How to know what you want from life? – Rocking chair exercise

hey everyone this is Mirna from
happiness academy and today I want to share with you one exercise that’s gonna help you
clarify a little bit your vision in life and what you want from life it’s called
rocking chair exercise and it’s gonna take you about 20 minutes to get it done so grab some time
to get this done we are basicly gonna go in in three steps first one I’ll give you a short visualization and couple of
questions just explained instructions for the exercise and then it will take
10 or maybe 20 minutes to write down your reflections and to write
down some of the answers to those questions and just in general thoughts
and then we gonna come back to this video and I’ll finish with close off toughts and reflections OK, ready? we’ll start with you imagening yourself in your 90’ies and in this age there you’re sitting in a
nice rocking chair on a beautiful porch just chillin enjoying the beautiful sunshine
maybe later some gentle breeze and you just feel so
relaxed and content with life somehow satisfied and that this thing is that
reflected back I think if you look back and you can reflect on what is in your
life what are those special things that made you feel dissatisfied so what are
the things that happened throughout your life that brought you into this place of
being so content and happy at the end you just you know you have this feeling
you’ve done all your dreams and everything you want the truth she just
going back through life you try to remember to try to remember of any
special moment in experiences you think about all of your achievement thinks
that made your prob maybe stop writing them down as well chief men and maybe maybe special people
in the ones who are really meaningful and important to you and then maybe also
the people and then and then and now at this moment
of being late in your life you can’t think of a happy that you make them
happen and that you make those dreams come true so now take your time special people special moment special
achievement everything that contributes to this really positive feeling about
your life looking back from this moment on this and feel free to post this video and just come back once you’re done
right but take your time I’m really thinking about think about everything
that’s been meaning and that’s been important little bit but hopefully we’re back to
this feed ID and it’s time for our last question and the less question is now
when you use David what do you want to achieve in life and what you dream of build a real question these things you
need to start to the day tomorrow this league this year things will really
contribute to you actually achieving actually living this life that you
really look back so happy to share but I hope you enjoyed your time for III which
the repeated in a week or two I think that’s a great idea because it is always
very important our current maybe more recent experiences contribute ideas that
can generate so by all means do it again three movies yet first of may be some
reminders like a cute photos or something similar may be nice quote
that’s going to remind you of all of these dreams and thank you very much for
being with us we hope you like this he does if you did please do like eight or
so many more exercise as many more ideas many more interesting to follow and also
please don’t hesitate to leave a comment because we would love to hear your
thoughts on this exercise but also maybe what you would use the team’s future of
you does and what are the most interesting and intriguing topics and be
happy to create you think you have an amazing they do
you think YouTube videos

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