I Fixed This $1,000 Mercedes Part for $5

rev up your engines, today I’m show you how to attempt to fix a Mercedes cheaply without spending a fortune on parts but
before I do you remember I have videos that show you how you can use your cell
phone to fix your car by using the software that’s inside and some programs but in this case the customer used the phone to help destroy your car so please
don’t talk or text while you’re driving she ran into the person in front of her by
not paying attention now this is an 06 v8 Mercedes needless to say it’s turning
into an endless money pit all by itself she’s not gonna keep it for all that
much longer so when she bashed in she didn’t want to put a claim on her insurance
policy so I’m gonna attempt to fix this to make it look at least decent now to
fix it the current way you got to replace this whole front piece and it may be
cheap plastic crap but it costs a lot of money and as you can see here they don’t
all go to well so I’m gonna brace it finally good place right so now the hood
won’t hit me on the head while I’m working now the customer mainly doesn’t
like because there’s a big hole here now I sourced out an emblem there’s a
zillion different ones and it turns out that on a broken one like this
nothing’s gonna fit perfectly but I’m gonna rig it so at least it looks decent
now this plastics broken we’re gonna try to put together at least decently
the piece is being flexible the first thing I’m gonna do to see that this
press is in reasonably close now all the fasteners are broken inside so what I’m
gonna do is I’m going to use a special type of dental adhesive sounds crazy
but it works I bought it on Amazon it’s called Stowsen white
surface repair kit the dentists use stuff like this but luckily this comes
with various different colors and I’m gonna use the clear one as you can see
here as this one is clear so I won’t really leave any stuff and it’ll look
decent now since the part we’re gluing to is
all broken up we’re gonna get some of this nice Gorilla Tape and tape the
inside of the top plastic so at least it’s held together somewhat in one piece
as you can see not least this is going to be together as a solid piece so at least it will stay there now of course this isn’t perfect but we’re just all broken
up we’re gonna have the tabs on the outside instead of the inside so it’ll
help hold it together then we take the end off of the clear and screw in this
little betty tip so you can really control what you put on since it’s clear
you’re not really gonna see much on it you make sure it’s on there tight well
start on this side we’ll put a little bit leave it up gently then we cure it
with the ultraviolet light this will cure it and it’ll stay on do it again
just to be sure it runs for about 20 seconds so you can turn it back on hold
it on make sure it’s nice and hard before you turn it off then we’ll do the
other side here turn it only up behind the ultraviolet rays curing the sealer
and like I said we’ll do it a few times because it’s cold outside now you can
see it’s on pretty solid it’s the same stuff dentist use for your teeth so and of
course you can use the ultraviolet light and the sealer on the little pieces to
tell off I glued them over here and inside here yeah it’s old and there’s
lots of cracks but at least it’s one piece now it doesn’t look bad when you
close the hood as you can see as we take the prop out it’s certainly a lot better looking than
it was in the beginning of the video with the giant hole pieces falling off
this is basically good enough so she decides finally it’s time to get rid of
the thing that’s got oil leaking it’s gonna request to take the engine apart
to repair so really it looks a lot better driving around without having a
hole in front of the car if you don’t wanna spend over a thousand dollars for
a bunch of plastic crap hey necessity is the mother of invention now being an ex
hockey player I got a few fake teeth and capped teeth sometimes the caps come off hey I actually use this stuff and sometimes it goes years before they fall
off again I don’t advise other people to do this but I find it interesting myself
that my grill has something in common with this mercedes-benz grill and since
this is mechanic Monday I’m giving away one of these sets of really great
bonding agents with violet light kits they have a chance to
win place to clean non-offensive comet on the YouTube comments below to get
this cool kit that you can bind all kinds of things with because it does say
safe to eat off and I’ve been eating off of it for years with some of my teeth
caps and here’s some bonus questions and answers Joseph Rivera says Scotty is in
1999 Honda Civic good for long drives I was wondering cuz I want to take my Civic to a different state and Colorado can I do that, if it’s in good shape now what we’re
talking about a 21 year old vehicle it’s got some age on it but if it’s in good
shape reason I’d say go ahead and drive it yes highway mileage going to 65 miles
an hour more that where is equivalent to 10% city driving so there isn’t that
much wear so if your car is in great shape hey you know they’re gonna be
perfectly fine but realize what it’s a 21 year old car I mean you might be going down the road and your pump breaks you need a fuel pump well I mean it’s a Honda and
these days you can get parts for miles so it’s not like you’re gonna be
stranded in the middle of nowhere unless you’re stranded in the middle of
nowhere it doesn’t matter what kind of car yep you’re the middle of nowhere year ago you couldn’t get parts or Japanese cars but
now you can anywhere in the United States I would know he says good shape I
would have any qualms about driving it there Johnny suede says I got an 01
Toyota Camry 186,000 miles it won’t pass smog because the cat is not ready I
drove it a thousand miles since the smog Tech told me to you drove a thousand
miles and a cat is still not ready you got a problem in that system now it can
be oxygen sensor it could be running too rich run too lean or it could be a
bad cat but that thing’s got 186,000 miles on it you probably need a new cat
the advantage of that is you got an older camry it’s an 01 camry you can go out and buy a universal cat you don’t have to go to the Toyota dealer and buy
their expensive five six seven eight hundred catalytic
converter you can use like I use Walker mufflers all the time so big company and
Walker makes cats too you can buy Walker cat for a very good price and
install that and that’s what you probably need to do because if it keeps
saying not ready it means that the catalytic converter isn’t bad enough to fail and put the check engine light on but it’s not good
enough to pass and be ready so odds are you
need a new cat for that Daniel Olson said hey Scotty what do
you think of mom-and-pop dealerships a good place to buy a car now if you’re
talking about a mom and pops up I’m assuming you’re talking about buying a
used car because a regular dealership none of them are mom-and-pop dealerships I mean there might be a mother and father that owns them but they’re very
wealthy people because it requires millions and millions and millions to
have a dealership these days the United States of any large corporation so but
the idea of mom-and-pop doesn’t exist but if you’re talking about buying a
used car from a small place hey if they’re honest people and they know I’ll
taken by in that area at a good price and then sell it and mark it up and not
mark it up too much hey there’s nothing wrong with that
make sure that you know they’ve been around in business a long time and ask
some of the people that bought cars and them what their experience was as the
saying goes would you trust this man to buy a used car do you put a lot of trust
in something when you’re buying a used car and you want to make sure they’ve
been doing it for a while if they’re honest people Joe very a says thoughts
on the 2020 Honda Civic type-r they’re excellent vehicles they’re
little racecars now they’re not giving those things away they are very
expensive vehicles there’s no arguing that but I got a couple customers that just
bought them and they loved them I mean they brought them over here for me to
road-test I had fun driving around if you don’t mind spending that kind of
money for a fast little car go right ahead me I’d never spend that kind of
money cuz I’m too cheap but if you got that kind of money and you want to zip
your little car go ahead again I’m sure the resale values will always stay high
because they’re well made people like them they’re very popular
sandy C Belanger says I love Toyota but I don’t like I’m rusty and then he
suggested to make them last longer in the Midwest well you would stand off of
all Toyotas because ages ago Toyota went to the whole body and frame
and a car goes into this pond of paint and it’s electrically charged so that
the zinc not only gets on the metal but if the zinc’s negative the metals
positive it even gets inside the frame through all the holes
my mother has a 13 year old Toyota Corolla in Buffalo New York no rust on
it at all and it lives outside in a driver in the
snow she never she never garage they really don’t rust any other newer
ones and that’s the 13-year old one you must be talking about the old ones and
yeah they rusted the old everything rusted father in a 54 Ford Fairlane 300
trees first car we had to win over 100 miles an hour and it was just rotting
away you could see the road and here in the back of the kid looking at your feet
everything was rotting away that the newer cars better designs especially
it’s the Toyotas you don’t have to worry about the new ones rust
Brandon or Hamid says would you buy a new car no not in a sense of brand new
cuz I’m too cheap you buy a brand new car doesn’t matter what kind it is let’s
say you pay $40,000 you drive it off a lot you lost at least 15 grand there I
on the other hand well buy them when they’re 8 to 15 or 20 years old and as
long as they’ve got 60 70 thousand thirty thousand miles they got so much
life left in them maybe I will pay 20 percent of the original price but the
car might have 80 percent of its value left cuz it can last so long that’s why
I like Toyotas now s for buying new cars you’re talking about new to me but a
used car yeah that’s how I always bought I bought nothing but used cars and used
motorcycles my entire life I’m too cheap I refuse to pay the sticker because I
know they depreciate fast and if it’s a good vehicle and there’s plenty of life
left in it hey pay it when it’s use save a ton of money, so if you never want to
miss another one of my new car repair videos, remember to ring that Bell

