How to get BIG Biceps | How to get BIGGER Biceps | How to Build Biceps Workout for MASS

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11 thoughts on “How to get BIG Biceps | How to get BIGGER Biceps | How to Build Biceps Workout for MASS

  1. content is great but please.. im from indonesia, where is the subtitle??? i cannot hear the spelling well πŸ™

  2. "osama bin lifting". He is a SIkh , Not a muslim. Do you really need such type of stereotyping ?
    Remove that picture.

  3. No no no.. Not too heavy.. We are not weight lifter, we are body builder.. Through my experience lifting moderate weight with barbell curl or dumbell, that enable to lift up to 12 to 16 reps, had more effect on my bicep muscle than I lift heavy, that could go only 4 to 6 reps only. At light or moderate weight I could feel my bicep sored at two sets and stop at 4 to 5 sets only. But with heavy weight I could feel my muscle sored at above 4 sets with only 6 reps, I could feel pain on the joins and parts of shoulder because you use other parts of muscle to lift heavy, it is sort of injured. Thus lifting heavy you put pressure and stress to your mind and other parts of your body, no concentration on your targeted muscle. But doing light weight you could go up to over 20 reps, the effect is just like a blacksmith hammering the iron, or the lumberjack axing the woods nearly every day, they build huge muscles too hihi.. Tq bro..

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