How To Gain Weight Safely

How To Gain Weight Safely All too often people are worried about the
struggle to lose weight. We are bombarded with weight loss ads, gym
membership deals and ways to eat healthy. Speaking of which, why don’t you check out
our videos about eating healthy after this one. Anyway, getting back to the issue at hand. While losing weight is a valid and common
issue in today’s world, there’s another side of the scale. Folks who want to know how to gain weight. No matter what you weigh, there’s a Besite
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bell, too so you never miss your next favourite video! You may be thinking; “Why would I possibly
want to gain weight?” Well, it’s actually a pretty common thing. There’s a lot of reasons people struggle
with weight gain. It could be to build muscle mass. It could be a body image thing, we all want
to gain or lose a few extra pounds and since everyone’s metabolism runs at a different
speed it may be harder for some to hit their desired weight (whether it’s loss or gains). It could also be something health related. When you’re sick, a common side effect is
losing weight and folks who have gone through something that caused them to shed a few pounds
may need to get it back on their road to recovery. For all these reasons and more gaining weight
can be a struggle for some. Being underweight can cause health issues
as well, it’s not just overeating we should be concerned about. Plus women and girls are 2 to 3 times more
likely to struggle with weight gain according to the CDC (Centres for Disease Control and
Prevention) . Since being overweight is a more pressing issue we don’t often hear
about the health effects of being underweight. However, it could be just as bad. According to a study published in PUBMED being
under the recommended weight showed a possible 140% greater risk of early death in men, and
a 100% greater risk early death in women. There’s other issues too, HEALTHLINE sites
a few studies that say undernutrition can affect your immune function, cause fertility
problems, possibly cause osteoporosis and fractures and cause a greater risk of infections. Not to mention the possible increased risk
of dementia. Okay then, with keeping your health top of
mind, here are some safe and healthy ways to get your gains. First things first, you need to know if you’re
actually underweight, or if your weight is an issue. There’s something called a Body Mass Index,
or BMI. BMI can tell us if we’re in the average,
underweight or overweight category. Keep it mind it’s not completely accurate
as it only takes into consideration your height and weight. There’s no account for muscle mass, or different
body types, you could be somewhere in these numbers and be perfectly healthy, it’s all
on a case by case basis. If you are concerned and want an accurate
reading, best to see a professional. The average BMI reading for someone who is
the suggested “average weight” is anywhere from 18.5 – 25 BMI. This means if you’re under 18.5 on the BMI
scale, your classified as underweight. Again, always best to get a second opinion
when it comes to your health. But if you’ve discovered you need to put
on a few pounds, we have some great tips on gaining weight safely. We don’t mean a diet of cake, soda and ice
cream either. This isn’t a free pass to eat whatever you
want, unfortunately. (We’re sad too, pizza fridays are the best). If you’re underweight you want the type
of fat that’s going to help build muscle, not belly fat. This goes double for those dealing with diabetes,
the last thing you want to do in up your sugar intake or neglect a healthy diet. Plus forming these good eating habits now,
will only improve your health in the long run. HEALTHLINE says to gain weight slowly but
consistently, you should aim to increase your calorie intake by 300-500 daily. This means 300-500 more calories than you
burn each day. If you want to speed up the process a bit,
aim for the 700-1,000 caloric intake range. Counting calories is a really easy way to
keep track of how much you’re eating, and improving. You can keep a calorie journal or use a calorie
calculator on the internet. Either way it’s a concrete way to keep you
on the right track, and will hopefully inspire you to stick to the plan. If counting calories sounds like a difficult
thing, don’t worry. You’ll get really good at it quickly, and
won’t have to be counting forever. This is just a great way to get started. Or you can create your own method! Now that you have a plan in place, and are
going to avoid the unhealthy route by eating chips and sugary stuff, what should you actually
be eating? You may have heard this in the weightlifting
community before, but it’s all about the protein. In order for you to build muscle, you need
lots of this stuff. It’s what muscles are made of, literally. If we didn’t have protein to build muscle,
then all these extra calories would probably just end up as fat. Eating a diet that’s high in protein will
encourage your body to take all those calories you’re putting into your body and turn them
into muscle mass. Some foods high in protein are; fish, eggs,
legumes, nuts and certain dairy products. We should mention one not so wonderful thing
about protein. While it’s a great tool for gaining weight,
it’s very filling. Which means you might not be as hungry before
eating your next meal. Something pretty key when it comes to gaining
