How To Get A Small Waist And Wide Hips | 10 Minute Home Workout!

What’s up people my name is Edward. Hi my name is Chi. Today we are gonna be showing you how to get a smaller waist without losing your curves. Back in November Chi, what were your
measurements and what were you trying to do? So in November my measurements were
like 23.75 inches. Keep going. I had a 23.75 inch waist and my hips were 36 to 37 inches. During that time I was really skinny and like the pictures, you will see
the pictures coming up now. I was trying to gain more weight especially to
my hips and my butt area. So that was my goal. So during that time I was
eating a lot of junk food. He was giving me biscuits, chocolates. For the first two weeks, she said “I have been following the diet everything’s been fine”. I did not gain any weight. I had calculated that there would be a pound of fat gain or pound of weight gained every week. There was no changes and it
was actually going down. I was like hell no. I was losing weight whilst eating more. So I said you know what! You are going to eat what I eat! You are gonna have 2800 calories. So that’s what we did. Extra virgin olive or went in everything. There was chocolates, there was biscuits. I had two smoothies everyday and he made me put two tablespoons of extra virgin olive oil. You know what, she hated me the whole time. It tasted bad, but we got some results. Eventually we got some results. In December what happened was her waist actually went up to 26 inches,
which was not bad and her hips went up to about 38 inches. If you actually
do the maths, from 23.75 to 26 and from 36 to 38, that’s about two inches relatively
for both. Now, that was a big fail because we had hypothesise, according to
research that pre menopausal women tend to store more fat down below than up
above. So what that meant or what we were trying to get, was obviously a gain in
the waist. Lets just say the waist went up to 25 inches, we were expecting a bigger gain in the hips and the glutes. Then later on when we were gonna cut all of the weight, she could end with some profit. That’s not what happened. So what
went wrong I think, was the fact that we had too many calories in and the fact
that she was having lots of like sugary products. Such as biscuits and all of
that stuff has simple sugars such as fructose such as glucose. We’ve looked at research or research says that when you have an overage of
calories and you’re having lots of simple sugars you tend to store a lot of
it on your your trunk, torso like your waist. A lot of it was stored in her lower back as well, that was not what we wanted. Quickly
letting you guys know about this because lots of people, when they’re trying to
gain weight and they’re trying to get the Slim Thick or Thick physiques. They look at all of these Youtube people telling them have Apetamin take Apetamin. It is gonna slow down your metabolism it’s gonna allow you to gain
weight easily. With this experiment we did, where she gained fat up above and
down below, Apetamin won’t make you fit it will make you fat. Let’s be honest
yeah, it’s gonna make you look the same, just heavier. If your goal is just a put
on weight and you’re not trying to increase her hip to waist ratio Apetamin will help you, even if you’re exercising which she was, it was the same
ratio.The same, literally the same. So make sure you don’t just use Apetamin
and make sure you don’t just go for an excess of calories or you’re going to be
disappointed with your results. So anyway Chi lets go on to waist to hip ratios. We’re going to speak about relativity. Explain to them about relativity and the
waist to hip ratio. In terms of your waist to hip ratio, no matter how big your hips are if your waist is the same then you don’t really
have big hips. That’s what we’re saying, so what we’re saying is some people are
looking at how to get their hips bigger. I think you are thinking about
this whole situation a little bit wrong. Think about how to get your hips bigger but also have to get your waist smaller. If you’ve already got a
small waist and you’re trying to get your hips bigger, fine. If you’ve already got big hips and you’ve got a big waist, you’re trying to get your waist smaller
and that’s gonna make your hips look bigger. So sometimes you don’t have
to make your hips bigger, you just need to make your waist smaller. So we’re
gonna prove this point with the waist to hip ratio chart here. So as you can
see, we’ve put Chi’s name here with lots of famous Instagram models that have
some really crazy and curvy physiques and celebrities are here as well. So we
have chi at the top of the chart followed by Yodit Yemane. She is a Fashionova model and you will see her wearing all the high waisted jeans. They always have her wear the high- waisted jeans because she makes them look very good. We’ve got Kim K, you know who that is. We have got Anastasia Kvitko. Just forget it just say K. I do not know how to pronounce the surname, I can’t pronounce the KV it is really bad.
