How To Stick To Your Exercise Goals

hi Mike Phan here and here is my take on
how to stick to your exercise goals and I think it comes down to two things one
the way you’re setting your goals and two you might have accountability yeah
so a lot of people when they first set out their goals their exercise goals I
think they’re doing it in the wrong way and the way you should do it the way I
think you should do it is by the smart way so in terms of we want the goal that
you’re saying to be specific okay specific in terms of it’s not just
about I want to feel fitter or I want to lose weight or I want to tone up its
being more specific than that it’s like what particular clothes size do you want
to get into or how quick do you want to be able to run or run at all or what
weight do you want to get down to although I’ll do another video on how I
don’t believe tracking your weight is the best way to improve your health okay
but by the by we’re back to this sticking to your goals I think God
saying has to be has to have rather than these five things firstly it’s this
being specific so being specific with what you want to achieve okay the second
thing is is it measurable is the goal that you set actually measurable so say
it’s you’re going to try and get down to a certain dress size like a size 12 or
whatever that is gonna be measurable because if you can’t get into a size 12
yet then it means you’ve got can you’ve got some work to continue to do right
I’m not saying that that’s the only goal that you’re gonna set the exercise goal
can be anything it could be I want to be able to run for the bus without being
out of breath I want to get the stairs without being that breath I want to be
able to do a hundred burpees in one go whatever it is it’s
got to be specific and you’ve got to be able to measure yourself to gauge
whether you’re on track or not the third thing is when it comes to goal-setting
it has to be achievable is it achievable in the time and with the resources that
you have okay and in that kind of realm we’ve also got to set a target or a goal
that is realistic if you’re four foot nothing or five foot whatever like I am
you’re never going to suddenly sprout three foot and be able to play
basketball dunking from seven foot up in the air
okay it’s got to be realistic to you in terms of yes it’s got to be a stretch
however it’s gotta be I’m Eeva belen realistic in your mind so that it’s
gonna help you grow and it’s going to be something worth achieving in the first
place all right that’s how we grow by setting ourselves challenges and
enjoying the process that you’re gonna go through to get there okay
enjoying how you’re gonna change as a person whilst you’re doing the things
that are necessary and being the person that you have to be to get there in the
first place okay so smart goal-setting on clay it’s got to be specific
measurable achievable realistic and finally there’s got to be some kind of
deadline because if you don’t set yourself a deadline it’s just gonna
float and you’re gonna take as long as you want and it’s never achievable have
you ever noticed that if you set yourself a deadline like I’m going on
holiday next Thursday and suddenly you get so much more work done at work
because you know that there’s a finite amount of time and you suddenly get and
so much more done than if you were to set a deadline and then you just kind of
coached a lot so one in terms of helping yourself to stick to your exercise goals
is the importance of goal-setting of how you do it
the second thing is the amount of accountability you have
that is gonna have a big term in how well you can stick to your exercise goal
and where most people fall out or fall down rather in terms of not being able
to stick to their goals is usually because there’s not enough
accountability okay and accountability I see is split out into three key areas
one is about the feeling so we want to drill down into how do you actually want
to feel when you’ve achieved this goal so that you can be clear on the feeling
that you want to achieve and therefore it’s going to help drive you towards it
and help you to altima stick to your goal better and you also want to delve
into the feelings of why does this gold matter why does it even matter to you
but if it matters enough to you will change in your head from I should be
exercising – I must be exercising and that subtle change it’s gonna help you
stick to your goal even better because you’re not thinking about are I should
do this and this it’s now actually a I must I have got to do this otherwise X Y
Z okay so that’s about raising your
accountability by looking at the feelings the second thing to raise your
the amount of accountability ie answerable you are to this goal or these
goals that you set in yourselves is to share your goal or goals with at least
one other person because you’re therefore answerable to someone else not
just yourself because previously if you didn’t have accountability what happened
was you could easily took yourself out of doing something of say going to the
gym or cooking that me or doing that thing that you know was ultimately going
to get you closer to your goal but because you’re the hard day at work
um the last thing you wanted to do was leave the house again to go to the gym
or go to the class or whatever was so by telling at least one other
person you’re suddenly more accountable and you’ve got more than just yourself
to kind of feel like you’re letting down okay and the third thing is to up the
steak so what I mean by this in terms of improving your accountability so that
you ultimately stick to your race goals or your exercise goals rather is to up
the stakes and understand in your head whether you’re more motivated by
pleasure or pain so most of us in the UK anyway are more
motivated by wanting to get away from pain as opposed to wanting to achieve
something pleasurable so case in point is I want to get into a size 10 dress or
whatever it is okay the pain in this could be the potential pain of if I
don’t get into that dress that I’m not gonna able to go to that wedding that
events that party whatever and you feel as great as I would like to be or the
pain and the pleasure rather could be I get to wear that dress because of the
way it’s gonna make me feel the fact that you know I’ve been looking forward
to wearing this dress and when I do finally get to squeeze into it it’s
gonna make me feel great etc right so in terms of its learning
about yourself in terms of working out whether you’re more motivated by wanting
to get away from something that could cause you pain of some sort or whether
you are more motivated by something that is going to give you pleasure okay so
they’re the two key tenants really as to what its gonna take to help you to stick
to those exercise goals once and for all one it’s looking at how you set the goal
and the first place or the goals and secondly it’s the amount of
accountability you have because I am willing to bet that if you haven’t been
able to stick to your exercise goals in the
you’ve either not set the goal in this way in the smart way and you’ve not had
enough accountability in the past so if this video was of help to you then just
drop me a comment below this video and hit the subscribe button and more of
these kind of videos will be coming up onto this channel very very soon I hope
it was of help see you again soon

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