How to Start A Job in the Middle of The Program – Haas Automation Tip of the Day

– Hello and welcome to
this Haas Tip of the Day. Now, things happen, and as
machinists, we often have to start a program right in the middle, at the worst possible place. Well, maybe your power’s gone out, or maybe you’ve broken a
tool, or like me right now, you’ve got a mold set up
and you want to re-run a finish pass, but you
don’t want to start at the very beginning of that tool. It would take forever. Haas has made this incredibly easy for us. This is one of those tips that every Haas machinist should know about. There are a few
complicated ways to start a program right in the middle,
right in the middle of a tool. But, we’re going to cut
right to the easiest and safest way possible. We’re going to go ahead and
go to our settings page, search for setting 36, program
restart, and turn it on. Now, no matter where we
start at in our program, mill or lathe, this will
work on your lathe too folks, the control is going to
pre-scan the entire program and it’s gonna turn on
all the codes necessary to run in the background. So let’s walk through this once. I’ve got a mold loaded up in my machine and it’s already been roughed out. But something happened. Something happened around
line 700,000 in this program. My ball nose was running
its finish pass, and we’ll play into the California
stereotype, and say that we had an earthquake and lost power. – [Man] Oh my God! – Okay, so I could restart
at the beginning of that finish pass tool, but we’d
lose hours of machine time. That’s a lot of wasted time. I wanna start right where I left off. So, we could go to our program,
go to about line 700,000, and add some safe startup
lines, some tool changes, some H, M, T and feed rates, F codes. But that’s complicated, right? We want something simple,
and not dangerous. We’ve got that with
setting 36 program restart. All we’ve gotta do is make
sure that program restart is on, then go to the
line we want to start on, line 700,000 in our case. When the program gets to that
line 700,000, we’re going to go into memory, after we’ve
made sure that setting 36 is on, close the doors,
and press cycle start. The control scans my
program, even reading any sub-programs or macros. Next, it rapids to my
tool change position. It might do a tool change
to to previous tool if you are on a tool change line. It then restarts the spindle
and turns on the coolant along with any other M code functions that were turned on earlier. The machine then rapids
where it needs to go. All axis except for the z-axis. Finally, it rapids just
above the part in the z-axis, feeds down at your programmed
feed rate and then continues on with your program normally from there. Well, that’s it, we used program
restart on our mold base. Now, some of you might be asking how did I know to start on line N700,000? Really hard to explain. On our mold, I knew that
it failed right about four inches from the top of my part. So I scanned through my program
and started at that point when I found that xy position that matched where I wanted to start. On your part, it’s gonna
be a little bit different. Every part’s different, you’re
gonna have to work on that. One more example that
I’d like to show you, it’s happened to me a number
of times over the years, I’ve had a long row of holes
and then something’s happened. I’ve ran out of coolant
or I’ve broken a tap. Now I’ve got this long row
of holes and I wanna start my tap halfway through the can
cycle, not at the beginning. I wanna hit holes four and five, not holes one, two and three. Well, this is easy with program restart. Just make sure setting 36 is
on and then go to your control, highlight the hole right
in the middle of your G84 tapping cycle that you’d
like to start tapping at and press cycle start. The machine is gonna move
that tap right above the previous hole and then
it’s gonna continue on, tapping from there forward. This can save you a
lot of time and effort. Program restart. Lots of uses. Let me give you a few
tips that will make using program restart easier on you. Number one. I always like to put it
in single block and set my position screen to distance
to go, just so I can visually see how far
things will move before I hit that green button. This is useful with program restart. Next, I usually don’t leave
setting 36 on all the time. I’m used to a job shop
environment and I start at the top of my tool often,
and I don’t like watching it pre-scan my programs. It just takes some amount of time. So I usually leave
setting 36 off unless I’m actually ready to use it. Now with that said, there
are a lot of shops that’ll leave setting 36 on all the time. And that’s just fine. Finally, if you run program
restart from a tool change line, let’s say M6T5, the control
is gonna switch tools to the last tool called
and then switch back to the tool that you want. The reason it’s doing this
is it’s setting the entire machine back to exactly the
way it was on the previous line before continuing with the program. This is expected. This is normal. If you don’t want to see
that odd phantom tool change, just start a couple lines
after your tool change, and again, make sure
that setting 36 is on. Setting 36 is one of those
super useful settings that can really save you a lot of time. It allows you to start anywhere
you want in your program, mill or lathe, instead of
having to edit that program or start way back at the
beginning of your tool. Or worse, at the
beginning of your program. That’s it! Thanks for watching
this Haas Tip of the Day.

46 thoughts on “How to Start A Job in the Middle of The Program – Haas Automation Tip of the Day

  1. It would be awesome if we could get some videos of the Mini Mill and the Super Mini Mill showing the difference in what the various spindles are capable of. Great video though!

