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When I stopped physical exercise completely, I gained a lot of weight. I found that I wasn’t loving myself the way I should be And I was looking at things like my hairline And my stomach and my waist size And I’d critique every little thing about myself, But do nothing to change it. These 12 weeks belong to me. This is an opportunity for me to change my life. I have it, I am going to take it. And I’m going to give it everything I have. I’m ready to give up, in the words of John Legend, All of me I think, when you’re going into something as emotionally intense as this, As a 12 week transformation program, You have to undertake drastic changes, In order for drastic change to happen. So in a weird analogy, in that sense, I’m ready to give up all of me To become all of me. These are my struggles, I own them, And this is my journey.

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