How To Drape Your Saree With A Lehenga | Silk Saree Hack!

As beautiful as sarees are, the best of us struggle when it comes to draping stiff sarees. They hold a bad reputation of making you
look older or unflattering. Let’s bust this perception. Here’s how you can drape your silk sarees,
with a lehenga. Replace your petticoat with a lehenga skirt
for this drape. Start with neatly pleating your pallu
and secure it with a pin. Drape the pleated pallu over your left shoulder & pin it. Now, slide your lehenga skirt bringing the back to the side of your hip. Take the pallu around your waist to ascertain where to start the pleats from. Bear in mind, your pleats make your drape, so they’ve got to be perfect. Hold the end of your saree keeping a
6 inch gap between your hands. Now start pleating by grabbing opposite ends,
to create the pleats. Tug at the pleats to neaten them. You need to pleat the rest of the saree following this. Tuck the pleats on the side of your hip and
secure them with a pin. Now slide your lehenga skirt in place making sure the pleats are at the back. Pleat along the edge of the saree & tuck at your left hip. Remember, this style looks best with stiff sarees, due their ability of making the drape lines very distinct. You can now throw on a delicate waist belt
to define your curves. Hope this video inspires you to put your stiff sarees and lehengas to good use. Until next time, stay tuned and stay GLAMRS!

100 thoughts on “How To Drape Your Saree With A Lehenga | Silk Saree Hack!

  1. Draping silk sarees just got a whole lot easier!
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    – Team Glamrs!

  2. This is a beautiful idea. I m thinking to try. But my lehanga skirt and blouse is olive green with lot of stone work in it.
    What kind of sari n color do you suggest to mimic ur idea ?

  3. Thnx ? is dress ko dekh k lagta tha bahot hi mushkil hogi ya ye rediment dress h, lekin aapne ye tarika bata k girl and all Ledys ki problem dur ki h so thanx and love you ????????

  4. लहंगा साड़ी का कितना कीमत है वह आप भेजिए उसका वीडियो

  5. Hi. U look awesome. Can U plz tell me what's the fabric of this skirt is? It's really bright n nice. I have very little to no idea about fabric.

  6. From where I can buy this type of lahenga.. I found it in many online store.. But I can't get.. Please tell me

  7. Hey, can anyone suggest where I can buy such a lehenga skirt in Bangalore? I know it needs to be stiff, so I dunno where to get it

  8. খুব সুন্দুর হইছে আপু কে কে বাংলাদেশ থেকে দেকছো???????

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