Imagine Dragons – Whatever It Takes (Lyrics / Lyric Video)

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100 thoughts on “Imagine Dragons – Whatever It Takes (Lyrics / Lyric Video)

  1. I am the apostrophe I am the reminder that there's more to see
    Wake up think for yourself and be the plant……..WWG1WGA

  2. I am ready to do what ever it takes … I the name of the father the son and the holy spirit lord protect me and all who believe i. U lord

  3. Is it just me or does this songs hit you in a deep level, like a really deep level. Went I listen to this song I think about going to collage when I'm just in middle school.

  4. i danced to this shit with my loudspeaker boxes on volume 100 cuz i was getting crazy from sitting at my desk studying, damn it helped..
    Never give up

  5. I remember listening to this Song 2 years ago..and Oh My Gosh..It's still incredible!!

  6. Imagine dragons has some amazing songs.But this is my favorite lyrics are perfectly thought out.Masterly placed throughout the song.

  7. Emo story short I went from singing this ID song about a relationship to Ready Aim Fire.

    And thus the Imagine Dragons Relationship Scale was born

  8. I wasn’t paying attention to what videos were coming up (writing stories with music on) and when this played I thought it was the parody version so the first part confused me when I didn’t hear ‘Germany is where gayness lives’

  9. I was born for this. Jesus is the adrenaline in my veins. He is the TRUTH, who set me Free from the chains of this world. He is who Truly loves me. He is LOVE, He is JOY, He is FREEDOM, He is Happiness, He is who can heal. He is who saved me and who was always there for me even in my darkest time. I will Praise Him always, he died for my sins and saved me. Again, he broke my chains and I'll do Whatever It Takes to Glorify Him for what he did for me and for you. God Bless you ALL. I am NO longer the product of the system.

  10. È bello il ritornello, perchè credo poco alla break music dei bianchi. Comunque, c'è in giro la traduzione in italiano o qualcuno in grado di farla, perfavore??? Grazie in anticipo❣😉

  11. From France, five stars ! It was the greatest feeling I ever had when my soul takes over listening to this insane song.

  12. I'm about to go into Navy boot camp. First I was scared of what was going to happen but after listening to this song, it gave me a major boost in confidence and bravery. Now I'm ready to go to boot camp, become a sailor, and serve my country proud. (USA)

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