weight. How do you avoid this? There are things like protein supplements
that come in a powder or power bar that you could look into. Since you’re going the healthy route in
your weight gain journey, you’re probably thinking it’s best to avoid carbs, right? Not so much. HEALTHLINE recommends eating foods that are
high-carb and high-fat along with all that protein we mentioned earlier. In order to gain more calories (and still
be hungry) you’ll need those carbs and good fats. They also say you should try to eat at least
three meals a day and have a few healthy snacks planned in between in order to reach your
calorie goals. Things like fasting and eating smaller meals
are great if you’re looking to lose weight, but remember you’re trying to gain weight
safely here so different rules apply. You’ll want to focus on foods that are single-ingredient…AKA
non-processed. The more natural and organic the better. Unfortunately these healthy diets are pretty
filling, but you’ll be happy with the results and how great you feel once you get into a
proper routine. Be sure to spice things up a bit when cooking
as well, and we mean literally spice it up. Sauces and spices are your friends. They basically augment the taste of anything
and everything. This’ll have you craving something that’s
healthy and delicious, so you’ll want to eat more of it as a result. HEALTHLINE has done some of the hard work
for you and has given us a fantastic list of high-carb high-fat foods that you can add
to your diet, Thanks healthline! They include: Almonds, walnuts, macadamia nuts, peanuts,
etc. Dried fruit like raisins, dates, and prunes. High-fat dairy like whole milk, full-fat yogurt,
and cheese. Extra virgin olive oil and avocado oil and
a great source of healthy fats. Whole grains like oats and brown rice. Chicken, beef, pork and lamb, make sure to
choose fattier cuts. Potatoes like sweet potatoes and yams. Dark chocolate (yay, you can have chocolate),
avocados, peanut butter, coconut milk, granola and trail mixes. That should get you started, although some
of these foods are filling, who’s gonna say no to another piece of chocolate? Oh, and here’s something we thought we’d
never say, you can avoid vegetables. We don’t mean avoid them all together as
they are vital to a healthy diet, but you don’t have to focus on eating a totally
plant-based diet. While vegetables are full of vitamins and
nutrients our bodies need, they’re not going to help much in the calorie department. So don’t neglect veggies all together, just
make sure you’re including more of those foods from the list we mentioned earlier into
your diet. One thing we’ve yet to mention is exercise. Sorry, just because you need to gain weight
doesn’t mean you can skip the gym. Remember talking about all those calories
turning into muscle? Well the only way they will do this is if
you are building muscle, which means working out. One of the best ways to gain muscle is to
lift weights. We know, sounds kind of daunting but there
are lots of special programs for beginners at your local gym, personal trainers and guides
that are waiting to help you along and who want you to succeed. You’ll be a pro in no time, and remember,
we all start somewhere. Lifting weights will help you to build muscle
mass, which is what you want. Things like the treadmill or anything else
cardio heavy are great for your health, but they tend to burn up calories more quickly,
so these are things you shouldn’t really focus on right now. Now that you have all these tips and tricks
up your sleeve, here are a few easy things that you can incorporate into your daily routine
that should help with your weight gain journey. They are:
Not drinking water before a meal, as water will make you feel fuller. Eating more frequently throughout the day,
even if it’s just a quick snack. Add cream to your coffee for a calorie boost
in the morning. Eat your vegetables last as they have less
calories, and you want to save your hunger for the good stuff (like avocados)! Get a good night’s sleep. This is pretty essential no matter what the
situation. Getting a restful sleep will not only help
you physically, it’ll do wonders for you mentally. Check out some great Bestie videos for some
awesome sleeping tips! Don’t smoke. Not to nag, but smokers tend to be skinnier
than non smokers. Just one more thing you can do to reach a
healthier you. And that’s the video! Do you struggle with weight? Are you going to use some of the tips we gave
you in this video, in order to reach your goals? Do you have some great tricks for gaining
weight you’d like to share with your fellow Bestie viewers? Why not write them in the comments section

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  1. Do you struggle with weight? Are you going to use some of the tips we gave you in this video, in order to reach your goals? Do you have some great tricks for gaining weight you’d like to share with your fellow Bestie viewers? Why not write them in the comments section below! And if you enjoyed this video, please give it a like and share it with your friends! 🙂

  2. I've been trying to gain weight for more than 4 years but there is nothing changing. I thougt this was due to the fact that I had anaemia, however, I had my iron corrected few months ago but still can't gain weight in spite the fact that I eat tooo much. I' m still wondering why why & why?

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