Then we have Jlo. So basically these are the hip to waist ratios. In November this was Chi’s hip to waist ratio was 23.75 inches divided by 36 inches giving us 0.66. Her hip to waist ratio as measured today is 0.60. What are your measurements today? Today my hips are 40.5 nearly 41 inches and my waist is 24.5 inches. So that gives her a grand total of 0.60. Yodit Yemane, her waist is 24 inches, her hips are 38 inches, that is still a great ratio she’s on 0.63. Kim Kate I forgot what measurement we used, but I think it may have been 26 and 39/40 inches something weird like that. We found all these measurements online, how accurate the are we don’t actually know, but that came up to 0.62.
Then we had Anastasia Kvitko with 0.63 and Jlo who has 0.70. The ideal waist to hip ratio to be an hourglass is normally 0.70. So if you have a 0.7 waist ratio, you look good in body form dresses. Measure your waist to hip ratio now and check what your values are, you can compare them to this chart and ourselves. So if you have a 0.6 or near 0.6 ratio you look like an Instagram model. That’s exactly how you would look when you wear high-waisted jeans,
those types of garments. If you are a 0.70 you look good in body form dresses and you would have more of an hourglass physique. I have added Chi’s measurements here because her measurements are really really good in comparison with these Instagram
models. A lot of them actually have done surgery and we are not gonna obviously
point out which ones, you can do the math. As you can see the exercise and training methods we are promoting with Zygostatics, which is only body weight
exercise is great. Chi did you go to the gym to actually achieve these results? No. It was all done in her house, with body weight exercises. Now I am only mentioning this because lots of people, when they want to actually train
their glutes or hips the first thing they think of is, I need to go to
the gym. I need to do weighted squats. If you go to the gym just for
motivation fine. I just think it’s a waste of money
because you’re not using weights anyway and unless you’re just running on the
treadmill just paying for a mirror maybe in a mat. It depends, if you’re going to the
gym because of convenience fine, but I think what you guys need to look at is
body weight exercises. That’s the way forward. Me and Chi have both never lifted weights in our life and we’re both in good shape and condition. Now how
accurate is this chart as well we are just going to quickly do a quick comparison
of Chi and Yodit because Yodit’s measurements are really close to Chi’s and you can see her ratio is quite close to Chi’s as well, so the are both 5 foot 6 inches, so the same height. The weight is the same as well, Yodit’s weight online is 60 kg Chi’s weight today was 60.4 kg. Body frame is different, I think Chi’s shoulders are narrower than Yodit, Yodit has got broad shoulders, she has an hourglass type physique. Whereas Chi’s more of a pear. We are going to put these images on the screen so
you can see it. I think also the ratio of obviously their proportions are
different. I think Yodit might have shorter legs than Chi, whereas Chi’s legs are a little bit longer. So all of these factorsaffect how you look, so I want you
to compare these two images that you see back to back or side to side and look
at the two physiques and see where you can notice the differences. Also Chi’s
hips are bigger than Yodit’s, Chi’s hips are at the moment 40″ Yodit’s came at 38″. So that’s the widest part around your ass. Yodit’s waist is 24″ Chi’s 24.5. So Yodit’s waist is a little bit smaller than Chi’s at the moment and that makes sense because Chi’s now going to be bulking again. Whereas Yodit looks really lean so those are the measurement. So there you go, all of that stuff is there for your information. Now we we’re going to show you how to actually lose your waist, lose
your love handles, get a smaller waist, keep your hips and your curves. So Chi, what do you carbs do in the body? First of all lets think of carbs in the simplest form. What do carbs do? So carbs (carbohydrates) just provide energy. Exactly they provide your body with energy. They are stored in your muscle and your liver now research is showing that carbs are important to
prevent muscle from breaking down so Carbs are I would say the most important
thing you need to have in your body aside from protein, that’s going to actually
retain your muscle. When you are losing weight most people would then cut the
carbs. If you cut the carbs you will also be more likely to lose your muscle.
