How To: Seated Abdominal Crunch (Cybex)

What’s going on everybody? I’m Scott from if you’re looking for a great way to target your abs in the gym I’m here at the cybex ab crunch now you can do this machine a couple different ways One way you can do it to really focus on your core is You sit down like this And when you sit you want to make sure your knees are at a 90 degree angle in order to do that you have to adjust the seat There’s a little two knobs on this machine. There’s the actual knob that makes it go up and down And then there’s this knob right here, which tightens the seat, so it doesn’t get wobbly So once that’s in place. You’re going to come up. You’re going to sit down 90 degree angle take your hands Fold up in front of you like this put your hands on top of your shoulders Then what I like to do is rest my chin in between I’ll have my chin on the pad just any put your face somewhere where it’s not in the way And you won’t hurt your nose what you want to do Now is maintain a neutral spine keep your back arched when you arch your back you’re extending your abdominals so that when you come down and crunch you’re working a lot more It’s give them a way better workout. So what you do is come down, on this particular machine I like to line my elbows up with my knees and touch my elbows to my knees when I come down keep your chin on the pad or on your arms. It’ll help you focus on your core a lot more The second way you can do this machine is set up just like that then put it on heavier weight By putting the machine on heavier weight and then putting the seat belt on it’s allowing you to focus more on Putting all the pressure into your abdominals and for me it works on the more of my lower abs Because I have to really focus on those muscles to crunch it So same thing arms up put your chin in the pad and then bring it down Because what you’re doing with the seat belt is you’re actually Relaxing your legs like my legs are really limp right now, and then that’s making it’s hard to explain It’s making the weight kind of pull more towards here because I’m not using my legs for any support that Breathe out the way down up down breathe out Now the third way I look to do this machine is you want to drop the seat as low as you can depending on how tall you are I’m about five ten so I drop the seat all the way down And then from there what you’re going to do is get in the same way you normally would Put your feet out really far in front of you and again You’re putting the seat belt on so your legs are pretty much limp not doing anything And then what you want to do is put your arm you the same way Actually works better if you feel like this behind you And then you see how stretched out my stomach gives I’m arching my back that’s really going to activate all these muscles, okay? So again put your face on either your arms or the pad and breathe out as you come down All the way down, and then touch your elbows to your knees But I can really feel that in my abs I’m going to do two more because they’re awesome Those felt great. I love doing abs For more information feel free to subscribe to my channel as I’ll be putting out more exercises all the time have a great day guys

56 thoughts on “How To: Seated Abdominal Crunch (Cybex)

  1. Many, many thanks for this video Scott. This is one of those machines I felt like I didn't know what I was doing…I'll try the new arm fold technique and lowering the seat down a bit more. Many hours of frustration with this machine heretoforth.

  2. You're the best dude. You're like my Personal Trainer. Because of you, I make a tsst noise. It does make things easier. Especially benching. Thanks man!

  3. lmfao XDDDDDD I was thinking the same thing… but… i guess… size doesnt matter… but he did talk about being limp through the whole video so YOU NEVER KNOW lol

  4. Working abs is indeed always excellent. I use an older Cybex abs crunch that has an ankle brace in the front to hook feet under and one in back to put feet back there for variation. I don't know if your machine is different but I don't go down as far as you but just crunch my abs to move the bar down not so far–that is the abs just crunch the bar down with no bending at the waist. I also do Left Column and Right Column abs flexing.

  5. @MrWelshy272 You can try using a plate…. But I don't think you can hold multiple plates on top of your chest or behind your head lol

  6. @iamcodyethridge Well, thats not true. Damage of ligaments and muscules won't help growth and in children and teenagers they still have what is called a growth plate in their bones which is compared once hardened once you reach adulthood pretty weak. No exercise will stunt ur growth. Too much weight and damaging a bone may.

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  13. I was looking for a video on how to do this machine better than I do. But my problem is.. I HAVE BOOBS! My boobs are in the way! Anyone else have this problem and have tips?

  14. I use a similar machine (Bodymasters 220), and your video shows some new ways to work it that I never thought of; specifically the seat belt and long stretch. The Bodymasters has no seat belt, but a weight belt around the seat frame does it just fine. Thanks!

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