How To Restore Your Car’s Steering Wheel (Looks Brand New!)

100 thoughts on “How To Restore Your Car’s Steering Wheel (Looks Brand New!)

  1. I’ve got a question for you Chris. I own a 2004 Mustang Mach 1 & my steering wheel & column is crooked. I don’t like the way it looks, but I don’t know if that’s how it came stock or if it shifted over time. Any help or advice?

  2. I admit that im only 13 years old kid but i learned so much from you chrisfix your my favourite guy…i just subscribed…

  3. was that a builders square yard stick @6:38 ? Thought they went out of business when home depot and lowes came to power. lol

  4. Hey Chris, how are ya? Are you from Brazil? I noticed that your subtitles are perfect. Nice job by the way.

  5. проще в мастерскую отдать, качественнее и красивее сделают! похоже на шов которым трупы зашивают.

  6. Блин, как коряво! Ужас просто. С закрытыми глазами можно сделать намного лучше и аккуратнее.

  7. Tried other videos and Chrisfix video was the most detailed and the one I used to wrap my 07 explorer steering wheel, came out great. Thanks Chris

  8. I like the procedures done but the finished of the stitches are not perfectly aligned each others joints and some wrinkle on corners, maybe if you use a little bit bigger thread to hide some imperfections and that is even more impressive outcome but the totality of this video tutorial, is great learning and to do some improvements to others like me. Thank you.

  9. I don't know that I've ever found myself so inspired by anyone else. ChrisFix is the best. Also, your patience is impressive! I know after 5 minutes I'd be swearing and rushing the job…mine would turn out like a $5 Walmart baseball glove

  10. Hey Chris can you please make a video on how to clean and polish leather seats. I tried n not happy the way my civic seats are looking. The beige color seems particularly tough one to clean.

  11. How does this video have 5K dislikes? Chris’s videos are some of the best how-to car tutorials on the planet, and this video was super well done. People suck. Excellent video!

  12. It makes me appreciate the cleaner stitching on my luxury car's steering wheel because my own shoddy job sewing would bother me as much your own work did.

  13. Yeah – sure your going to take all this time and effort to replace steering wheel cover. It's best to take it to a car upholstery shop and they can do it for you without the danger of you blowing your face off attempting to remove air bag.  Not a safe video at all.

  14. I love how he has fame now but he’s not doing his work in a $10,000,000 mansion, he’s really just a normal guy

  15. AYY Chris my man I did this on my dads truck as a surprise and he loved it!! Also Chris you should fix guns.

  16. CHRISFIX HERE! Today I am going to be showing you how to make nice bomber jackets that will go great with your car

  17. "Thread locker Chris" lol, you always emphasize "thread locker" on all of your videos. I'm a mechanic and I love your videos. I learn alot from you lad!

  18. 40$ … dude you can save all kinds of time and even more money .. just Ebay that sucker from china .. for 3.00 bucks…. but if you want to go the project route, hey, to each their own 🙂

  19. wow……he is such a grandma (while I was making this comment and a little after I thought (wait he's a boy) and I wanted to say when he was doing the thread part that's when he was a grandma

  20. Chris can you show how to repair a paint bubble on a car ?? My lexus IS 300 had an air bubble i used a heat gun and made the bubble worst I tried applying a paint correction kit but that didnt help with the paint if you can please make a video on how to fix that thanks

  21. Chris, this vid say RESTORE…..and in your vid you told us to remove and go buy a used steering wheel ? THATS REPLACEMENT OF THE WHEEL NOT RESTORATION AS YOUR VID LED US 7 million to view…clever bro clever

  22. As someone who studied fashion in college and does a lot of sewing, I am very impressed by your textile knowledge!

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