How to: Sideswept Braided Bangs

hey everyone this is Sara from the
style blog and today I’m going to show you how to create this side-swept
braided bang look okay so today you will need bobby pins for sure and this may be
all you need and then I have a hair tie also just to tie my hair back while we
just work with the bangs and braid them um you can use a clip you don’t have to
use anything it’s just up to you so first of all I’m going to tie the rest
of my hair back the bottom layers and just leave my bangs down I’m just going
to tie in a low ponytail and all you want to have down are the bangs that you
want to braid they don’t have to be your bangs they can just be the
front layer or just the front portion if you want to braid more just pull them
down from your ponytail if you want to braid less just pin them up you can
really do however much you want you can also do it starting over here and just
frame your face with a whole braid if you want it’s the same as what I’m going
to show you this one is just quicker and it seems to be more popular anyway and
so let’s just go ahead and get started so this you’re just going to take this
top part just take the first little portion here I’m just going to take this
top little part right like this so I’m going to split it into three portions
one two three there and so here if you know how to French braid this will
you’ll know how to do this already if you don’t you’ll know how to do it
pretty quickly because it’s really easy so here’s our three portions we’re
always going to start with the back take the back over the middle and then we’re
going to take the front over the middle so as you can see you take the back over
the middle and then take the front over the middle and we’ve started our little
braid and so you just want to hold these back and once we do this once we take
the back over and then the front over we’re just going to add a little bit to
our hands here add a little to the braid so you’re going to take a portion from the
back add it to the back part portion from the middle and add it to the middle
and then a portion from the front and add it to the front ok so now we’re
going to take we’re going to do the little braid part again so the back over
the middle see I got a little sometimes you know you need to brush it out with
your fingers a little so that it doesn’t get all clumpy so we
took the back over the middle and now the front over the middle and you can
see our braid starting here so now again we’re going to take this a little piece
from the back portion and add it to the back braid a little piece from the
middle and add it to the middle braid and then a little piece from the front
add it to the front braid don’t worry if you forget a little piece especially in
the front you can just add it to your braid the next time through so now we’re
going to take the back over the middle the front over the middle so you can see
our pretty braid if you have highlights this will look so so pretty in your hair
so okay now we’re going to take and you’ll probably grab less and less as
you go down because you’ve grabbed most of it already so don’t worry if you
don’t have anything left to grab just keep braiding and then we are going to
take the back part over the middle and then the front part over the middle so we’re almost getting down to where we want to stop I’m just going to do a
couple more probably so add the back part to the back middle parts the middle
we don’t have any middles and then the front part to the front ok and so this
is all I’m going to do so I’m just gonna keep braiding back over the middle front
over the middle back over the middle and front over the middle and you’re just
going to keep doing this until you want to stop so I’m just going to stop right
here as you can see I have a pretty braid if you have highlights they’ll show
up right here in the middle so pretty um so now I have this little braid I’m
going to pin it behind my ear so if I wear my hair up you can’t see the bobby
pins if I wear my hair down you can’t see the bobby pins and so I’m just going
to take it and I’m going to just X my bobby pins behind my ear so we’ll put
one in here and then one in a crisscross over it so there right there
behind my ear and so you can wear your hair up you can take your braid to kind of sweep it to the side more and tie it in with your ponytail you
can do basically whatever you want with this it’s a really really pretty look I
know it’s been popular for a while now but I think it’s a really classic look
that you can wear everyday or you can wear it to prom at the beach or working
out you can just wear it with anything you want I think it also looks really
really pretty with curly hair like if you’ve curled it with a curling iron or
straightener or if you have just scrunched your hair it looks really
pretty for the beach and so I just love this look and so you can’t tell where
our bobby pins are which is really nice and so I hope you all enjoy this
tutorial I hope it was easy enough for you all to
understand I’ll see you next time bye

99 thoughts on “How to: Sideswept Braided Bangs

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  2. Awesome job describing this video. So far I love your hair tutorials & love your channel!! Keep up the awesome job!

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    Thank you again.

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