100 thoughts on “‘I Am Obsessed With Taking 100,000 Steps A Day,’ Woman Says

  1. I would be so happy if she had “I’m gonna be” by the proclaimers playing on an endless loop while going in circles around her kitchen

  2. She taking baby steps. 100,000 steps are like 50 miles walking regularly. Like ima really believe she gettin energy from yogurt and lucky charms

  3. She’s not even fit though. She has a belly and is definitely vitamin deficient. NO muscle tone at all. Pumpkin pie and red velvet cake at night! All those steps for what? To be skinny fat!

  4. She’s not okay she restricts her calories she has to make up those calories she has taken in by walking then she binges at night

  5. This is an eating disorder eating disorders take many forms but the fact that she’s doing all this exercising and measuring her food and eating extremely healthy anorexic 100%

  6. Me: sees doctor phil new video n cliks it
    Woman: I'm obsessed with taking 100,000 steps everyday
    Me: btw 100,000 for me = eat,net, bathe and sleep(repeat)hehehe

  7. So fascinating. If she did different things for exercise and focused more on her mind and body connection versus calories in:calories out, and enjoying foods not eating so light and binging she could enjoy her life more. I hope she recovers and finds peace and enjoyment in daily pleasures versus being trapped by restrictions she had placed on herself from whatever she has been through. 🙏🙏🙏

  8. She needs to get a job, she has too much time on her hands and is clearly miserable. She doesn't have anything to be proud of so has taken control of something she can do with all this time. Quite sad really.
    And that isn't jogging! Bouncing around your home isn't hitting pavement lol

  9. I don’t see what the problem is. She’s exercising and eating healthy for the most part. Even if she’s eating sweets she burns more calories than she consumes.

  10. She should just get a treadmill. Hook a tv up in front and have a snack table at the side of it🤷🏽‍♀️

  11. Nobody heard of a treadmill? Why is this an issue? I'll join her she can join a cross country running team…..the only issue is the sweets but that's not a big deal if she burns it off I'm missing something

  12. Okay listen I once walked 20,000 steps in Paris and I literally couldn’t move my legs when I got back to my hotel room

  13. My mom is literally a health but if she doesn’t get 10,000 steps or more a day she gets so mad and yells at the rest of our family as if we did something wrong

  14. If she’s taking 100,000 steps a day, and eating that much, I think that’s okay for her. She’s burning 4K-5K calories.
    But, she’s got a serious disorder. No one should have to do that much in a day.

  15. Where's the rest of this story? They are all mixed up in this channel! Why not put the link of part 1 or part 2 or 3 down there, or/and put in the description like this story is part 1 of part 4, etc. so we know which part we have to look then.

  16. She should get a job that keeps her on her feet moving. Then she can get steps but also be productive and make a living.

  17. Then go jog marathons for charity.
    You don't obviously have a job or hobbies.
    If u hurt and that's what u blame it on then seek help and follow through.
    I am astonished with how much time u waiste on this.

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