How to Fall Asleep Fast| Get a Good Nights SLEEP Naturally

Natalie: Hi. I’m Natalie and today we’re going to talk
about how to have a good night sleep. I’ve got my best top 10 tips for you on how
to get a good night sleep. These tips have helped me and in turn, I now
want to help you get a better night sleep. Let me share them with you. Hang on. I’m not ready for bed. Let me get in my pyjamas. That’s better. I love this editing. I wish changing was as fast as that normally. Natalie: Tip number one, Himalayan salt lamp. As you can see, I have a Himalayan salt lamp
on either side of my bed. Not only do I find they gives off this lovely
pinkish, orange glow that immediately make me feel relaxed, they also has some great
other health benefits too. I don’t know about you, but I’ve got lots
of technology in my house. I’ve got an iPad. I’ve got a TV, a laptop, phone. What these do is give off lots of positive
ions into the atmosphere and these can have a negative impact on our health. It can cause things like anxiety, depression
and also insomnia. I find that my Himalayan salt lamps give off
negative ions that diffuse that energy and make me feel better. I hope they do that for you too. Natalie: Tip number two, blackout blinds. Now, when I spent time in Europe, I noticed
that everyone there had shutters and when I first used shutters, I was a bit scared. I was like, this room is pitch black and I
couldn’t see where I was going or what I was doing. But what it turns out is, that I find that
I had the best night sleep ever. Obviously here in UK, we don’t have shutters
in our windows so you could use a blackout blind or just a real heavy curtain to give
you that darkness. Natalie: Tip number three, before I began
on this journey, I was tempted to keep my bedroom really warm and cozy so that I’d have
a really toasty night sleep but actually, this is detrimental to your sleep. A bedroom should ideally be about 18 degrees
so that it’s nice and cool and then you keep toasty by your duvet or your blankets. What I do now is keep a window open even in
the winter, I have it slightly ajar so that I’m always breathing in fresh air and I’m
keeping my bedroom at a nice, cool temperature so that I have a better night sleep. Natalie: Tip number four, I’ve been trying
to eat early so that I don’t put on too much weight because when you get to this age, you
put weight on so easily and you can’t get it back off again. But what happens is, if there’s a long time
between eating my main meal and going to bed, my blood sugar drops and then I don’t have
a good night sleep because I can also wake up with night sweats and I’m tossing and turning. It’s good to have a little snack before you
go to bed if you’ve had dinner really early. Good thing to snack on is a little bowl of
oats. I also have gluten free ones with some sunflower
seeds and almonds because these snacks are high in magnesium and magnesium helps you
have a better night sleep. And this has really worked for me and I really
hope it works for you guys. Natalie: One of the things I like before I
go to bed is a turmeric latte. I will put a link for this recipe in the description
below for you guys because I find that a milky drink really helps me have a good night sleep. Natalie: Tip number five is a tip that I learned
because I’m a hairdresser and I stand all day for eight hours every day and my Grandma
told me to put my legs up the wall to stop me getting varicose veins. Nobody wants them, do they? But what I found is, that putting my legs
up the wall actually helped me feel more relaxed and I discovered that that exercise is actually
a yoga pose that is for relaxation. I find fast paced exercise like running, body
pump, things like that, are much better in the morning and in the evening, things like
yoga, Pilates, gentle stretching, helps me take deeper breaths, calm down and get me
ready for a good night sleep. Natalie: Tip number six, no blue lights. I am naughty. I am always on my laptop, phone or iPad, even
late into the evening when I know it’s not good for me. But what I’ve discovered is a setting on my
phone called night shift and you can set this to what time you’re going to bed and get up
in the morning so it switches the blue light off on your phone. If you don’t have this setting on your phone,
you could try these glasses. Now, these glasses actually take away the
blues lights from your phone or iPad and you can buy these on Amazon and I’ll put the link
in the description below. Natalie: Tip number seven, reading. Now what I found is, even if I read for six
minutes before I go to bed, it reduces my stress levels so much. I can’t tell you how much it’s helped me. Even just a short read in bed also makes my
eyes close like this so it really helps aid sleep. What I find is, that if I read a spiritual
book, it also helps me sleep into a more calm, relaxed, blissful sleep. I’ve been reading Gratitude by Louise Hay
and this is really important for me because we live in a want, want, want generation and
I am always wanting bigger car, a bigger house, a flashier laptop and what this is made me
realize is just to be grateful for what I have now. I’ve got a bed. I’m grateful for my bed. Not many people … Not many people have a
bed. Natalie: I mean of course a lot of people
have a bed, what I meant to say is, some people don’t even have a bed so we should be grateful
for all that we have. Natalie: Tip number eight, lavender oil. What I found is, lavender oil really calms
my system down and makes me feel less anxious and more ready for bed. I like to diffuse this by my bed in a diffuser
or I also like to put it on the soles of my feet. I use coconut oil or almond oil and a few
drops of lavender oil and then rub it into my feet. What I’ve learned is, by putting lavender
oil on the soles of my feet, is it travels up and enters my system within 20 minutes. Within 20 minutes, I’m feeling a lot less
stressed, more relaxed and ready for a good night sleep. Natalie: Number nine, Feng shui. Have you ever heard of Feng shui? It’s an eastern practice that talks about
energy. What Feng shui specialists believe is that
everything in your bedroom should be calming. No electronics should be in here. No TVs, no phones, no iPads. Your room should be a nice calm color and
I’ve painted my room this calm green color and I have to say, it’s really made a difference. I wake up in the morning and straight away,
I feel relaxed. Also, they say to put calming artwork on your
walls. I’ve put this picture of an angel on my wall
and I know that before I go to bed, that’s the last thing I look at which instantly makes
me feel relaxed, calm, happy, and want to go to sleep. Natalie: Tip number 10, meditation. I’ve found a really great guided meditation
and I’m going to leave the link in the description below because I find this meditation really
helps me get a good night sleep. It’s a free meditation. You can download it onto your phone or tablet
but make sure you put your phone or tablet or airplane mode while you listen to it. I find this meditation really helps me drop
off quickly and shut out any noise that I’ve got in my head, any talking that I’ve had
from the day and just switch off and relax and go off into a peaceful night sleep. Natalie: Thanks guys for watching this video. I’d love it if you’d click the like button
and subscribe to my channel. Look out for the next video. See you soon guys.

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  1. Great video! Love your angel picture and angel wings on your bedroom wall. Can you add the link to the meditation and the glasses?

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