How To Improve Your Swimming Power | Freestyle Swimming Training

– When we watch the top
swimmers on TV or in the water, they seem to just have
an effortless technique. But the teams with that, they also have a huge amount of power. In order to gain that power,
they’re quite often using training aids such as
hand paddles, a pull buoy, maybe a band, even a track suit and so on. But why they use them
and how they use them is really important. That’s what I’m here
to help you with today. And we’re going to
start with the pull buoy. (cool music) Now, I’m going to assume
that most of you have become acquainted with a pull buoy before. But just in case you haven’t, the idea is you place this between your
thighs and by doing that, it’s actually going to prevent
you from being able to kick your legs or that’s the idea at least, and then obviously isolates
the arms and the upper body. I’ve always been a real firm
believer of using the pool boy in my swim training, even if I do have a slight
tendency to flap my legs from time to time, even
whatsoever before wearing that, but that is a really good point
because a nice progression of using a pull buoy is
actually to add the band and you can make this out of
an old tube or even an old inner tube that you
might use for your bike. And I should just tie a knot
to whatever sort of tightness you want. Wrap that around your ankles,
and that will really stop you from being able to flatter those legs. And personally just doing
band work without the pull buoy is an absolute killer for me, I swear I just have heavier
legs and most people, but actually it’s a really good point. So if you’re using a band or
whether you’re using a pool boy is really important you
keep your stroke rate up. Otherwise, your legs are going to sink. It essentially forces you to
produce power and actually by doing so, it can really help
to keep your stroke balance and force you into getting
that nice high elbow during that catch phase. Now if you are new to pool
work or you’re starting to introduce using just a band
or using a band with the pool boy, I’d really recommend
keeping the reps really short, something like 50 meters,
just to make sure that you get that quality out on each of those reps. And actually something that
I’ve really enjoyed doing in the past to improve my power for
my swimming is actually doing some short sprints off the
wall, something like 10 to 15 meters all out and then just easy for the
remainder of the length. Actually, by doing that, you
can actually really increase that strength under fatigue
as you swim off after that sprint. And now for the hand paddles,
and these are pretty much a staple within any experienced
swimmers training routine for two main reasons. One for technique, as they try
to implement and just work on that good technique, and the
other which is more important for today’s video. And that is improving strength and power. And this is pretty much as
specific as it gets because by wearing hand paddles, you’re
increasing the surface area of effectively your hands
and therefore the resistance through your strokes. And actually by increasing
this surface area in the resistance, we actually start
to accentuate the pulling action of the stroke a lot more. We just start to feel
the water a lot more, we start to get an earlier
catch a good catch, which a lot of people are
missing a good pool phase, and so on. Essentially making that stroke
stronger and more efficient. And a real bonus, for me, at least is that we get to go faster as fastest
race pace, if not faster, that’s really good fun. But if you are introducing how
to work for the first time, then again, just start
introducing this gradually, as you can start to put
strain through the shoulder. So keep those reps short,
maybe around 200 meters. And once you have progressed
that with a little bit of time, start introducing a pull buoy,
or if you like, even the band. Now if you’re a swimmer or a
triathlete we all tend to focus a lot on the actual physical
swimming part of swimming. And forget about using gym work, and some of us out there
actually have preconceptions about gym work in the sense
that we don’t need to do it. We don’t want to bulk up or we
simply can’t fit it in around other swimming, cycling
or running training. However, I would really recommend it. It’s a really time efficient
way of improving our strength and in my opinion, essential
and actually one of the simplest methods to improving
strength is actually the good old, press up or put on. Now you can also bring that
gym session to the pool. And by that I mean using
some drag shots to increase the resistance, and therefore
the power that you’re having to put out on each stroke. Now I’m actually using
some run shorts today, you can use other items of
clothing such as pajama bottoms, or you can get some
dedicated track shorts, which in my opinion, are
really good and probably the preferred option just because
they like to crack on me at swimming, pretty much un-disrupted. Now I used these in a lot
of my swims as a youngster and you just simply wear them
throughout a whole session. If you want to, you can
take them off for a main set or a quality hard session. But you really want to feel
that form, feel efficient, feel fast. And let’s not forget the legs. Now we tend to associate
strength and power a lot with our upper body and arms. But actually by improving
the strength and power of our legs, we can actually
make our overall stroke a lot more efficient. And for those triathletes
that may be watching this right now, if you think about
it, you can move your legs a lot quicker than you can
move your arms which is really important in the start of a triathlon. So if we can improve the
strength and power of our legs, we may be able to get away
from that mass, that mellie, the washing machine affect
a lot more effectively and a lot quicker. Now, I might sound
slightly counter intuitive, but a really effective way
of improving the strength and power by legs, is
actually by using some fins. I know because they’ll
make us faster but actually it’s a similar way to using paddles, they increase the
surface area of our foot. So each time we kick up and
down, they can require a lot more of the muscles and in turn
that will hopefully improve the strength and power of our legs. And as I’ve said with
all our drills already, just introduce these with time
and if you’re going to be buying fins for the first time, opt
for some short ones like these, And finally mix up the strokes
that you’re using during a swim work, by doing that you
can actually start to use a wider range of muscles and essentially keep the body guessing. Now, you’re going to hate me
here but a really good one for improving the strength
in your stroke is actually butterfly. Now what I tend to do is actually
have a dedicated strength session each week prior to
some of these other exercises and drills that I’ve just
mentioned, and start including some of these other strokes,
maybe just doing half a length of butterfly or backstroke, breaststroke, and then swimming off free starts, you’re not doing too much, but it’s enough that is
going to fatigue you. Now, if you have enjoyed today’s video, hit that thumbs up button if
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if you’d like to see some exercises that you can perform on the land to improve your strength in the water. You can see that by
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23 thoughts on “How To Improve Your Swimming Power | Freestyle Swimming Training

  1. Thanks for the great video. I've seen some coaches advocating using a paddle and a flipper asymmetrically – do you have any insights about what are the benefits of this?

  2. Wish there was such a simple way to get over the anxiety of swimming in open water and not being able to see the bottom! I'm always worried I'm going to hit something

  3. I use buoys, paddles, bands, fins..but had most significant gains after incorporating gym strength work, not only for swimming but for all disciplines. Do yourself a favour and hit the gym, your future yourself will be grateful to you 🤙

  4. This video came right in time. I just got back from the pool, and although I feel my arm technique is getting better and better, I just feel my arms fatigue quite quickly. I'm guessing the stamina in the muscles just isn't there.

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  6. I've started using hand paddles. And… oh my god, my swim has gone through the roof. I am the poster boy down the pool for hand paddles now

  7. Vertical kick my goto for legs power. Kick board my fav too. Paddle i using finnis , start with small and progress to large size later stage. So far works for me 🙂

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