a comment thanks Alex [Music]

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