How to fix Frigidaire Affinity Washer That’s NOT draining properly

hello everyone I’m making a video today
on how to fix your front loader washer when the drain is clogged okay let me
show you what I got going on here the pump is actively working because you
could hear it but it’s not draining all the water so I’m gonna open it up and
when I see what we got going on here and see if I could fix it myself
instead of paying 500 to 600 dollars okay step number one is gonna be to
unplug your water okay step number two is going to be to remove two screws and
we have all the way all the way on the back of the washer here there’s one of
them okay all right okay next step it’s gonna be to pull
this out got a nice little push button right here the shade next they’re gonna
be to unscrew two screws got one on the left here and then one over here on the
right okay next step is gonna be to unscrew the screw that we got down here
on the left side Clips all the weight that runs along the top and just like
that okay we are gonna there were holes at the top there okay
next step is to remove these three screws at the very top to pull straight
out okay the easiest way to remove the front end here cuz it’s all connected
is to remove this connection here it’s real simple you just have to grab on the
two side ends here squeeze pull a little bit and there you go disconnect this so
we could remove the front end okay so we’re gonna have to remove four screws
on the bottom side two three in the middle and four just gonna be the school
for the pedestal okay so I have removed all screws from the front disconnected
it now we’re gonna take it off okay
removing this front panel lets you actually go in here and we could take a
look at everything we got going on here so what the main problem is since it’s
not draining it has to do something with this pump here see that that’s the pump
and we have the coin capture right here so we’re gonna actually remove this and
see what we got going on I’m gonna try to clean it out okay so now we’re gonna
get into it and go ahead and remove the pump to remove the pump we just have to
pull you have to squeeze these two together and it’s gonna go ahead and pop
off if you can’t pop it off yourself or squeezed yourself you get one of these
puppies right here to help you out so we’re gonna have to UM go ahead and undo
this one right here all the way in there okay over here
there’s gonna be another one of those puppies so we have to undo that one and
this one and that pump should come out we should be able to see what kind of
gunk or junk is up in there and go ahead and clean it out decided to put a bag
under that way when the water comes down I’m able to catch it on the BET and
inside the bag opposed to getting all on the bottom of the washer and there’s a
bunch of wires and stuff like that I know I’m in the garage but it’s better
to catch all your water that would get rid of it and I’ve got one of these
puppies to help me out to take these uh green clips off there we go with all the waters coming out of the
pump right now so I’m gonna wait till it drains no we’re gonna take the pump out
and take a look at it okay so I just removed this off and on the water I was
able to catch most of the water in the bag I’ll be prepared because it smells
like sewage water so just be ready for that you can see all the gunk built up
right there we’re gonna clean that in a second okay this is gonna be the tough
part because the screw is facing the back part of the washer so I’m gonna try
to get in there unscrew this and that way I could take the pump off so now
this piece just removes like so and we have to remove the other green clip
that’s at the top there okay here we go so this last green piece was a doozy to
take off cuz it’s all the way in the back there good luck trying to get that
out I needed help put some tweezers onto the green team
my wife go ahead and help me pull the tube down so that’s how we did in
double-team now look what is in there all that gunk is preventing water flow
okay that’s why the drain is clogged I’m gonna clean it out and we’re gonna find
out what we got in there hopefully nothing embarrassing okay here we go I’m
now outside got my pump right here and I got everything I took out of it now I’m
crazy a couple coins looks like it ripped up
some clothes and I’ve got some strings a rubber band but I’m just gonna hold
finished hosing all this stuff off and I’m gonna put it back together now okay
now I’m starting to put this back together
I know these clamps are gonna be tough but I wanna somehow manage the only
difference of me putting back together the way it was is I’m gonna have the
screw facing towards the front that way just in case I have to do this in the
future I’m gonna be able to unscrew it better other than that it’s just gonna
go back in the same way we took it out okay so after trying to put put these
green clamps on I found out that it was very very difficult so I had to go out
to Home Depot and I bought these locking pliers and it’s a lot easier with these
locking pliers because they go ahead and lock and then that way you could use
both hands to get the pump all the way on there that way you could lock it in and just like that back to normal

47 thoughts on “How to fix Frigidaire Affinity Washer That’s NOT draining properly

  1. Thankyou. Good directions, I replaced the hard to work with spring hose clamps with ratcheded ones that work with a screw turn. Easier and more controllable. I'd call this a 2 hr job for the first timer. A strong work light is helpful as it is with most everything.

  2. $500 – 600?  I just had this service performed and it cost me $74.  You can get to the pump from underneath without having to pull the front of the washer off.

