How to get lean and gain muscle naturally

hey guys Kevin krietor from pursuit fitness to life I’m going to coach you and teach you how to get lean and muscular so there’s two types of hypertrophy muscle size strength everything that you want to focus on and getting lean and muscular a lot of people focus on myofibrillar hypertrophy and sometimes they neglect sarcoplasmic hypertrophy myofibrillar myofibers in your muscle cells and sarcoplasmic is concentrating on increasing glycogen storage and also other fluids in your muscle cells that cause that swelling a lot of bodybuilders will use that because it’s usually around the 10 to 15 rep range that and up even above 15 reps that concentrate on sarcoplasmic hypertrophy myofibrillar is more towards at the four to eight and even 10 rep range some argue let’s say it’s a little bit less towards this four to six rep range so what you want to do as beginner is start off with higher reps and when i mean i ah reps play around with the 8 to 12 rep range because you want a lighter load because you can focus on your form better with a lighter load and your form is usually better even in advanced athletes your form is usually better with lighter loads so you get used to the the movement you can master the movement better you can concentrate on the the mind muscle connection you can form with whatever muscle group you’re working and the form which is really important so you don’t hurt yourself especially when you get into the more advanced stages of heavier loads such as the 4 to 6 rep range where you start to tend to just focus on getting the weight up and you lose a little bit of my muscle connection and also your form gets a little bit sloppier when the weight gets heavier your body is going to respond to pretty much anything it does anyway as a beginner somebody who hasn’t weight training before has no exercise history you will respond greatly to the weight training program especially one that is properly progresses you as you go through the week’s the months in your weight training you gain more muscle and you lose more body fat as a beginner you have the potential to lose body fat and gain 10 to 20 pounds of muscle per for the first year for the first week for the first year you will gain that much muscle and you can lose tons of body fat at the same time because just it’s just an adaptive thing that beginners have as an advantage so in this this is without drugs without any types of even supplements or drugs you have that potential to do that so that’s another reason why I don’t recommend supplements especially probably in the first three six months of weight training or exercising because you can do this without supplements in the beginning you want to start off with training your body part once a week just in the beginning as a beginner more advanced people you can start training your body part twice a body part twice in a week and varying the reps and rain reps sets and the range of exercises per week so the nutrition is also really important now that we got past the the weight training oh one more thing stick with heavy compounded movements such as pull-ups benchpress that the site and recommend that even if you’re a beginner learn how to deadlift properly because then it will be easier transition into the rack poles and everything that I usually recommend in my workout programs so focus on the heavy compound movement squats everything light presses I consider leg press a heavy compound movement because I personally believe they attribute it to the largest muscle growth in my legs more than squats that’s just my experience so I after you’re your beginner you go into the advanced stages you can start squatting and doing compound movements heavier four to six rep range maybe even two to five rep range – in my advanced workout programs I recommend but you’re not going to be doing two to five rep range very long usually only for a month and going to nutrition nutrition is very important if you want to get lean and muscular you do need to be somewhat in a caloric deficit and what I mean some what you do it for being a caloric deficit caloric deficit is using more calories burning more calories in a day over a period of time then you use then you put into your body so you’re burning more calories then you’re putting into your body for the day and over extended period of time that is a correct deficit you need to remain in a quarter deficit to burn body fat it’s just the way it goes I can’t really help you with that if you don’t believe that it’s just it’s just science it’s it’s pretty sound just like gravity you can’t see it but it’s working at all times so put the nutrition it’s really important to track in the beginning the reason why I say track is because it just gives you a visual to know how much a serving size is and to be knowing they in proportion to your fitness goals such as losing body fat you need proper protein you want to get an adequate amount of carbs because carbohydrates are protein sparing so whether you know core deficit or surplus the more carbs in your diet the less your body is going to use protein your own muscle protein has a source of energy the same thing with low carbohydrate diets you don’t want to do you know one it’s just going to eat your muscle so what you gonna do why you gonna do that you know just doesn’t make any sense to me and you feel Moody groggy might even get a rectal dysfunction if you’re a male so don’t I see no appointment so and then with that you need proper rest with your nutrition get six to eight hours of sound sleep it depends on your body though and who you are for instance when you get older you need less sleep so you’re above forty you might need only six hours of sleep if you’re a teenager late eight to ten if you’re a male like me probably seven might be good you’re just going to play around with that but don’t skip out on sleep because that’s when your growth hormone level the highest is when you’re sleeping repairs rejuvenates your body your cells it’ll repair your muscle while you sleep while you recover not at the gym you tear it down at the gym and then outside of the gym you repair you you grow so that is really important as the rest recover from everything and that’s the reason why you don’t workout more than four times per week to let your body recover naturally have your central nervous system not get burnout sometimes it’s believed that your central nervous system actually fails before your muscles and everything else but when you’re lifting so that needs to be taken care of concentrate on the basics getting stronger it’s a lot easier and simple than people think so I hope this really helped and guided you towards a leaner more muscular physique that you’re going for in the gym or outside of the gym so I hope you guys enjoyed the video please subscribe to my youtube channel you can fill out the online body designer that’s in the link below and you can figure out what body you want and it can help you get to those goals and to help you achieve so just like it has with hundreds of people that I’ve trained and used this program so I hope you guys liked what you watch and like I said please subscribe comment everything get the word out and be good have a good day guys

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  1. I came across your channel thinking, great another self proclaimed Instagram "fitness" expert". But after watching your videos, I've found them very informative and helpful. Great job! You definitely deserve more views.

  2. Why not a word on test levels and sleep.  YouTube fitness guys NEVER talk about natural test levels. Hmmmmmmm

  3. Can you make a video on how to fix your rotator cuff injury? I fcked it up while hitting heavy laterals. 🙁 I cant bench heavy now!

  4. Hi Kevin,

    So you say 4-8 rep ranges but then how many sets for one excercise? and how many excerses for one muscle group?

    And what kind of split do you recomend for training body parts twice a week?

  5. Hey Kevin, I've been working out for 3 months now, and I'm thinking of implementing your advice of being in a caloric deficit. My friends made fun of me for this, but is it possible to still lose fat and build lean mass simultaneously? I've made great progress and went from 64 to 69 kg in the span of 3 months. I have some good fat around my waist and love handles, and the other distributed throughout my back and chest. My question is, will I still build good muscle and lose all that fat in a caloric deficit, ensuring I'm eating healthy and lifting heavy and properly?

  6. In one of Arnold’s video, he said when he was training during the time he was competing, 5 hours sleep was enough. And his advice to bodybuilders “sleep a little faster”. I laughed because of the way he said it.✌🏻

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