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Birthdays, vacations,
dogs, babies. You take lots of photos
in a lifetime. Here’s how to organize them
and find the ones you want with Photos on your Mac. Open Photos
and let’s get started. If iCloud Photos is turned on, Photos will collect
all of your images across all of your devices. Click Photos in the sidebar to see all of your photos
and videos sorted by the date
they were taken. If a photo doesn’t have
date information, which might happen if it was
imported from one of your social media
accounts or another website, it will be sorted by the date
it was added to the library. You can filter your library
in a few different ways, shown in the sidebar
on the left. Click Favorites, for example,
to see your favorite shots. Or click Places. If your camera has GPS,
like your iPhone, or if you’ve added
location data to your images, the Photos app will
automatically display your photos on a map, so you can see where
they were taken. Click Shared Albums to see any collaborative albums
that have been shared with you or that you have shared
with others. ♪ Music playing ♪ The My Albums section
below your library contains all of the albums
that you create. To create a new album,
hover over My Albums, then click the Add icon,
select Album, then give it a name. Now, you can add photos
to the album from anywhere in your library. Just click and drag. To select multiple photos, hold down the Command key
as you select each one. You can include the same photo
in multiple albums and add or remove photos
from an album at any time. To remove a photo from an album, select a photo and press Delete
on your keyboard. Heads up: when you delete
a photo from an album, it will not be deleted
from your library. If you want to completely delete
it from your library, select a photo and then press
the Command and Delete keys at the same time. You can also create smart albums that automatically gather images
that meet certain criteria, like from a specific date,
edited photos, and more. To do this,
hover over My Albums again. Click the Add icon,
click Smart Album, name your album,
and now select your criteria. You can choose one condition, like whether the photo
has already been edited, or many, like which date or
dates the photos were taken on. ♪ Then click OK. Now, your smart album
will appear in My Albums and will automatically update
with photos that fit the criteria
you’ve set. Looking for something? Use the search bar to search
for specific photos. Type in a keyword to search
for photos based on who or what is in them, like animals, flowers,
or balloons. Another way to search for photos
on your Mac is with Siri. Click Siri in the upper-right
corner of your screen, or if you’re using
a MacBook Pro with Touch Bar, tap Siri in the Control Strip
and ask something like, [SIRI TONE]
“Show me photos of animals.” [SIRI TONE] Now, you can easily keep
your photos organized, sort new photos into albums
automatically, and quickly find
the ones you need. Have a favorite
Photos for Mac tip? Let us know
in the comments below, or click another video
to learn more about Photos. ♪

19 thoughts on “How to manage photos on your Mac — Apple Support

  1. I have over 100,000 photos in my iCloud Photo Library…. Why does it, every few weeks decide to re-upload the entire collection on my Mac?????!!! Takes days to complete and it really frustrating. Sort it out Apple… I’m paying for a service I’m not getting.

  2. Why are the edits I make in my iPhone not syncing with what I see on my iMac in Photos?

    I opened a case in August with your phone support and the person is now ignoring me and had no idea how to fix it.
    Opened another case last week and they also had no clue how to fix my problem.

    I am really losing my patience with Apple over this. Am paying for 2TB storage service and it’s not working as advertised. That’s not right.

    Please offer me a solution. It’s not fair that I am paying for your service which only half works.

  3. How do I manage my iPhone photos on Windows? iCloud app can download photos, but can't sync my changes back to cloud. Besides, it can download photos multiple times, and download process itself is not very user-friendly.

  4. What if I have photos in my documents folder already sorted out how I want them? How can I move them to pictures and keep the sorting? Thanks!

  5. I request that
    1) “Smart Albums” be supported on the iPhone (at least be seen)
    2) You add a way to look for duplicate photos and delete them
    3) A way to use “and” and “or” on the criteria of the Smart Albums

    I love the app and look forward to seeing the new features you add to make it even better

  6. is still have photos in the old iphoto on my Imac desktop. Do I need to delete iphoto and what about the photos?

  7. how copy album´s from library to an other library created. Id exported all fotos but I don't whant create the albums again and organizate all fotos again

  8. I've chatted w/support, watched 2 videos but still don't know how to change the date of a photo to the correct date the photo was taken rather than when it was added to Photo. I don't have time to keep calling Apple!

  9. I guess this was created for children, and in that sense is a success. You should create a series for normal adults, in particular, people that understand the basics of technology (almost everybody nowadays above 20 and bellow 50). It's funny how you don't even touch the folders, that are a must if you take pictures a hobbyist or more than a few pictures for a demo in a keynote.

  10. PLEASE make Apple Photos to work without compromising storage space. Like a Website, downloading thumbnails and full res photos if the user resquest it. Is impossible to have a 40GB Library in a 128GB computer.

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