Hungry Crocodiles Attack Migrating Wildebeest

WOMAN: He’s coming! He’s got him! COMM: Between June and October, millions of animals migrate across the Serengeti and Masai Mara. COMM: During this time, wildebeest, zebra and antelope cross the crocodile infested
waters of the Grumeti and Mara rivers. COMM: While on a safari, Shaurya Reshamwala’s tour group got a tip there were number of
hungry crocodiles waiting for a wildebeest herd to cross. COMM: They watched for just 5 minutes before the crocodiles went into a feeding frenzy.
With the current of the river against them, the migrating wildebeest didn’t stand a chance. COMM: The group saw the crocodiles kill around eight
wildebeest. Despite the gruesome sight, Shaurya said she found the frenzy spellbinding. COMM: And the next day, they found 20 more wildebeest washed up on the shores of the Mara river.

23 thoughts on “Hungry Crocodiles Attack Migrating Wildebeest

  1. that must be wild to witness up close, the sounds of body parts being crushed and devoured, that'll wake you up

  2. “Yo, is it just me or is that log moving unnaturally?”

    “Dunno, lets go.”

    “Uhhh… What’s that long doing to Lisa?”

    “Dunno, lets go.”

    “Yo that log has teeth…”

    “Quit complaining lets g—“


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