How to Warm Up for your Workout

Hi, I’m Tom Holland, Bowflex Fitness
Adviser. This is how to warm up for your workout. Regardless of what your workout is, it’s always a great idea to spend a couple minutes beforehand getting ready for it. What does that mean? It means you want to get warmed up by doing some cardiovascular exercise and some
quick stretches. So Elsa is going to demonstrate. If you’re at home you could
run in place, just something to get the blood flowing. You could do jumping jacks. A couple minutes of this is gonna get the blood flowing to the muscles. Studies
show that’s a really great idea. That is going to prepare your body for the
workout to come. Then you just gonna spend a couple extra minutes doing some
quick stretches, nothing fancy. You can stretch the front of your legs by
pulling up on a toe. You can dig your heel into the ground in front of you,
stretch the back of your leg, your hamstrings. And then maybe the upper body depending on your workout. You may pull your arm across and stretch your shoulders. So spend a couple minutes before every workout getting your body ready. Do some cardiovascular exercise; do some stretches. That will not only give you a
better workout, that will help lessen your chance of injury. For more tips just like this and more
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