7 thoughts on “Hypnotic Mirror Exercise nr. 1 – enhancing sensitivity – in ITALIAN with SUBTITLES in your LANGUAGE

  1. The fundamental exercises include the practice of viewing in a mirror. The use of this tool has both efficacity to increase the power of the eye as well this can also develop "astral vision" (in the Paracelsian sense) more effectively than any other tool. Most of the ancient fascinators practised this type of perception. A similar method is still practiced in the East, and this practice is called "Melong" and can also be practised on sheets of reflective metal. This practice is also conducted from antiquity in the Western countries. The mirror, in the Tibetan tradition is a polyvalent symbol, and also means clarity in the full sense of "purity primordial "(Tibetan ka dag) flow of consciousness. some of the traditions that rely on the use of a container full of water or jugs aim to develop of this ability. In the Western tradition I got in touch with one of my students, the Count Jean Pierre de Giudicelli, who was a prominent representative of a tradition of Egyptian origin. This tradition is linked to the presence to himself. I had a very long talk with him and I discussed the phenomenon.

  2. ohhhhh, great . could not watch online, but so thankful for this new series ! ! ! It helps so much primordial purity, confidence ! ! !
    great quality ! ! !

  3. Grazie a lei. Questo esercizio lo si può fare quante volte voglio e serve per equilibrare i due emisferi del cervello vero? Correggetemi se mi sbaglio

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