How To Warm Up for Bodybuilding – Warm up lifting – Warm up pre workout – The 5/3/1 warm up

I got 2 questions I wanted to address in one movie. First question. Can you elaborate on the 5/3/1 warm-up protocol, please? And second question. What’s your favorite lateral and rear delt
exercise? I am a Belgian doctor with over 27years of
lifting and nutrition experience. Please, like and subscribe. In some of my videos, you’ve seen me warm-up
using a 5/3/1 warm-up protocol. Before the first compound movement, I perform 5 reps with a light weight, followed by 3 reps with a medium weight and 1 rep with a weight close to the heavy set. This last rep is a kind of potentiation set
or rep, where you prepare your muscles, your mind and central nervous system for the first
real, heavy work set. I rest a couple minutes between these build
up sets and again some minutes before going into my first work set. I only do these build up sets for the first
exercise of a muscle group. For example, if I’ve done this 5/3/1 warm-up protocol for my standing shoulder press, I won’t do this for my incline or flat bench
press afterwards. Or vice versa of course. Then I just jump right into my first work
set. To answer the second question. For lateral and rear delts, my favorite exercise
is a superset of Cable Lateral Raises with Cable Bent-over Raises, as you see me doing
in this video. Cables are superior for providing consistent
tension throughout the entire range of motion. That doesn’t mean I don’t include Dumbbell
Lateral Raises, supersetted with Dumbbell Bent-over Raises as well in another workout. I hope you enjoyed this video. Please, like and subscribe.

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