How to Drink Baking Soda, The Natural Remedy | Drinking Baking Soda For Health

– [Male] How to drink baking soda. Many of you asked, have
actually asked for this video ’cause I have a couple of other
popular baking soda videos that hopefully you’ve seen. So, I’m gonna pour a pint of water. A pint is 16 ounces. This is room temperature water. You could use cold water if you wanted. Here is a teaspoon of baking soda. Now, my stomach is in
an uproar this morning because of the food I had. I didn’t have any alcohol. I don’t drink that much. When I do drink, I drink to
enjoy a good glass of wine or a really, really good beer. So, I don’t drink just to drink. So, the food I had last night just was not settling in my stomach. All night I was up and it was just really, you know that pain. So, I’m gonna give it a
minute to clear up here and you can see, see on the bottom, it’s
mixing around still. So, I usually give it
about a full minute or so. So, baking soda is great
for ingestion, heartburn, any kind of digestive issues. It’s good for after a
workout, before workout, helps get rid of lactic acid. See, here we go. Now we’re clearing up. So, you can see on the
bottom, nice and clear now. And time to drink this. Ah. Doesn’t taste bad, doesn’t taste great. You can get used to the flavor of it. I typically chug it, drink it down. That’s usually my standard
portion, is a pint. There’s a lot of really
good books out there on the power of baking soda
and all of its benefits and I have a couple videos, like I said. You can look for it in this
playlist here on YouTube. This’ll start working within,
I mean, if you have heartburn, this’ll start working within 30 seconds. I don’t really have heartburn. I just can feel my stomach in uproar, so I’m gonna give it about
five, ten minutes to really get down there and start
working on that food that’s sittin’ down there. I think I had a lot of
high fat food last night so it slowed my digestion down a bit. I feel really sluggish this morning. So, how to drink baking soda. There you go. My version is a pint
with a teaspoon of water, let it settle, and drink away. Hope that helps you.

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  1. Make sure you use aluminum free sodium bicarbonate! The stuff you get at the store has aluminum in it, a no no in the body. You can get aluminum free from online places like Amazon. Add a half a lemon (juice) as well, tastes better, and the acid in the lemon gets processed and then alkalizes. Which is a bonus.

  2. The water should be warm and the best is when taken on a empty stomach.I think its a weird vid. showing people how to drink basicaly but I do hope it reaches a lot of people

  3. iv lost my dad last August and some forms OMG where u were all this time thank u for this person lord

  4. I take a teaspoon twice a day with bladderwrack lion's mane maca root haritaki and epimedium with other herbs

  5. Yes you can drink this but,if your not careful you can cause a kidney stone if you over do it. So don't over do it. Alkaselzer is the same thing.

  6. We have tried EVERYTHING and this >>>  has STOPPED the fungal growth. The distributors contacted me personally by email to make sure we were 100% satisfied. In an era where we are so digitized and separated from each other, this company seems to really care about it's customers. AND they have a fabulous product.

  7. If I had cancer I wouldn't stick to any one regime. There are so many ways. Use them all. Iodine, b17, alkaline drinks, anti cancer salads, mushroom therapy, sun bathing, avoiding meat, hydrogen peroxide, no sugar, fasting, mineral intake, vitamin C, msm, and more. Preferably the ones that are nutritionally whole and the others secondary.

  8. Why didn't you show us you drinking the soda in the glass? for all I know you could of been drinking just a different glass of water! I'd like to believe this works, but I have also read elsewhere that Baking soda is dangerous to drink as it can damage your kidneys, people please do your research before trying this.

  9. Ima just do a half teaspoon in 16oz of water once a day just to try it. I think there are a lot of medical professionals using scare tactics to keep us from natural remedies.

  10. The question I have is why are you still eating crap food? You've been promoting the wonders of baking soda for years but you keep yourself in a cycle of destruction by continuously over indulging in unhealthy foods. Why?

  11. I read that you should drink it slowly as if you drink it too quick it will cause gas. Does it really matter how quickly you drink it?

  12. ppl pls dont try this….
    my personal experience. yes it gives relief instantly but after that u will get stomach ulcer.
    after drinking this solution i got severe stomach pain n burn. now am taking medication for stomach. pls dont try anything without doctor consultation.

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  14. Has anyone tried mixing the baking soda with an organic vegetable broth? It taste much better because the baking soda has a salty taste. It's way more palatable in the broth! God bless!

  15. I started doing this once a day for my dog, she wasn't able to walk and was the weakest I've ever seen her. with in 3 days she started walking, it was like watching a miracle.
    So now she getting H2O2 35% 10 dips in 1 liter of distilled water one week and Baking soda the following week.
    She has cancer.

  16. Yes it will settle stomach…it won't change your PH lol…think…your body needs acid…its a natural defence mechanism…heartburn…people who eat too much and where the stomach doesn't have time to digest or too fatty, sugars…lol

  17. Dear sir,
    Greetings from the land of Himalaya! Could please let me know, what are the benefits of drinking Baking soda? All the best!
    Hail! Nepal !!!

  18. Is this good for cancer treatment? because cancer cells thrive when the body is acidic. If we make the body alkaline, then cancer cells starve. Correct me if I am wrong. I need to give this to my mother coz she is diagnosed with colon cancer recently.

  19. I used to to take omeprazole everyday. I drink water and baking soda and is all good now. Its also helping with kidney stones pain. I guess its diluting the stones.

  20. This mixture taste disgusting even when I chug it. I can’t swallow fast enough. I have a small mouth. I choke and it makes me want to throw up ??‍♀️ So, I tried taking it like a pill by putting the soda in my mouth first then chug water quickly, I still choke and all the powder on my tongue ends up in the cup instead of my body. My reflexes just refuse to take baking soda. I have to practice and get out of my head when I drink it. I can see why there’s a video on how to do this. People who can do this are very strong-willed individuals. I applaud you guy?

  21. You should not regularly drink baking soda with meals, because the food won't digest well at all. Between meals is how to take it regularly. If you have heartburn a lot after eating, it' can be because you don't have enough stomach acid (believe it or not). Try taking a tablespoon of apple cider vinegar with 6 oz of water 20 min. before eating, and see if that helps. If your stomach burns when you take it,, you might have an ulcer. The apple cider vinegar needs to be with "the mother", such as Braggs apple cider vinegar.

  22. Baking soda water with a tot of vinegar… father would drink this on a Sunday morning…for hangover… ..i use to like it……it is good for the liver

  23. Unless you're entering a belching contest, I'd recommend sipping it like a 30 y.o. enjoying a glass of wine, not chugging it like a 19 y.o. enjoying a game of beer pong.

  24. I've never seen anyone drinking baking soda for health who uses so much! ONE TEASPOON in about 16 oz of water. Most of the "recipes" I've seen for this call for about ⅛ to ¼ tsp of soda in about 8 oz of water. Also most call for raw apple cider vinegar too – about 1 tsp. This guy basically made himself a bicarb.

  25. ExzorielTV I just read your story on your grandfather. Is he still alive? Thank you for sharing this. I am passing on to my family! Please let us know how your grandfather is.

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