How to GET FIT and STAY FIT forever [The natural way]

Hi I’m Robert Lisac and this channel is
all about being safe, fit and prepared. Today I want to share with you my
approach and show you what you can do to get and stay fit forever. My fitness
routine largely depends on the seasons of the year. In winter I do crazy stuff
like this… in general I try to expose myself and my students to bad conditions
because in real life you have often to defend yourself under bad conditions.
Dojo conditions are the best possible conditions you can have, a constant
temperature, no slippery terrain, normal light, soft mats when you fall, but this
is not what you experience in real self-defense situations. This is why I
practise axe throwing when it’s freezing cold in winter.
I built iglus with my kids, I do some long hikes and I often teach and
practise self-defense outside and I also practise winter swimming. Taking cold
showers is something what I do every day and because of that I’m way healthier
than I used to be in the past. As you can see I avoid gyms and dojos whenever I
can. This may appear strange but I believe that we are a part of nature and
I really am more than enough in the car when I’m working. In spring I train
outside a lot. At that time I also start to use my bike to get to work whenever I
can. A crucial part to stay fit I think is to have fun as you can see in this
short clip. Here we have obviously a lot of fun while grappling for this small
tennis ball. I frequently use this kind of drills to learn new skills. This drill
for instance is teaching you to observe the hands of your opponent constantly. In
summer we try to be as much as we can at the sea and therefore there is much more
swimming and diving on the program. Summer time is also great for gymnastic
strength training and calisthenics and of course more gymnastic oriented stuff. When two fighters have the same level of
technique, then the fighter who is physically better prepared will win.
Knowing how to get fit and stay fit forever is therefore very crucial if
you’re a fighter, a warrior or a prepper. Being really fit helps you to face tough
times and circumstances you can’t necessarily control, like floods
earthquakes, ice storms and also Wars. Something I am doing constantly throughout the year are stretching exercises and of course also my mobility work. If you want
to stay motivated for your training which is crucial if you want to get fit
and of course stay fit, it’s a good advice to constantly slightly change
your exercises and your workout routine as well. Guess what we are doing in autumn? Yes,
moving a lot in nature. The foraging part is getting bigger and bigger and
foraging means a lot of walking, kneeling, squatting and of course climbing trees.
Autumn is also calling for animal movements. Please let me know in the
comment section below, who is doing the lizard walk better, me or this little guy
here? I’m 46 years old now and I am still fit, so probably I do quite a few things
right. I don’t claim that this is the only right way to do it, because it’s not
true. There are many different ways to get and
stay fit forever. I just explained my way of staying fit in a quite natural way
and it works very well for me. I want to be fit and healthy, so I can grapple with
my grandkids someday. I want to stay fit so I can defend myself and my family, if
necessary. I want to stay fit to be prepared! Join me in the next video when
we will talk about the third and last piece of this great puzzle called being
safe, fit and prepared! I would be honored if you subscribe to my channel.
I’m Robert Lisac, see you in the next video!

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  1. A fitness lifestyle is only possible, if your habits are supporting you. The first step to fix your poor fitness level is to fix your fitness habits. The best book you can read on this topic is ATOMIC HABITS written by James Clear. Read it !

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