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  2. Just got my bridge replaced(dental bridge)….I hope that bonding material lasts the rest of my life, I am a Toyota….I am going to run a very long time.

  3. Are you telling me the person that owns that merc can't afford a grill or go to a auto wreaker and buy that part second hand .

  4. Awesome! I didn't know this product was available to consumers! My dentist has used that on my teeth before, maybe he buys it on line!?? I sure could use that here at my place to fix many plastic items! Thanks Scotty for this tip!

  5. Concerning the oil leak. I remember seeing another video featuring an additive that restores old, leaky seals. Try that and keep the Mercedes on the road.

  6. Gee, the styling of the first gen CLS did NOT age well, esp that front end!. That's all besides the point of it being an unreliable money pit.

  7. Jeez.. Mercedes can't even design hood struts that last as long as those on my 19 year old Camry.Still work like new.

  8. Scotty, As a bodyman, I've been tempted to use bondo to fill a hole in a tooth that the filling fell out of. I have this nagging feeling the body is probably toxic so I've been using "dentemp" which never gets really hard and you have to keep putting more on. I like you idea and wold love the kit.
    Thanks, Steve

  9. Im glad to see that Scotty is a owns a Samsung Galaxy S10 instead of a iPhone 👍🏻 Because iPhones are endless money pits as they age

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