How-To: Make Shrimp Parm on Steroids with Meyhem Lauren

100 thoughts on “How-To: Make Shrimp Parm on Steroids with Meyhem Lauren

  1. mey,

    As a fellow member of the Shrimp Community, it was a shame to see you squeeze the tails off those shrimp. Yes, while the dish demands blind-bite-ability, and the cleaning of the shrimp allows you to dig through the dish unhindered, a true zealot of the community crunches through tails unfazed. High in keratin, shrimp tails turn your fingernails to steel, and signals to all those watching you consume that you mean business. Mey, I thought we were in this Shrimp Game together. To see you peel those Shrimp truly made me question your devotion to the community. Reflect on yourself; where do your sea-food allegiances lie. How could you deny yourself the variations in texture, and disrespect the shrimp by not crunching through his exoskeleton like a true carnivore. To the entire Shrimp Community, we must demand more of our figureheads.

    p.s. the sweater game always on lock.

    Your friend,
    A devout member of the S.C.

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  4. Reading through the comments. Nobody mentions that this a shrimp parm made only with mozzarella cheese. I’m disappointed 😔

  5. For those who actually wanna know it's a coogi sweater probably one of the rarer cashmere variety. the style of sweater though is called a Cosby sweater you can find look alikes of you dont wanna spend 400-2k on a coogi

  6. Meyhem,,, if you see this which you probably wont i want you to know that you make me feel like yellow and sparkles. Thankyou.

  7. "And that's how easily a problem is fixed. Everything is not the end of the world."

    This literally made my day and they're such profound words while talking about getting shell in your eggs.

  8. That sauce hot as hell all that Cheyenne smh all he has to do is watch a few more videos his technique will change to the correct way of doing sauces elevating flavors the right way and seasoning every level will take his shit from a cool 4 1/2to a nice 8 9.

  9. One thing I did notice, is, he breaded with the same hand he battered with, that's a big no no in any serious restaurant. That's cross contamination, and can lead to very serious issues. Never do that everyone who is going to make this recipe, or any recipe involving breading/battering, ESPECIALLY if you're cooking for other people. Be a considerate chef and safe chef.

  10. I dig this but not with chunks of tomatoes. I just can't do it with them like that. But Mayhem is onto something with Shrimp Parm.

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