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I loved the frosted tips. Me too. My 13-year-old self went wild for the,
you know, frosted tips. Hi, my name is Brianna,
and this is Hair Me Out. Today I’m going to dye my hair
blonde and cut it into a lob, but before we do,
subscribe below. I’ve never dyed my hair before, and I’m really,
really nervous to make this change. So, my biggest inspiration is my mom. She’s been blonde for as long as I’ve known
her, my whole life, in various styles and shades, even though she was
naturally dark-haired like me. I’ve also found some inspiration in Jennifer
Lawrence and the lob that she did that was blonde while she was
in the movie “Passengers.” I thought that was a really cool look on her,
and I hope that it also looks good on me. Now we’re going to head over to the Sally
Hershberger salon, and I’m going to meet my colorist, Natalie, to
start the transformation. So, are you ready today
for your transformation? Yes, I am ready. I’m a little bit nervous,
but mostly excited. I’m gonna do it slow and steady, and I can assure
you’ll be a nice, clean platinum blonde. So I’m going to introduce you to Stephanie. She’s going to be the one to
be cutting your hair today. So, I’m gonna start by cutting your length,
and then Natalie’s gonna do all the coloring, and then I’m going to
end by detailing it. It’s not as shocking as I thought
it would be, you know… yet. It was around my age when my mom had dyed
her hair, and I think a lot of that was due to the fact that she premature gray hairs,
which I do as well. So, I’m really excited to cover them up, or
at least make them more manageable. Something about this reminds me of
like, a nun or something. Yeah, space nun, exactly! Whoa. You’re blonde. I’ve had brown hair my whole life, and I’ve
always really identified as a brunette, and it’s really a part of who I am. But, at the same time, I’m really excited
to make a dramatic change. There’s so many things going on right now
in my life, and I’m really excited to kind of take control of my hair. Now, I’m going to do the second round. All I’m gonna do is lift these up now, just
to get a little bit lighter to match the root. I’m gonna do a little root shadow just to
take the edge off and keep it nice and creamy. I’m really nervous it’s going to look bad,
especially because I’ve never dyed my hair before, and I’ve heard it can change your
texture, and I’m afraid that I won’t even recognize it when I touch it. Another thing that I’m super
afraid of is it being yellow. I know a lot of people who go in to do platinum
blonde hair, and they come out with yellow hair instead of the white,
icy look I’m going for. But, like I said, my mom has been blonde all
of her life, and she’s rocking it, so I hope I can, too. Are you ready for your final reveal? Yeah! Wow! Oh my gosh. I feel like a different person! I don’t even recognize myself! I love it! Thank you so much. I absolutely love it. I really… I cannot believe that you
guys are able to do this. Thank you. My mom is such a strong, independent career
woman, who I’ve always looked up to – even when I didn’t realize it. I’m so excited to rock the
blonde look just like her, and I’m absolutely
loving my new hair. Thanks for watching! To subscribe to Refinery29, click here, and
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100 thoughts on “I Bleached My Virgin Hair Platinum Blonde | Hair Me Out | Refinery29

  1. Have fun with that upkeep darl 😭 it’s really hard to keep platinum looking good but you look amazing!

  2. Her face is too harsh for short blonde. Long dark hair balanced her. The new hair makes her look like a man with a huge nose.

  3. Why the heck did they style it like that?! Woof I would’ve been scared. Otherwise, you look beautiful. You can totally rock blonde!

  4. woah she could be a model and if she did her eyebrows thicker and a ton of mascara woahhhh it would be fabulous

  5. If you subscribe to my YouTube channel and reply "done" to this comment I'll subscribe to you too 🙃

  6. I dyed my virgin hair purple and now I barely have any hair left 😂 gotta love being born with flat brown hair that thins even more with the slightest bit of dye/bleach

  7. I bleached my black hair twice and I lost the 'healthy texture'…. is it normal? My hair tangles easily too

  8. Her complexion really suits blonde hair!! I think she’s more fitting as a blonde and she looks more youthful

  9. She looks amazing. The blonde hair did wonders for her complexion and the shorter hair let that beautiful face shine through instead of hiding it.
    Can’t wait to get my hair dyed

  10. what strength bleach is THAT??? she was completely blond in one go! she looks great but feel like she’s going to b bald omg

  11. Personally, I don't care for the color. I don't think it fits your skin tone, but if you're happy with it, that's all that matters. It's your hair. 🙂

  12. I normally hate root shadows because they always come out so dark and look like foils, but that one looked really natural and great

  13. I had butt length hair and decided to cut to a bob and donate the hair to charity, it was so terrifying but even though I liked the cut I was in shock afterwards so I understand her feeling a bit 😂

  14. Does anyone else realize this is like what Brad Mondo did to Joanna Cedia. “I bleached my hair blonde” and in the video she also called it her virgin hair🤔

  15. Uh…that looks weird af. Like, the roots are still dark, & it doesn’t have any dimension, at least not on camera. Also, it kinda ages her.

  16. Her reaction showed that she didn’t like it. I would’ve liked it if it was more of a ash blonde with the roots a little darker.

  17. The colorist did a great job! The way she toned it down made such a huge ass difference. Some colorist always fucks it up and the client has brassy tones in it

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