How to use the GAPS diet for alopecia areata

hey guys it’s Kevin Kreider with More than Just Muscle. I discovered the gaps diet back in 2013 because i had alopecia well i still have alopecia areata it’s a stress-induced hair loss because you auto me it’s an autoimmune disease it gets triggered by stress so it’s stress induced and then what happens is your body and autoimmune system starts attacking the hair follicles of your body seeing as a foreign antigen and starts to attack the hair follicles and then it’s it falls out I was under a ton of stress back then and I was speaking to a roommate who also had this thing called leaky gut syndrome she had leaky gut syndrome and she tried all this chemotherapy none of it seemed to work and she was on her last flashed hope and string and she found this gaps diet which was made for autoimmune diseases and I figured because i had an autoimmune disease and i had a ton of information from the stress that this would really help i’m not claiming that this chair of my hair this is just one of the pieces that helped along the way and it was the gaps diet and from what I remember from the gaps diet the link is below just in case you’re gonna check out all the phases this is what I did for the gaps diet the gaps diet is basically having is clearing that your gut because your gut has a lot of nerves and a lot of singles that are sends to your brain in your body and they’re finding that for Alzheimer’s disease it starts with the gut actually so if you can clean it you’ve got a little bit could help with that now but they’re just finding so much goes on with this that it goes beyond just hair and what I want to share with you on this is the way I did it now I shortcut the phases a little bit because my mind was just from stress induced hair loss autoimmune disease alopecia areata my roommate she did this really strict for a long period of time in the six phases the six phases and I’m pretty sure I we cut it down to three because like I said I just wanted to get rid of the inflammation in my body and reduce my stress so I shall cut it a little and if you’re on a life life dependent like what she have these glad issue it feels like dependent then no I would really recommend sticking to this to the T and extend the phases as long as possible because your life could depend on it actually so it’s recommended to stick with each phase for three to six weeks I did three weeks so the first phase is chicken broth chicken broth stock and you cook then you make it yourself use filtered water and you I get a whole chicken um toque that’s that’s together and I did organic so make sure it’s organic grass-fed because you’re going to be eating that and drinking the broth mostly and you can pick bone marrow from the I i picked whole foods and trader joes and just make sure you have whole bones with marrow in it and you can put that in with the chicken broth too i actually did separately because i got bored of having whole chicken than just a bra but the first three weeks is just a bone broth actually and you can have some probiotics like I chose to actually not have the supplemental probiotics I had the actual sauerkraut because sauerkraut has probiotics in it and just be I needed to get filled a little bit faster and you can put some vegetables in there as well make sure you boil the vegetables with the bone broth in the chicken the whole chicken in itself so I was only having that for three weeks straight with the broth so what you want to do is just sip on the bra and first thing in the morning you can have filtered water which is what I had I’d filtered water and I would then and if their first three weeks that I mean that’s why she’ll cut it for three weeks because I really was starving and then you would have tea with honey in it or ginger tea so I actually got ginger and I split it up and had honey for about three weeks and I’m awful lot of weight obviously this is not really recommended if your life of the pen on it or if you don’t have that hair loss or let’s just say you want to just blend your body I chicken broth um I would I actually had the chicken itself too because it was very tender it’s very tender and I wouldn’t eat the bones obviously but you can if you wanted to to really soft that be boiled the whole chicken for about three hours so I was having about one of those a day so I obviously the next day I had to get a whole nother chicken but then I get bored of that so I have like I said beam up some bones with marrow in it and I eat the marrow from the inside to acccess very healing for the gut as well so then after that then i would add in after the first three weeks then i would add in kefir yogurt into and boiled eggs so i take an egg and put it into my broth or my bone broth as well and I’d eat the marrow and that’s what I would do for another three to six weeks and then I figured I put vegetables in there and then I figured you know I’m pretty good i wrote I don’t really need to stick with this that much I feel good my hair like follicles I don’t know if they were gone back or not but I just kept it the way it was so I was up with that for a long period of time and it probably took me two months but the thing is you just do it based off of what your desired result is so I put the link below you can choose to just fall out the way you’d want to that’s what I did for me I also do a lot of physical exercise and meditation on that so I can’t say one of the other really helps I believe all of it helped from my alopecia areata so hope you guys enjoyed the video subscribe to my youtube channel and I’ll see you soon well

