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What’s up, everybody? PJ Braun here,
president of Blackstone Labs, and I’m talking about an OG product. This is one of my
first products that I ever developed many years ago for Blackstone Labs, and
it is still one of the tried-and-true going strong, most popular products we’ve
ever put out – the regular Hype, not to be confused with Hype Extreme, which is a
completely different product. Now, when people say, “Oh, I’ll just go to the Hype
Extreme because I’m assuming that’s the better one because it’s extreme…” that is
not true. It just has a different name, which became a part of marketing, and I
don’t want to get into the whole ins and outs of whose product is better – mine
versus Gorilla chemist’s – because the other one is a Gorilla chemist’s product,
(shout out to him) will always love him, over the years, but when I had the
original Hype going there was a lot of people that didn’t want to get behind
the original Hype because one of the main ingredients is Agmatine sulfate.
And there are some very, very good science on Agmantine sulfate, and
there are some science that suggests that it’s bunk. But I can tell you this
from using it myself personally – by itself as a standalone, it is a great
great nitric oxide boosting product. When I put out Hype, I did it for two reasons.
Number one: I can’t handle a lot of stimulants anymore, so I wanted something
I could take pre-workout to get a good pump, to get that blood flow going
but wouldn’t overly stimulate me; number two: I find that most pre-workout
products do not have enough nitric oxide boosting ingredients, not enough fast
dilators to reall,y really get you what you need to get. People want that energy,
that stim blast, that, you know, the DMAA type feeling, but that’s all going to
cause capillary restriction, which is essentially the opposite of what you
want in the gym. So to add all the stuff in that we have in here to that to
counteract it, you’d get yourself with a pre-workout that would cost so much
money, you’d have to spend 60 to 70 bucks at a store. No one’s going to do that, so
financially I said let’s just take the stimulants out and put all that
aggressive pump product at once. There’s really only four ingredients in here –
this is citrulline malate, it is glycerol monostearate, the norvaline and the
agmatine. But in very very high doses, there’s two grams of citrulline in one gram
of the glycerol monostearates. When you take that stuff together, it just causes
all the blood that is pumping through your body to engorge those
muscles. It’s such a good, good pump that I actually tell my people that are
competing to take this product even if they’re not working out and they’re just
getting pumped to go up on stage. It’ll cause that much excessive blood flow, so
if you’re looking for a nitric oxide boosting product that does not have any
stimulants in it, this is a great, great product for you. Or if you’ve got a good
pre-workout that you like a lot – even if it’s not ours (I don’t know why you’re not
using ours) – but even if it isn’t ours, and you want to add something to it to give it more of a
pump, then add the Hype to that. It’s just going to hype up what you’re already doing.
Anybody can take this: man, women, children, grandparents… maybe not children or
grandparents, but one of my favorite products, one of the first products I
ever developed many years ago: Hype by Blackstone Labs. I’m PJ Braun. Peace out – bye.

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  1. I’m doing a cycle of epicat and anogenin. How many weeks should I cycle with it. Also is it safe for a 16 year old?

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