How To Gain Muscle Fast With Only 5 Exercises! Fast Muscle Growth Gym Workout For Both Men and Women

Wanna build great muscles super fast? It’s easy, all you need to do is use every single piece of equipment you have
at your gym and you will gain muscles in no time.
There, it’s that simple. The truth is, you don’t need to do hundreds of different
exercises to build muscles. And this goes for both men and women. All you really
need are five basic compound movement exercises, progressive overload, and a
barbell. We want to keep this video to the point so I’ll explain why at the end
of this video. But first be sure to subscribe to our Channel and click on
the notification icon so you’re automatically notified as we post new
videos. So, let’s dive right in. The first exercise on the list is the Squat. You
either love it or hate it. The fact is if there’s one exercise that benefits your
lower body the most it’s the squat. When you do a squat, your body works your
quads, your glutes, hams, calves and your core directly. But it also works the rest of your body
by helping you strengthen your central nervous system – and can also help
increase the production of testosterone and growth hormones. And like all
compound exercises the benefits carry over – which means you’ll be able to lift
heavier weights in other exercises Another major muscle-building exercise
is the Deadlift. The weight lifted in a deadlift comes primarily from your legs,
glutes and lower back. But since this is a pulling exercise where you grip the
bar with your hands, you will also train your upper body by default. You will
train your rhomboids, your traps and your lats. Because you recruit so many large
muscles, you can really lift heavy weights. And like a squat, it will
strengthen your central nervous system and will also stimulate the production
of testosterone and growth hormone. Let’s continue on to another pulling exercise.
One of the most important movements to work your upper body pulling strength
and getting a stronger back is the Barbell row. With a barbell row you will
work your rhomboids, upper back, delts, back of the shoulders and your biceps.
It’s one of those exercises where you get stronger fast and like all compound
movements the results carry on over to other major lifts. As you build muscles
and strengthen in your back you will experience other pulling squatting and
pressing movements getting stronger as well. Our next exercise is the bench press.
We’re doing this right after the barbell row as the bench press will train the
exact opposite muscle. Opposite muscle training or antagonist muscle training
increases your muscle balance, strength and provides a better pump. This exercise
works mostly on the anterior or the front part of the body. It works your
chest, shoulders, triceps, serratus anterior and the biceps. There are three
variations of this exercise incline, flat & decline. Flat bench press works the
most anterior muscles out of the three and as we’re looking to gain muscles
fast flat bench press is the way to go. Next exercise on the list is the
standing shoulder press or military press. With the chest press
you’ve already trained your shoulders so let’s now finish the job.
This exercise makes your shoulders broader and fuller by working all three
heads. The anterior delt, the medial delt and the posterior delt. It also trains
your biceps, your triceps, and your lats. A lot of people do the military press in a
seated position however, doing it standing recruits more muscles in your
core and the stabilizer muscles in your glutes and legs. And that’s all you really need. These
five exercises are the core of bodybuilding. Going through these
exercises will take you 45 minutes to an hour depending on how many sets you do
and the breaks you take in between each set. By the end you will be exhausted. If
you still have some bit of energy left you can really test yourself by adding
clean and press, pull-up and dips on top. But keep in mind you don’t want to over
train and also that most muscle growth happens outside of the gym. Please see our video on how to grow
muscles to understand the whole picture. Once you have an understanding on all
the ingredients involved in muscle growth you will have better results. At the start of this video we mentioned
to stick with compound exercises, progressive, overload and barbell only.
Let me explain why. With compound exercise, you get to train several
muscles or muscle groups at once. So you can lift heavier weights than you ever
could by training the muscle in isolation. Also since our goal was to
maximize time and muscle growth, we chose to train solely with a barbell. Sure
you get a wider range with a dumbbell but with a barbell you can lift a lot
heavier. And the heavier the resistance the more the muscles you will build. You
can also watch our video on machines vs. free weights to get a better
understanding on what each equipment is good for. Be also mindful not to lift too
heavy or you may cause an injury. Use progressive overloading to slowly
increase your weights. So, that’s it! If you do just these five exercises and nothing
else you will see amazing results. Of course you can further concentrate on
each muscle to sculpt it even more. But in this video, we really wanted to
focus on the absolute best exercises for the fastest muscle gain. So stick with
these five exercises and watch yourself grow!

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