HOW TO GET MORE ENERGY FOR WORKOUTS – PreWorkout Power Drink Recipe!

Lookin’ to pump it up for your workouts? I got just the jam for ya! Hey there, So I get asked a lot about what
I put in my pre-workout drinks (hint: it’s a lot of goodness!), and we’re gonna get into
that in just a minute. But first I wanted to really quick give my
thoughts on this. So, you take a pre-workout drink to boost
your workouts, right? To help to give you that extra little bit
of stamina, power and mojo (or ‘Whoa’-jo as I like to call it). So why would you take something that weighs
you down and drains your body? Because believe it or not, that is exactly
what most packaged pre-workout formulas do. Now you may argue with me that your mix gets
you totally jacked up, and that may very well be true. But here’s the thing: Most of these mixes
are comprised of unnecessary fillers, artificial sweeteners and flavors, and ridiculous amounts
of caffeine, among a host of other things on the crap list. So while these pre-workout mixes do give you
a temporary short-lived boost, they also likely come with an opposite downer effect once the
juice wears off. Now this may seem counter-intuitive for the
companies making them, but it’s actually quite convenient, as they can continue to produce
and sell more and stronger versions of their products, as we become more and more reliant
on them. Due to the fact that they’re loaded with things
your body would rather do without if it had a choice, these mixes load your body with
toxins and bog down your organs with the extra task of processing and excreting all these
chemicals and additives, therefore taking away from its ability to focus on normal functions
and running optimally. In addition, continuously revving up your
system with large amounts of caffeine will eventually wear down your body’s hormones
and natural ability to regulate its own energy stores, leaving you constantly and increasingly
reliant on external sources to function. So I’m not the hugest promoter of caffeine. I know I’m gonna get a lot of haters from
this…Lord knows coffee has become the next best thing to apple pie. I do enjoy it occasionally, and certainly
did enough in the past. But what bugs me is when we start to believe
that we NEED it. And then what happens is it ends up not even
actually doing anything for us anymore at some point, but we have it so ingrained in
our brain that we require it to function, that we continually rely on it. And any time you rely on external sources
to function, then I believe you’re giving away some of your power. And that is a weakness in my mind. So nonetheless, that’s why you won’t see a
ton of caffeine in my pre-workout formulas, but to each their own! You could always add a little bit in there
if you want to. So do your body a fave and ditch the pre-mixed
‘death in a can’ pre-workout formulas…. Because we’re not just all about getting pumped
to build you a beautiful bod. We also want ya healthy, alive and well… My belief is to instead fuel your body with
things that assist its functioning and help to remove existing toxins and stressors. Because the more you remove things that are
bogging your body down, the higher the level that it’s able to perform at, thus providing
its own natural energy boosts. I like to say “Fuel from within so you can
go without external things”. That all said, my pre-workout concoction is
likely different from what you would expect or imagine. But I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised
if you try it out. I’m not going to go into any particular brands,
because I don’t want this to seem like an endorsement, which it is not. So if you’re interested in learning about
any of the specific products that I use, because I do pretty carefully vet my products, you
can contact me separately and I would be glad to share some of those things. Also for measurements, I don’t follow any
specific format. I either just use the serving size of the
powders, or whatever I feel like throwing in at the time. So, without further adieu………………………. So there ya have it! I know it sounds like a lot, but it really
doesn’t take all that long at all to throw together. I promise. In fact, I don’t wanna brag but I’m kinda
like a ninja in the kitchen, whippin’ powders into magic across the room in like ten seconds
flat… Okay, or you could be more practical and make
it easier on yourself by making pre-measured portions of the ingredients (at least the
powders), and then all you have to do is dump them into the blender, mix in the other things
and go. Now I’m not gonna lie, this isn’t going to
taste like your ‘Blue Raspberry Cotton Candy Sugar Plum Dream’ flavored pre-workout mix
from the store. (Mostly because I don’t try and make it taste
like that…It totally would if I did.) No, but because my pre-workout drink is made
with real whole foods. I’m pretty sure there’s no such thing as a
Blue Raspberry Cotton Candy Sugar Plum Dream plant, that I’m aware of anyway. Honestly, half the time I chug these puppies
down and try not to taste ’em too much. (Kinda like when you were a kid plugging your
nose.) They’re not that bad, but it definitely is
a more acquired earthy taste due to all of the greens in them. But there’s just something about knowing that
I’m fueling my body with pure clean goodness that gives me a feeling of power (and makes
me not so much notice the lack of ‘Blue Raspberry Cotton Candy Sugar Plum Dream’ flavoring). And that feeling goes a long way, believe
me. Now you can certainly do things to help improve
the flavor, such as adding more fresh or frozen fruit (I just say not to add too much for
fat burning purposes), or by adding pure extracts such as vanilla, lemon, mint, orange, etc. So experiment with that a little if you feel
the need to. I just don’t put in the time or effort to
do that because it doesn’t bother me. I just look at it as this is pretty much the
one thing of the day that I don’t worry about making super tasty and satisfying (as most
of my other foods are), and focus more on just packing in as much goodness as I can
to fuel my body inside and out. Aaaand mostly so I can not have to worry about
that the rest of the day, and can focus more on making everything super tasty and satisfying. Now word to the wise, do not underestimate
the power of this greeny swampy lookin’ stuff. One sip and you’ll be all like….. and your body will be all like….. and your muscles will be all like….. Just prior to working out is a prime time
to load your body with superfoods, as when the blood is pumping and oxygen levels throughout
the body are increased, nutrient absorption goes way up. This makes it like injecting nutrients straight
into your veins. Now that’ll power your workouts! So use this as an optimal time to get your
intake of goodness. Hop on the green machine- it packs a punch! You should always consult a physician prior
to adopting any new nutrition regimen. Did I mention I was a physician? (Joking). Safety first! I’ll put a free pdf copy of this pre-workout
formula in the description below, so make sure to grab yours! If you haven’t subscribed to my channel yet,
hit that button now so you never miss an entertainingly educational video on fat burning the ‘lazy’
way. Also, feel free to comment below with any
questions or thoughts on this video, as well as if you have a favorite pre-workout drink
of your own. As always, if you enjoyed I’d super appreciate
a like and a share! Alright thanks, and have a power-filled day! (Hmm…I wonder if I should make a video on
my post-workout drink…)

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