How To Do The Clamshell Exercise – Kinetic Sports Rehab

Hey team, welcome back to Kinetic U. Today
we’re going to go over the clamshell exercise. This is really important
for glute activation. So you’re going to set up side-laying,
hips stacked, shoulders stacked. You want to bend those knees just forward of the
hip a little bit with the feet stacked up with the rest of the body. You want to
keep the hips stacked, and make a little lift and lower of the top knee,
just like that. So make sure, as you’re lifting that knee
up, that hip doesn’t move back with it, so that’s why I’m putting my hand on the
hip, just so I can feel that sensation, making sure that hip is staying where it
is. Have the rest of the upper body just kind of relaxed. Just going nice and slow,
trying to get at that whole glute muscle right in the back of the hip. Have fun with that, and be kinetic.

7 thoughts on “How To Do The Clamshell Exercise – Kinetic Sports Rehab

  1. I was told i have an Anterior Pelvic Tilt,on my right side,would doing these exercises help correct this ,,and would i do these exercises on both sides? Thanks Dave

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