How to relieve baby gas? What should you know and how to help? Intro guide [Updated 2019]

How to relieve baby gas? What should you know and how to help guide by BabyPillars Hello, and welcome to another BabyPillars tutorial. In this video we will learn: Coping methods for your baby’s gas and bellyaches The best way to hold your baby in order to relieve gas and stomach symptoms How you can prevent gas and bellyaches Holding positions such as: frontal cradle,
“tiger on the tree” and more During your baby’s first few months, you
may notice some discomfort in their abdominal region accompanied by bloating and gas. One of the reasons these symptoms occur is because your baby’s digestive system is continuously developing. What we aim to learn is how to ease your baby’s symptoms when they ache, and how to prevent pain and discomfort, thereby easing this process of development and making it more tolerable for your baby. The first thing you can do to prevent a stomach ache is to hold your baby in the cradle position. Hold your baby so that it’s head is resting
on one arm, and knees are resting on the other arm. Your baby’s ability to bend it’s back
and bring both hands to the central line of its body is what allows the belly muscles
to release tension. This position relaxes your baby by allowing gas to more easily vacate the body. Notice that you can accompany this position with a slight bounce, either up and down, or swaying from side to side. Use gentle strokes and your voice to help
distract your baby from any discomfort. You may find that the cradle position is the most comfortable position for your baby. It is a familiar pose from their time in the

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