How to Do Standing Ab Wheel Rollouts (Perfect for Beginners)

When you’re using an ab roller… It’s best that you do it standing up like this instead OF ON YOUR KNEES.
BUT before you try it standing up like this… You have to find the right spot for you so first… What you’re going to do is…
You’re going to stand close to the wall and do it and if you don’t feel it in your abs or if it’s too easy for you… You’re going to keep backing up until you find that perfect spot where doing 8-to-20 reps is going to put your abs on fire so basically… If this exercise is too hard you’re going to stand closer to the wall… And if it’s too easy you’ll stand farther away from the wall. Once you found your spot… It’s a good idea to measure how far away you are from the wall so you can continually get a better workout and a more defined 6 pack by moving back a little bit farther each time you do this so after each workout write down where you were and at least do the same thing the next workout or try move back and inch or move back a little bit more each workout.
Now when you’re doing this exercise you’re basically falling over forward into the wall So notice how my heels come up off the floor and also see how my head stays almost directly over the ab wheel until the very end of the movement. Now another reason why you may not feel this in your abs is because you may be reaching out more with your arms instead of just falling over & squeezing your abs to prevent you from crashing too hard into the wall. Another thing you can do (which you don’t have to) for a better ab workout is that you want to roll out slowly and touch the wall with the ab wheel without making any noise at all. If you don’t have an ab wheel… You can do this exercise using an office chair… You can do it at your gym using a bar loaded with circular plates…
You can do it at home on a slick floor using rags or old clothes… Basically anything with wheels on it or that allows you to slide across the floor can be used as an ab wheel.
Let me give you some safety tips to prevent you from getting hurt while using an ab roller Be conscious the whole time of where your body is and be ready to act just in case you might fall.
Make sure that your head is directly over the ab wheel almost the entire time all the way up to the very end to prevent you from tripping up If possible make sure you have someone spot you who can catch you if you’re not comfortable doing this exercise alone

36 thoughts on “How to Do Standing Ab Wheel Rollouts (Perfect for Beginners)

  1. I love the way you added the alternate versions. Because I don't have an ab roller but I'm definitely doing this. Gosta get these abs right. Thanks Adrian xoxox

  2. The title of this video is very misleading. The only occasion where u cld see a decrease in waist circumference is when water weight is being lost and thats it. Theres no way to remove fat from one  area of the body that DOES NOT include surgery :/


  4. Wow, great advice! I've been wondering how to do this workout more effectively without being on the knees. Great video and instruction – thanks!

  5. Hi @Adrian Bryant  :
    great of you to post a good, solid tutorial on this. Very technical, useful and well covered all the details. Good job, bro.

    I would like to share with you another finding/revelation of mine related to an ab-wheel. I do a little bit of this ab-wheel occasionally too, and while doing it, I discovered this challenge. You'll need some calculations/measurements before starting off, it's a little mathematical. Here is it:

    before starting off get a correct measure of your height in inches. Say for eg., you are = 71 inches in height. Now, from the wall measure 71+7=78 inches on the floor away from the wall and make a small mark there. Just a small line sort of. Now stand, such that your no part of the foot is never on the other side of the line. Now do the usual ab wheel roll towards the wall like we usually do it. The Challenge is: to do 15 consecutive reps with this gap. Your height + 7 inches. The '7 inch' added to your height measurement in inches. I found this extremely, tremendously tough, hard to complete, the 15 reps. By the time I was doing the 15th, I saw big yellow stars FLYING in front of my eyes, literally. And don't even ask me how it felt on the arms, neck, the shoulders and the pectorals. You can well imagine. Literally, : Brutalizing Extreme.
    The challenge is such that it not just takes the toll on abdomen, but extreme toll on shoulders, Arms, neck, back and pectorals. I shared this here, but a sincere statutory warning: PLEASE DON'T ATTEMPT THIS RIGHT NOW RIGHT AWAY UNLESS YOU ARE ALREADY VERY ABLE & FLUENT WITH MOST AB WHEEL ROUTINES. OTHERWISE IT MAY DAMAGE SOMETHING P E R M A N E N T L Y; UNLESS YOUR BODY IS ACTUALLY UP FOR IT AND ALREADY VERY CAPABLE TO TOLERATE THE EXTREME SHEAR. IT IS NOT A PIECE OF CAKE ROUTINE LIKE IT MAY APPARENTLY SOUND, please let it be understood. THIS WORKOUT CHALLENGE IS R I S K Y. My height is 69:5 inches. My bodyweight is 93 kgs. I added 7 inches so approx 77 inches. Similarly if you are. say 76 inches tall. Then for you : 76 + 7= 83 inches. After several attempts, 9, 10, 11 attempts [with several days gap in between just for healing and recup], I was able to complete okay properly. And assuming you are really powerful, in shape and fit like our brother our own demonstrator here, @Adrian Bryant  here is, and complete the challenge one time, then two sets of this will suffice for Back and Abs Day even if you devote just that required 45 minutes or so, 2 days in an entire week. Doing that one set of 15 itself [adhering honestly to those all those numbers, settings I mentioned: your height, plus 7 inches etcetcetc] is S C A R Y, BRUTALIZING, let aside a second set. It takes some doing

    One more thing: because of the rather long, wide extension, BE CAREFUL, STEADY ABOUT THE SPINE, THE LUMBAR CURVES, THE LOWERMOST SPINE. PLEASE BE CAREFUL. IT IS ADVISABLE BETTER NOT TO DO IT, IF THERE IS ABSENCE OF 2, 3 PEOPLE AROUND YOU STANDING, YOUR GYM PARTNERS. So that there are people around for instant attention if something goes terribly awry.

    As far as I am aware of, at least 200 boys/men encompassing 5-6 blocks from where I live, took the challenge up. Just 11 completed it, including me. Some heavy, swole, vanity-filled spectacular looking, so called 'heroes among people' failed. Couldn't do it. Not all of these 200 were specialized, dedicated, gym going freaks necessarily, but still a veritable, tremendous MAMMOTH tough challenge, is what all of them had to say, regardless of whether they could do it or not. The best thing I personally experienced on my own body, is: it's not just abs or tummy, but rather extreme on arms, shoulders, chest and back all at the same time. L I T E R A L L Y SUPER EXTREME.With just an Abs Roller Wheel!   🙂 🙂

    Finally before I sign off I once again congratulate my happy, helpful pal @Adrian Bryant for the excellent work he is putting in. The videos are just awesome, anyone can do them and reap the good benefits, the good results, amateur, semi-pro, pro, super-pro anybody. Friend, keep it up.

    (Y) (Y) (Y) <3 <3 (Y)

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  6. I just moved to try doing full body rollouts looked at couple.of other vids but this way your showing is the best for me thanks brother!

  7. sorry brother, but you're too jerky. you need to find balance in the rolls. it's all about form and balance; you aint gonna get that by doing it fast.

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