  3. Lmfaooo I can’t believe that guy literally open the top of the front and everything else just to get to the filters and everything when there’s a bottom panel we’re you just unscrew a few screws and a big hole is cut in the metal for that exact reason for the workers to get easy access instead of opening up the whole thing

  4. Thanks so much for the step by step instructions. Just hoping this single woman can fix that puppy😉😂 on her own. Hate to pay someone to fix something when I know what’s wrong.

  5. Great video…doing this tomorrow …The comments about doing the work from underneath are just senseless…will take you 10 Times as long plus washer would need to be over your head to access the 4 inch wide hole where your arm barely fits…!!!

  6. Thank you so much for this video, you saved me $495. Here's a cool tip, while I was inside the belly of the beast (washing machine) I went ahead and replaced the 2 washer filter clams with 2 hose clamps (2 in). Might come in handy in case I need to perform future DIY surgeries.

  7. I feel like we should send you a token of the money we saved doing this ourselves!!! After watching your video like 16 times, 3 hours later (yeah, we struggled a bit – not super handy) our washing machine works again! Thanks for your time and expertise. We are definitely feeling more full of our handyman possibility!

  8. Great video thanks man I’m having trouble getting the drain pump clamps back on an the screw that goes on the peace that holds the change the one u turned around

  9. Just finished finally got the clamps on that by far was the toughest part of the whole job thanks for the great video

  10. I got the courage and inspiration to do our Kenmore Elite (very similar) disassembling watching your video! Thank you, Even though ours wasn't that clogged, it had plenty of stuff in it that didn't belong in there, plus the smell (I should say stench) was pretty bad. I cleaned all of the components I could and it works much better and smoother. Just take a couple of pictures of the hoses before you take them out and make sure you put them back and tight them exactly the way they were or something may leak, just saying. Thanks again!

  11. This worked GREAT! Thank you so much. Directions was slow and easy to follow. I was freaking out thinking I was going to need to buy another washer. Again thank you. 🤩🤩

  12. Used a ratcheting screwdriver for the backward screw – it helped. Clamps were tough to align, but it's fixed!! Parts of three t-shirts, 78 cents in change, and enough dog hair to knit another dog. Thanks for the help!!

  13. Thank you so much. Affinity machines are terrible for accessing parts. Had to clean out Under the lint trap on the dryer and cursed the manufacturer for the most Un-user friendly construction. Same for accessing this coin trap and pump on the washer. Wow. Found a video that showed a machine with a removable panel, but needed to know how to take the whole machine apart. I absolutely had to have a second pair of hands for the squeeze clamps during reassembly and for getting the stretch ring around the door back on during reassembly. Your step by step instructions were perfect, and I am so grateful. And my machine works!

  14. Why not just tilt the washer backwards, unscrew the screws at the bottom to get to the boot? Seems like opening the back screws, top panel, front panel (above) the front bottom panel is a complete waste of time. You can skip all of those steps.

  15. did this took me about 30 minutes filter was pluged with penies quarters and hair now my clothes dont smell like dirty rag and washer washes good thanks oscar

  16. Thank you so so much!!! I watched this video lastnight and was able to fix my washer. I was sweating like crazy lol..I took it as my workout. It took me about 2.5hrs from start to finish!

  17. I would like to point out this is not just caused by a clogged drain. I just had his problem and the pump filter was fine. It turned out to be a bad door switch/latch. The machine simply will not operate, or even try to pump out water, if it thinks the door is not latched and/or open.

  18. Thank for your help. I live out in the middle of nowhere and service is hard to get and costs a small fortune for travel, at the best of times. This video did the job for me, and bonus, my older 2009 model Affinity was much easier to get at the clamps than the model shown. I still replaced them with hose clamps as suggested by "glen campbell". Took about 2 hours…as I am not the handiest guy around.

  19. Thanks for posting such a thorough how to! I'm not super handy, but your easy to follow direction gave me the courage to try it out. The e41 code ended up being the door lock assembly, but I found some material, coins and even a dollar bill in the drain/coin collector that needed to be removed anyway.

  20. Thank you! We opened ours and the filter was completely full! We fixed it but now it still stalls once in a while. Any idea or suggestions????

  21. Thanks. Perpfact video. I didn't have the same wiring configuration. I was able to keep all the wires intact just move the front face away. Thank you again

  22. Thanks for the video! I did some repairs to my washer a few years ago and I could never get that retaining ring back on. The spring was a nightmare. Any suggestions?

  23. Great video and yes the clamp were very difficult to do with out the vice grips.. this will be my second time doing this I hate it but I save 💵💵💵💵

  24. Ripped it apart 3 times the hose keeps on leaking (the larger one attaching to drum) is there a special way to attach it???

  25. God bless you. Not sure if you are religious, but I will be saying a rosary for you and your family. I cannot drop $500 on a new washer right now. And I found $2 in quarters and another $ in change in the coin filter. LOL. Thanks again.

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