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  1. I have been doing endless research and I am trying everything in my power to make this right for me. Thank you for sharing. 🙂 It's nice to know that there are quite a large number of people out there going through this. I was so sad when I saw my first bald spot. I am constantly losing hair. It hasn't stopped. I've tried the AIP diet but that was so hard.. I was only able to do that for about 3 weeks. This GAP diet also sounds tough but I am going to give it a try and stick to it for a couple months or a little longer and see how it goes!! Thanks again 🙂

  2. I really like your hairstyle and your biceps are very big. Please tell us your measurements. I mean your biceps, chest, weight and height if you don't mind Plz.

  3. Hi Kevin, how did you know that it was a case of Alopecia Areata and not MPB? My hair is receding… but I supposedly don't have strong genes for MPB. My grandpa, uncles both sides all have full head of hair… it seems I am the only one in the family that's losing it….
    When I did a research about it, I see doctors saying that MPB can skip a generation. I think this is dishearteing because this would mean that technically anyone can lose their hair and be affected by MPB.

    Was that really you in the last part of the video during your hair loss moments or was that just for show for the video… if that is indeed true. That's amazing progress… how long did it take for you to be cured/regrow hair…

  4. I have alopecia but I started to exercise and eat healthy… how long time you last with alopecia? I have hope I can be healed such as you.

  5. But my question is… you did not get any shots in your head or bottom??? What really helped you was eating healthy exercise and meditation?? sorry about my English. Please answer.

  6. how long did it take for you to recover from alopecia using aip/gaps diet.I've decided to start and dont want to be discouraged so i wouldlike to set realistic goals.Please assist

  7. Hi kevin, man it took nerves of steel to put your self out there like that brother, i know that the gut is like your second brain, leaky gut i believe is caused from gluten, there is a book called: No Grain No Pain by Dr. Peter Osbourne he is from the Sugarland ,TX area he has youtube videos also he breaks down in detail how grains effect the gut and overall body health. I have read that pesticides in conventional foods,antibiotics ,toxins in household chimicals,anti fungal soaps , mouthwash etc. kill off good gut bacteria leaving the body with bad bacteria that send signals to the brain craving sugars, carbs, junkfood like you said.I have also read that if the gut isn't working right you can supplement with all the vitamins and minerals and your gut will not use them you'll be just wasting money. I agree with you 100% you have to fix the gut. There is a PREbiotic supplement from Gundry MD that i use use personally called:PREBIOTHRIVE it's FOOD that helps good bacteria grow. Thank you for sharing your story and good to see your hair came back 2 thumbs up on this video.

  8. Oh i almost forgot STRESS
    …..that s#!t will jack anbody up whether slowly or fast stress will run anybody into the ground eventually it may not be with hair loss but it will effect the body for sure……you look up almost any disease & what eventually comes up on list of causes?..STRESS.

  9. Did you take any supplements as well to grow your hair back? I've lost 2/3 of my hair and have become so depressed over it and stressing about the hair loss has made it far worse.

  10. When you went off the GAPS diet in 12 weeks, did you slowly reintroduce "regular" foods back in? Like the AIP diet which is also used for alopecia has phases to reintroduce food. I am wondering if you did the same or just went back to regular food right away? Thank you for reading.

  11. Im 14 and my hair is thining out really bad, my dermatologist says I could be alopecia ariata. He recommended Rogaine and some collagen vitamins. Do you have any tips for this?

  12. My young son has alopecia and has lost 99.9% of his hair. From what it sounds it appears that you basically went into a fasting stage. You folks may want to take a look at Dr. Valter Longo's study on the fasting mimicking diet. In short, the study finds that fasting for 3 days (or mimicking the fast which allows for food) reboots the immune system and gets rid of the damaged cells that cause various autoimmune diseases. There is no mentioning of Alopecia that I have found but it's worth mentioning to anyone who is an adult and looking for a POTENTIAL solution. I understand that water fasting is not recommended for young children so if anyone has any feedback on fasting for children that would be great.

  13. Thank you Dear, your hair looks great after recovering of this depressing auto immune attack on your hair. Thank you for your recommendations.

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