Once you lose muscle toning in your glutes your thighs, you’re gonna
end up losing your waist and your curves. That is not what you want. Now Chi explain what protein is ? Protein is great at building your muscles. Everyone keeps talking about protein but you need to think about what types of protein you’re eating, sometimes it’s fatty especially meats like lamb, red meat. All meat is fattening anyway but it it depends on the cut as well. Chicken breast is fine it is quite a lean cut of meat some other cuts that are the best and the best tasting. Like chicken thigh have a higher content of fat. Chi loves chicken thigh. Chi explain to them what muscle use is? Muscle use is basically how you are engaging your muscles. Engaging… Yes basically how are using your muscles. What happens in hospitals when people are injured for long periods of time, when their immobilised? So they start losing their muscle and their shape. So if you don’t engage the muscle your body starts saying okay we don’t need this anymore, so let’s just take it
away. It’s gonna break it down, so we’re just saying this because a lot of people
have the perception that you can just diet and not do exercise and you’re
going to lose weight and for some reason it’s only going to come off your waist.
That is impossible, the low down is this because I have just given
you guys a hard dilemma you can cut your carbs if you want to it’s going to
increase the amount protein or muscle fibres that you’re going to lose. So
you’re gonna end up starting to lose your carbs, curves sorry I got confused with curves and carbs. So you are gonna start to lose your curves.
What you want to make sure you do is, I think for now just for now don’t cut
your carbs. If you’re a professional athlete or you’re looking to get
shredded, fine cut your clubs. If you are not that person don’t cut your carbs because
you’re going to end up doing more damage than good. Now protein, you want to have high protein obviously not too much protein and
not cooked in the way you want to cook. Do not deep fry it, don’ pan fry it you want to grill it, grill the meat and you’ll be okay. Muscle Use we’ve covered that
for you. What is the easiest way to do this Chi? They need to workout their what? Their TDEE. That is what? It is basically an online calculator, it’s free
you just put in your height your weight occupation. It’s gonna give you your maintenance calories which you then you need to take away 400, no there’s no need to take it away 400. Anything under your maintenance calories you are going to be
losing weight which is good. This workout every time you do this workout how many calories does a burn? 100 calories. You want to do this twice a day so you want to do morning and night. Why do you want to do it in the morning Chi? Because your body will be forced to use more energy during the day. Exactly, your glycogen is your stored glucose. In the morning you’ve just fasted, your glucose levels are depleting this workout is just going to help to shift your glycogen stores out of the way. Once you run out
of glycogen and glucose your body is going to start metabolising your fat and your muscle
protein. Obviously you want to keep your muscle, the workout is gonna have used
your muscle so your body’s gonna think twice before breaking that down and
you’re also gonna be having higher protein. So it is not gonna really want to
take your muscles away and it’s not gonna want to break down your muscle. It’s
gonna go for your fat, so you’re gonna notice some weight loss in the waist
primarily. If you do it right that’s what you’re gonna. You have to do it
morning and evening twice a day, you can do once a day if you want. You can do it three times a day if you want to but anyway every time you do it you will be down 100 calories, so now you are down by 200 calories in the day. So if you have your maintenance calories and you are down 200 calories in the day you
lose a decent amount weight. 7 times two is 14, you’re gonna
lose half a pound a week if you do this workout twice a day and you hit your maintenance calories. So this is like keeping your diet just at
the maintenance level of calories doing this workout twice a day. You are going to lose half a pound a week and it’s gonna be from the right areas. If you want to lose more
weight in the week more than obviously half a pound, you can then have a deficit
of more calories. You can decide to maybe have 200 calories less than your
TDEE and then do this workout twice a day. You are gonna be minus 400 calories,
that’s gonna equal almost a pound a week of loss. I think we have gone into this too
much, we’re giving you too much information here all for free. What do
they need to do Chi? They need to what? You need to comment, you need to like, you need to subscribe. We are giving you too much information for real I’m feeling that
but we just want to help you guys you. We want you guys to be the best version of
yourself. Without surgery. Yes, without surgery because everything here is done 100% naturally. As you can see the results are clear, you can see the results. Natural wins! We are trying to go
for the 0.58 ratio for Chi. Hope you like the workout peace.

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