Hello guys. How you doing today? I’m here with Sebb Argo That’s not your name. Sebastian I don’t know about you guys But there are certain [things] if people kiss me in certain ways It kind of drives me crazy. thumbs up if you want to learn some kisses, thumbs up if you want to see us kiss Um thumbs up if you’re sexy because you probably are. of course they are. They’re perfect to be done. I’m sorry That’s a normal kiss just make sure you’re not like this You want your lips to be like together? And then do like a bit of [tong] people just thing like this is an easy kiss to do You don’t put your lips like over there. You don’t [choose] too much tongue. It’s just like very And don’t be afraid to like grab them or like move side to side And you want to start up slow and like opening and closing don’t go right for this and be like Or don’t do this Yeah, you want to taste that anchovy dip [they] just [ate] [oh] yeah the best thing ever So the second one is lip scking. [oh], what is that? [I] don’t know First way [that] really like drives me crazy. Drive us all insane. I mean like shut the front door so you just kiss like we just showed you before, but then you want to like just like little honeysuckle like So like if you guys are passionate you can like suck it for a long time kind of like You can also bite their lips. [oh] you can’t kill this one because you’re good at it Thank you bite a little but not too much because you don’t want to like hurt them It’s like a little nibble like a tease come in so yeah, you kind of like sucks your lip, and it’s so sexy like [ah] So next is one that you really like cuz I did turn the other day [you] [know] the spider-Man kiss right, so we’re gonna show you the way like Spider-man would actually do it when he comes I hanging from the ceiling but then we’ll Show you the way you do it like in my bed. Hey follow me kids Definitely yeah, now say the October [Adam] man, I know me [ha] Okay, and the last one is It’s not my favorite. It’s the reason why I want to do this video, okay? [pass] me right when people kiss your [neck]. I think everybody loves this yeah kissing the neck and it comes to me like oh You kiss my neck and like basically like your way mouth Yeah if you’re giving them a hickey [you] want them to like kind of know first like you gotta like talk about it kind of because I give you guys on the hickey and they have a meeting the next day They’re not gonna be happy with you sure it can be like gosh It’s high school girl like you need to let me [know] before you suck out My blood like a leech, only some hickeys are cool. They do feel really good. I like them You’re like oh, I remember Breathing on their neck – yeah like a little bit I rotate While we’re matching I’m [] they are! Mm-Hmm Okay, guys. I hope you I hoped You guys liked it if you did give it a thumbs up if you wanna see more you’re welcome it for the tips, okay? And [you] want to see more of this guy on my channel, then [I] mean let me know below He’s the bestest boyfriend anyone We also did a challenge on his channel. But we got wet [and] wild paint it’s sexy It’s hot so that link will be below Go check him out guys the channels amazing and he flipped in adorable if you like, Taylor Swift You’ll like him because he’s oh yea. It’s like how im obsessed with big brother We see, I don’t know. We’ll see you guys later. Bye potatoes

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  1. Oh give me a break! How about us? I hate being single when it comes to this, do you feel me babe? 😂😂😂

  2. Me Watching This Video: … (ノಠ益ಠ)ノ彡┻━┻ U GAY BIT**ES!!!

    Other People Watching This Video: … ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) oh yeaaaaaaa.

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