  2. Thanks Mark! I can't count how many times this would have been useful! I'll definitely be using this in the future!

  3. Think if there was an earthquake, I would be more concerned about machine tram than picking up where i left off.

    On a more serious note though. Does program restart work with Macros utilizing G-code aliasing?

  4. Single block + offsets at distance to go [and low rapid speed] may take a little longer to get stuff done BUT… saves the agony of part getting munched!

  5. you forgot to mention that when the power went off, your ball end mill put a huge gouge in the face of your "mold"

  6. I had to shut down in the middle of a long toolpath this morning, and was moaning and groaning about it … get home and check my e-mail and PRESTO! Problem solved. Unbelievable timing.

  7. At least Haas waited to do this video on program restart until they fixed the Next Gen Control so it actually works right and doesn't try to crash when restarting.  Now if they would just fix the other stuff wrong with it without screwing it up worse….Next Generation Control is still full of bugs, even well over a year after the 1st release.  Run your new Haas at your own risk!!

  8. Great video! Something interesting to remember is that if you are running a macro in your program to change an offset (for example), the restart will increment the macro, assuming the macro is before your restart position.
    I got bit by this once and it's now it's on my mind when I am using restart.

  9. Useful update: The last Line “N” Number being run is displayed above your program, in MEM, even if the power goes out and the machine is restarted! This will let you know where the machine was at if power was lost, if you use N numbers. – Mark, Haas Tip-of-the-day

  10. when will next gen control be able to send and receive 'all' like all the old controls. it's really annoying us.

  11. How does this work when needing to start half way through a G71 canned cycle on a lathe? obviously the programme doesn't represent what diameter it was roughed down to when stopped. Thanks Callum

  12. Somteime i stop the machine in the middle om process, and change cutters by using stop motion, jog Z-axis and restart. Works fine when ints not a 3-d contur. If it is a 3-d conture it wont restart on same place, i need to run the whole program again.

  13. hi Mark
    i try to download HAAS Bonus Content but it go to the main page not to the content. Can u help me. Thanks Mark

  14. Mark- Someone is stealing your videos including this one. Username "CULEE". Take em down! I would put a link in here but I think Youtube then requires you to approve the comment. Just search this video's name along with "CULEE". Keep up the great videos. Can't wait for more macros! – Jacob S.

  15. Finally got around to catching up on the TotD's. This one is super awesome, but the programs I need to use it on are too big to be loaded into memory on our VF4(400k+ lines) and I have to run them from the USB. I can get search to the proper line in Edit mode but it goes back to beginning in Memory mode. And as far as I know, the search feature is not available in Memory Mode. Am I missing some trick somewhere?

  16. ¿ that function can only be used if the program is in the memory of the machine if it is in the usb memory can not find the block ?

  17. I would like to see how the haas control removes the broken tap, repairs any damage, then picks up and continues.

  18. The button u pressed said settings. I looked at every button on the haas in the shop I work and I don't see a settings button. Only a button that says settings and diagnosis on the same button. Then the screen that comes up when I press it doesn't give me the option to search for option 36. Please help. I'm new machinist but interested in learning this tip. Thanks

  19. I have some programs where I reuse a hole pattern for several canned cycles using an M97 subprogram call. How would I restart in the middle of a subprogram that's shared by several tools? My program looks something like this:

    N1 (C'DRILL)
    G54 G00 X0 Y0
    T01 M06
    S2500 M03
    G43 G00 Z1. H01 M08
    M97 P100
    G80 G00 Z1. M09

    N2 (DRILL)
    G54 G00 X0 Y0
    T02 M06
    S3750 M03
    G43 G00 Z1. H02 M08
    G83 Z-0.5 R0.1 I0.25 J0.1 K0.1 R0.1 F26.25 L0 (NOTE L0)
    M97 P100
    G80 G00 Z1. M09

    N3 (TAP)
    G84 Z-0.375 R0.2 L0
    M97 P100
    G80 G00 Z1. M09
    G53 G00 Y0 Z0

    X0 Y0

    Also, what about G70, G71, and G72 canned cycles? Is it possible to restart in the middle?

  20. If inner diameter of the part finishing is runing that small dots are coming pls tell me trouble shoot

  21. Thanks, Mark! I called Haas in Rochester NY and no one there knew how to do this. I kept asking them, "do you have a sequence or number restart on these machines?" No one knew. I couldn't believe it. You saved the day with this video! Thanks again!

  22. Should be on as default, esp as if you edit a program it will start at your edit point, ideally thought after an edit, memory should auto restart at the top as default.

  23. anyone using HAAS ST 30Y lathe let me know how to restart the program in the middle of program. Thanks in advance

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